Race Not The Issue With Colin Kaepernick

Poor ole Colin Kaepernick has been having one heck of a time landing a job as a quarterback in the NFL. It all seems to have started after he took a knee to protest the supposed loss of life due to cops looking to exterminate black folks. Yes, Kaepernick was one of the loons who ignored the criminal acts leading up to the shootings and focused on the facts the police had to shoot someone. He knelt down in protest during the National Anthem during the football season and he wore clothing that showed police officers in an unfavorable light.

Only a fool thinks that all shootings (of people of all colors) by the police are correct and necessary. There are far too many trigger happy LEOs and we have seen the bad shootings that have come. Yes folks, those shootings were bad no matter what the POLICE review found.

But for the most part the huge majority of officers try to do a good job and try to steer away from confrontation. They just want to go home at the end of the day. The reality is many of the shootings of black folks is completely justified. People reach for things, rush the cops, try to get tough or try to intimidate and end up getting shot. To Kaepernick and the BLM crowd no shooting is ever justified, the cops are pigs who are wrong and America is racist.

Only a fool believes racism is the reason Kaepernick has not gotten a job. He might not be happy about it but the real reason is his actions are a distraction and most fans don’t like them. There was a recent stir when the Baltimore Ravens indicated they would consider signing him as a back up to Joe Flacco (particularly since Flacco injured his back). Fans by and large were not happy with the idea. A number of black folks chimed in to indicate that it was all racism and that if Kaepernick could help the team they should sign him and if they don’t sign him it is all because of racism.

Not quite little BLM snowflakes. The reality is Kaepernick would bring distraction and mayhem to a team. Why would any team want to bring the scrutiny and the media circus sure to follow Kaepernick particularly when he will be second string at best? I know teams could change his on field behavior. The person signing the paycheck gets to decide what behavior is acceptable so it would be easy for any team to require him to stand during the National Anthem and to forbid him from protesting during games or when representing the NFL. They could force him not to wear clothing that insults police officers or any other groups. But they probably can’t control his off field behavior, what he wears or says or does in his free time and they certainly could not control the circus surrounding him.

It is not racism to decide against signing Kaepernick. It is about listening to a fan base that does not want an anti American cop hater on their team.

I have heard the talk shows and the folks calling in who support Kaepernick and his “protests” claim he has a right to take a knee (he does not) and that he is being held out because he knelt down for something he truly believed in and that this would not happen to a white player so it must be raycis…..

Perhaps the name Tim Tebow will ring a bell. He was a white quarterback in the NFL and he also knelt down for something he truly believed in. He knelt down to honor G-d and give him praise and thanks. The very same people who think Kaepernick was justified in kneeling and is being black balled (no pun intended) because he did had no problem with Tebow being overlooked and labeled as a distraction because of his practice of kneeling.

That blows the argument that it would never happen to a white guy and if it is racist that Kaepernick is not working because of kneeling then it must be racist with regard to Tebow.

Especially when one considers whites might be the minority playing in the NFL…

There are consequences for things we do. Colin Kaepernick is discovering that right this very moment and race has nothing to do with it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Don’t Hold Your Breath Professor

Better yet, go ahead and hold your breath…..

Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson thinks white people should open IRAs (Individual Reparations Accounts) to pay black folks for slavery. Yes, you read that right. This dim bulb wants the whites in this nation to open accounts and put money in them (and probably contribute regularly) in order to pay black people, none of whom were EVER slaves, for slavery.

The guy wants people to pay a black guy who does work for you (if you are white) double what you would normally pay. His example is the black guy who cuts your grass.

What this liberal twit is saying is that, in typical liberal fashion, he wants YOUR money. He is inventing some BS reason to allow black folks to dip their hands into the pockets of white people to take their money. You know, white folks who had nothing to do with the practice must pay, according to libs, black folks who were never held as slaves, reparations.

