Russell Simmons Is On The Wrong Track

Russell Simmon, founder of Def Jam Recordings, is up in arms about the recent Grand Jury decisions regarding police officers and black men who died in an encounter with them. Simmons basically hinted that if there is not justice and if the demands he and other famous folks are not met regarding indictments then there will be even more hell to pay.

Simmons seems to think there is a war on black people by the cops (and some of the encounters are clearly cops doing wrong) while he ignores the epidemic of black on black murder in this country (mostly in liberal run cities).

Perhaps Simmons ignores the black on black crime because the music he produces encourages that particular type of culture. Perhaps he ignores it because the thug culture espoused in that music is part of the problem and he is contributing to it.

Well Russ, you are also responsible for many of the encounters where black thugs are rightly killed by cops.

The genre of music you produce also pushes hatred for cops, espouses cop killing and shows disrespect for the rule of law.

Yeah, you are part of the problem moron and if you push for even more civil unrest you might not like the outcome.

But at least you will be able to make money producing a song about it. You can call it Bitch Thug Got Whacked…..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Zimmerman Not Guilty But Ordeal Not Over

George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of murder and manslaughter by a jury of his peers. The evidence was presented and the entirety of it corroborates the account that Zimmerman gave from the moment he made contact with police. His account has not changed and the evidence shows his account was accurate.

There is a lot of angst over the not guilty verdict and various groups have been protesting with scattered acts of violence. The threats are there as the New Black Panthers have declared war. A number of users of social media have advocated violence but whether or not large scale violence occurs remains to be seen.

I think it is moronic to commit acts of violence against people who had nothing to do with the incident to protest what is seen as an act of violence against Trayvon Martin.

Let me make it clear, from what I saw George Zimmerman acted in self defense. If Martin felt threatened he could have continued on his way to his father’s house. Instead, he circled back and attacked Zimmerman and ended up getting shot. Zimmerman exercised what I consider remarkable restraint in that he was attacked and aten while screaming for help and only drew his firearm after Martin went for it and told Zimmerman he was going to die. Then, and only then, did Zimmerman draw and use the firearm.

It matters not how badly he was beaten. He was being beaten and it was obvious that the beating would not stop. Martin threatened his life and went for the gun. Zimmerman was completely justified in his use of force.

None of the other things matter. The only thing pertinent is that Martin attacked him, threatened to kill him and he defended himself.

This does not take away the sadness of a lost life. Trayvon Martin was a misguided young man who was involved in drugs, crime and violence but he was a living being whose life was cut short by a terrible decision on his part. It is sad that he was killed and my thoughts and prayers go with his family who must bear the burden of his death for the rest of their lives. My prayers also go with the Zimmerman family as their lives have been forever changed as well.

Zimmerman will be investigated by the Department of Justice for a race crime or a hate crime. While I have no doubt the government could convict a turtle if it tried I think the journey will be long and the outcome hard to achieve.

The family might pursue a civil case for wrongful death.

In either case the information about Martin, information that was suppressed in the Zimmerman trial, will likely come to light. Martin’s drug use, his criminal behavior, the possession of stolen property, the contents of his phone, his school records and all other aspects that the Florida court would not allow will likely be used to defend Zimmerman in any other case (Zimmerman’s attorneys should make this stuff public now before any other court suppresses it).

Martin was no choir boy. He was a troubled young man who liked to indulge in purple drank (two of the ingredients for it were in his possession when he was shot), marijuana and booze. He was prone to fighting and demonstrated this on a number of occasions.

As an aside, there was testimony from the prosecution’s star witness that Martin told her it was halftime of the NBA All Star game and he was going to get snacks (ingredients?). Martin was shot just before 7:17 pm. The NBA All Star game started at 7:30 pm. How was it halftime of a game that had not started?

Even if no other cases against Zimmerman are undertaken he will forever live looking over his shoulder. There is a bounty on his head and someone will likely take the chance to murder him. No matter where he goes he will be hunted by those who have no respect for the justice system in this country.

He will be hounded by the race baiters who will stir up trouble in order to justify their existence.

If Martin was Hispanic and Zimmerman black there would have been no national uproar. Tens of thousands of black children are murdered by other blacks and there is no uproar. There is no call for riots (which is true when blacks murder whites).

I think the jury reached the correct verdict. I am happy they did not bow to pressure or worry about civil unrest if they acquitted (though they were sequestered and might not have grasped the scope). I am happy they viewed the evidence and did not allow emotion to outweigh fact.

Trayvon Martin took a decision to attack George Zimmerman when a number of other options were open to him. He chose a person who had a gun (unknown to him when he attacked) and who eventually used it to protect himself.

As unfortunate as it is the Martin family will have to come to terms with the reality that Trayvon took a course of action that resulted in his death.

The right of self defense should never be denied. The left will tell you that you do not need a firearm and that you should call the police if there is a problem.

Zimmerman was on the phone with police and they were on the way. They arrived after the incident took place.

Just like they did in Newtown.

When seconds count the police are minutes away. If Zimmerman had waited he might be the one dead and Martin would be on trial.

And you can bet the reaction of the media and the race baiting community would be a lot different.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Pulls Race Card And Dusts Off The Black Vote

Barack Obama was supposed to be the post racial president but has proved to be anything but that as he and his regime divide this country along racial lines. The angry rhetoric from leaders in the black community coupled with the racist policies of the Department of Justice have given us a more divided country.

I have written before that Democrats do not care about their alleged constituencies. They have blocks of voters and they promise those voters everything under the sun when election season rolls around. They drum up support among those groups and then ignore them after the election is over. Obama received 95% of the black vote in 2008 (Democrats get about 90% anyway) and then he basically ignored them. Sure, his Justice Department allowed some to walk on serious criminal charges but for the most part Obama has focused his attention on rich people who could support him in his reelection.

The Jews vote overwhelming for Democrats as well even though Democrats are anti Semitic and do things to hurt the Jewish population.

If Obama focused on the black community then perhaps the unemployment rate among blacks would not be much higher than the national average. Perhaps black folks would be less dependent on government rather than MORE dependent. This is not the case because the black community, by and large, can’t do anything for Obama except vote. They will not be sending Warren Buffet like money to him.

So he will promise them the world once again and they will likely deliver. Many of his black supporters only voted for him because of his skin color and that will probably not change. As far as I am concerned, these folks are suffering and deserve what they get. You support someone who wants to keep you in bondage and you will remain in bondage.

It is election season again though and that can only mean that Obama is out pandering for the black vote. In fact, Obama is urging blacks to pressure their churches to support his administration (violation of First Amendment?) and has established an African Americans for Obama website (I will not link to it). He is pandering to them because he needs their votes even though he has done little for them since 2008.

Obama and the Democrats can target who they want as voters. If people want to be enslaved to government then they are free to vote for Obama and anyone else who will keep them shackled. The real issue is the race based targeting.

Imagine what would happen if any white candidate started a whites for [insert name here] strategy.

We know that the race baiting poverty pimps would be out in full force decrying the overt racism being displayed. Obama would fly around giving speeches about race while Chris Matthews had nonstop tingles up his leg. The world would discuss how these racists are backwards rednecks who want to keep the black man down.

And yet, the major players in the race hustling industry are silent as Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) plays the race card and involves himself in race identity politics.

The funny thing is that the Democrat’s education system has ensured that voters are not very bright so Obama will get nearly the same percentage of the black vote as he did in 2008.

He is pushing to increase the raw number of black voters.

Because he knows that he is in serious trouble and his racist inner self is showing.

One and done.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Fast And Furious Cover-up, Gunning For Holder

Looks like the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, is in a bit of hot water for lying to Congress. Holder was asked about when he knew of the US government gun running operation known as Fast and Furious. In May of this year Holder indicated that he had heard about it in the past few weeks.

Documents obtained under a lawsuit and finally released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), indicate that Holder knew about the operation and might have had a bit more involvement than he is letting on, in July of 2010. This directly contradicts what Holder told Congress.

Holder now claims he misunderstood the question but his answer was straight forward and leaves no doubt that he was answering about when he knew about the operation.

Holder lied to Congress. While this should not surprise anyone given the way Holder has run Justice, it is high time he is held accountable for his law breaking. If you or I lied to Congress we would be in a fix. Hell, look at how baseball players who lied about steroid use were treated and that is over an issue Congress has no business being involved in.

Eric Holder has been playing fast and furious with the laws of this nation while using his race based policies to push an agenda.

It is time to take this man down and ensure he does hard time in a federal prison.

And if you think this is a waste of time then why is the White House and DOJ screaming at a reporter who is covering this? Piece of advice to the White House; claiming that it must not be newsworthy because the Washington Post, NYT and LA Times are not covering it is disingenuous. They are part of the state run media.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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The Politics Of Race And Deceit

This past weekend thousands of Americans descended on Capitol Hill to oppose the health care takeover. They were peaceful and conducted themselves properly. There were, however, accusations of racial and homophobic slurs directed at certain players in the health care game.

Several black members locked arms and walked to the Capitol. It appeared as if they were trying to give the impression that this was like the Civil Rights fight where blacks walked arm in arm through a sea of white people on the way to the promised land. That is a false impression and the people there were not there because of anything that had to do with race.

Several of the black members then claimed to have been spit upon and called the N word. As Andrew Breitbart points out, no video and audio evidence of this has been presented and no one in the area turned their heads in the direction of the alleged slurs. One would think that shouting the N word would get some reaction.

It would appear as if the situation was fabricated. What? Honest politicians (an oxymoron) telling lies about what was said. Yes. The Democrats will say, do and allege anything in order to marginalize the TEA Party movement and others opposed to the health care takeover. Until some type of real evidence appears, this is a fabricated story.

Breitbart is offering $10,000 for such evidence. Since some folks in the group of black politicians walking arm in arm were filming, the evidence should be readily available.

After the vote took place and Obama signed the bill into law, some lawmakers received voice mails and emails laced with profanity. Only a few were what could be classified as threats. Most were people cussing out their elected officials. Given the pass potty mouth Joe Biden was given, no one should get in trouble if their only “offense” was using bad language. Those who communicated threats should be dealt with appropriately.

The funny thing, which Evan Coyne Maloney points out, is that the Democrats were the ones using such methods and openly called for them. It was the left that organized a bus trip to the homes of AIG employees to harass and threaten them for receiving bonuses. It was Obama who claimed to be the only one between them and pitchforks.

In the past, it was Obama who told his followers to get in “their faces” and that if they brought a knife he would bring a gun.

The left has used intimidation and threats to get its way and Obama has led the way in this effort. It is the Chicago way and Obama is a thug politician from Chicago.

Now these poor Democrats are crying because they have been cussed out.

Make no mistake. This is all part of a plan to marginalize the people opposed to the radical agenda of the left. This is pure Saul Alinsky and it is designed to ensure the left can continue to run roughshod over the country.

So here is some advice to the left. Buck up and put on a cup. Grow a set and man up a bit. So some people cussed at you, big deal. So people are threatening to run you out of office on a rail, big deal. Unless you have a real threat then crawl back under your rocks because we do not want to hear you whine about your employers exercising their First Amendment rights.

Folks, it is time to take the fight to them. Ignore their whining and ignore their games. They are trying to marginalize the opposition and they are trying to provoke us to violence so they can come down hard on us.

Don’t let the junior Alinskys have their way.

Fight back and fight back hard. Work to get them out of office.

Make the bastards pay.

Oops, was that a threat? Screw them if it was.

Never surrender, never submit.

Big Dog


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