This professor is among the race baiters in society who continue to hold black folks down by preaching to them how unfair life is for blacks because of whites. BTW, Barack Obama is proof of the racism that exists when a person from a minority that represents 15% of the population can be elected to the highest office in the land.

Let us not forget that the black liberals perpetuate their plight by holding folks down in the name of ideology. They are liberals and by definition MUST be victims. Look at how they treat black conservatives. Those successful people are called Uncle Toms and sell outs because they actually achieved success and have refused to be victims.

It is easier to be a victim and take handouts or forcefully take the property of other people than it is to work hard for it.

This professor wants white folks to believe they are only successful because they rode to success on the backs of slaves.

I want to make this clear. I have been working since I was 10 years old. Everything that I have in life is due to hard work and the grace of God. I did not take it from anyone else or have it given to me after it was taken by government.

If this professor would teach young much filled heads to do the same thing they would do much better.

You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be one.

And I cut my own damn grass…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Facts Don’t Matter When It Comes To Race Baiting

The facts in any case that involves race baiting never matter so long as the narrative stays on course and that narrative is always that some minority (usually a black person) has been wronged by some white person and it is all because racism is alive and well in America.

There are plenty of examples of this each and every day. Any time a black person is involved in some issue where he has been harmed or killed the race baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson come out of the woodwork to tell us how the guy with a rap sheet as long as the Nile was a good person who was on his way to Bible study when some racist white cop (or any racist white person like a white Hispanic named Zimmerman) walked up and shot, stabbed, choked, whatever this person because of racism.

There is never an uproar when blacks kill other blacks (93% of the black murders come this way) or if a black attacks a white. No, the only outrage is the rare occasion when a black person is killed by a white person particularly a cop.

In Ferguson MO a black man described (after his death) as a gentle giant was shot and killed by a police officer after said giant robbed a store of cheap cigars (to make blunts with no doubt). The giant was told by the officer to get out of the street, an order that was ignored. About this time the call goes out about the robbery and the cop thinks this might be the guy. As the cop tries to get out of the car he is attacked by the giant who tries to take the cop’s firearm and a round discharges in the vehicle. The cop is able to get out of the car and tell the fleeing criminal to stop. The criminal turns to come after the cop who shoots him a number of times until he falls down and dies.

A witness said the giant was surrendering and had his hands up. That narrative went viral and the world was told about the racist cop who shot a gentle giant who had his hands up. That story started to fall apart but the race baiters kept it up. The big claim that they tried to impress upon us was that this black man was UNARMED as if that makes a difference.

Folks, unarmed does not me harmless. The guy was big and strong and he tried to take a cop’s gun. He was dangerous without a weapon but at the time the cop did not know if this thug was armed. We all get to say wow, he was unarmed because they did not find a weapon on him but when he was attacking the cop the cop did not know that the guy was unarmed. He knew he was attacked, the guy tried to take his gun and the guy charged him after being told to stop and get down on the ground.

All of this is not in dispute. Plenty of eyewitnesses have come forward to verify what the cop said happened and it is certain the giant was not surrendering when he was shot. In addition to eyewitnesses the coroner (several actually) has determined that the giant’s arms were not up when he was shot.

The people pushing the race narrative say that does not matter. The hands up, don’t shoot mantra to them is symbolic of the struggles that blacks, particularly black men, have had against the racist police. They now claim it does not matter if the giant had his hands up and it really does not matter that he was attacking. No, all that matters is they have an agenda to push and they must prove that this giant, the guy with a long criminal record including an arrest for murder, was a good person who fell victim to a racist white cop.

This is the problem with a victim society. When government puts people on a plantation and forces them to live as slaves to government while telling them all the bad things happening to them are because they are victims of racism then these folks begin to believe they are victims. No amount of logic and no evidence whatsoever is enough to get these folks to see the light.

So as victims they riot and burn their town to the ground. And since they are victims of everything they will most certainly demand that the people who were victims (real victims) of their rioting rebuild so they have places to shop and a town once again. It takes nerve but victims feel entitled to everything in society so these folks feel entitled to burn the place down and then they feel entitled to have it rebuild for them.

Screw them. Bulldoze the entire place and make them live without. Force them to live with what they caused until THEY can afford to rebuild the place they destroyed.

Then again, that might be asking a bit too much.

Remember, to these folks the facts do not matter…

As an aside, Al Sharpton should be busy working to pay off the millions he owes in taxes instead of inciting violence.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Michelle O To Blacks, Have Fried Chicken

Michelle Obama was doing an interview on a predominantly black program where she was discussing voting and she told the folks that she gave them permission to eat fried chicken after they voted.

First of all why does anyone need Michelle Obama’s permission to eat anything?

Second, is this considered racist?

If a white Republican had given permission to black folks to eat fried chicken how would it have been received? You know as well as I that the left would have come unhinged and claimed that the remark was racist.

Moochelle gets a pass because she is black and a liberal.

It is indicative of how liberals in high places treat minorities even when the liberal in the high place is black. She is treating them as good little servants who can get a reward when they do the master’s bidding.

I hope the folks to whom she addressed her remarks go out and vote Republican and then treat themselves to whatever they can afford to eat. Might be Ramen noodles considering the Obama economy.

But no matter what they eat they certainly don’t need her permission to eat it…

Remember to vote today and get as many Democrats out of office as possible.

Daily Caller

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Big Dog


Who Is Holding America?

Right now America is run by the liberal progressives under the “leadership” of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has held the White House for about six years and that means all that is going on belongs to him and his followers. Sure, Republicans have held the House for two years but they have been able to do nothing more than slow the Obama agenda. None of their initiatives make it past Harry Reid in the Senate because he is there to protect what Obama has done.

The phrase the Tea Party and others have used describing removing the liberal progressives from power is “take America back.”

This phrase has been deemed racist by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Yes, the racists known as Obama and Holder think it is just racist that anyone would want to take their country back and they assure us this phrase is code for; remove the black men from power. It does not cross their minds that no one is concerned with their color but rather their ideology.

In any event, they have held the power for six years and they do not like when people say they want to take the country back. No, according to them all is peachy keen.

Joe Biden gave a little speech on Labor Day (to union types) and he used the phrase “take back America”. He was not rushed off as a racist who wants to remove the black man. He was well received by the union members in attendance.

I don’t really care what liberals think about the phrase “take America back.” To them everything is racist and they get their panties in a wad over nothing in order to gin up the base. All well and good because I just don’t care.

What I want to know is from whom does Joe Biden think we need to take the country? Obama and Biden along with their merry band of idiots have been running the country for six years. If there are problems and the country needs to be taken back (there are and it does) then does that not mean Biden wants us to take the country back from him and Obama?

The left keeps telling us how wonderful things are and how much better they are getting but the reality is they know it is bad. They blame it on everyone and everything but they are responsible so when Joe tells us that country needs to be taken back he is asking us to save the country from him, his boss and their party of half-wit progressives.

We really do need to take the country back from them and we need to get on the right path before an all out collapse takes place.

We can start by retaking the Senate in November and work from there.

Joe Biden is senile and should not be out in public without a soft helmet but on this issue I agree with him because he actually got it right.

We need to take the country back from them before things can get better.

Liberal progressives have been promising to make things better for decades if only the public would elect them. They have been in charge for most of the past five decades and things are not better. Their policies have enslaved minorities (particularly blacks) and they have saddled our children and grandchildren with massive debt. They have removed any sense of personal responsibility from millions of Americans who only know how to stand around with their hands out and they have ensured that those millions vote for the liberals in order to keep getting “free” stuff.

In all that time things have not gotten better but liberals still claim we need to vote for them to make things better.

Let’s listen to Joe and take the country back from him and his ilk.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog