The Dirty Deed Is Done

Well, Barack Hussein Obama (is it OK to use Hussein now that he did) was sworn in as the nation’s 44th president after a bit of a false start and jumbled words by both Obama and Chief Justice Roberts. They got their timing and words correct (or close enough for government work) and finished. Not the big deal writers from both sides portrayed it as. The right said Obama blew it and the left said Roberts blew it. I think both men has a miscue because of nerves. Obama started while Roberts was still going and then Roberts said the words out of order. It all worked out and Obama was sworn in.

The speech was the same stuff you expect. Enough of the “what we all have to do” mixed with the ideological claptrap about government fixing things. There were two things that demonstrated to me why liberals are evil, nasty, asses who deserve to have the snot slapped out of them.

The first was this Reverend Lowery. He stood up there and was supposed to deliver a prayer. It turned out to be a sermon on the long road and all that crap. He ended it with a racist slap that insulted white people and should have every white boiling. He offended a lot of people:

‘Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around… when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen’… Google News

Is this guy living 200 years ago? What the hell is the matter with him. He makes it sound as if people of color don’t have a chance in this country despite the fact that he just watched a black man become president. Then, he tells us how we work for the day when whites will embrace what is right. This sawed off half witted dumb ass has white people to thank for Barack Obama being president. Obama could not have won without a significant numer of whites voting for him. Now I might concede that that was not the right thing to do but Lowery and the rest think it was so what the hell does he mean?

This country was founded by whites and whites freed slaves and if Lowery was looking to be accurate he would have said “when Democrats embrace what is right.” They are the ones who have done the most harm to people of color. I might also point out that everyone in this country has an equal chance and people of color have a more equal chance because of affirmative action. There are good and bad people of all colors and for this low life to throw such an obviously racist remark out there is beyond the pale.

The homos were all worried about Warren? Get real, he did not say anything that insulted anyone (I did not hear him but if he had it would be all over the news). Everyone was so concerned and wondered why the sainted one invited Warren when they should have been worried about Lowery.

It would appear as if Jeremiah Wright is not the only racist pastor that Obama knows. Well screw Lowery and screw anyone who believes that crap and screw those who feel there was nothing wrong with it or fail to condemn it. The past injustices of slavery and discrimination are no excuse for what he said.

The second thing that was offensive was the way the moonbats treated President Bush. This was his last day in office and they could not let him transfer power and leave. They were singing nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye. They were being nasty to him and treating him terribly in front of his family and in front of the world. I was hoping that the moonbats would have enough decency to behave and show some civility on his last day. I know that I expected too much. I have seen how these morons acted for the past 8 years and today was nothing different. I imagine there would have been a riot if Bush supporters had heckled Obama. Maybe we need a few good old fashioned riots to alleviate some tension.

Well, to hell with them. They talk of working together and making nice. SCREW them. It is time they get a bit of their own medicine. Turn about is fair play and I am in no mood to be nice.

What we need is open season on liberals with no bag limit.

Maybe the moonbats were just upset because the world’s problems did not miraculously disappear once Obama swore in.

Or perhaps they were all wondering if Michelle Obama had broken into their homes and stolen their drapes to wear as a dress.

In any event, they can get in line, behind all the other people in line, to kiss my…

Big Dog

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Auto Bailout Fails, Moonbats Come Unhinged

The plan to provide the US auto industry a bailout (bridge loans) failed last night when the Senate could not muster enough Republican support to get the bill through. I am glad the bill failed because taxpayer money should not be spent propping up companies. They are private businesses and they should succeed or fail on their own. The foreign companies that manufacture cars in the US are doing much better than the Big Three and at least part of that has to do with the companies having more affordable labor because the labor pool is not unionized.

Many years ago the foreign auto makers (particularly the Japanese) made terrible products. They got good gas mileage but they were not very good cars. Detroit was putting out better products (but they used a lot of gas) and the companies were making money hand over fist. During this time the unions made a number of demands and the companies capitulated. When the union started talking about strikes they got what they wanted because the company needed the labor to keep making huge sums of money. The union labor costs the companies about $70 per hour when wages and benefits are figured in. This is 20 or 30 dollars more than non union companies.

Over the years, the Japanese started making better cars (as did other countries) and they eventually took a bite out of the US business. The Big Three still account for about 50% of sales in our country but they are selling fewer cars and they take a beating because they cannot compete on cost. The foreign companies make more money because it costs them less to produce their products. The companies now have huge union overhead but much less income. The problem is, the union hates to make concessions.

The Republicans in the Senate wanted the union workers to take an hourly wage cut. Since they get great benefits the cut would not be as bad as it might for workers in other industries that pay a higher share of the benefit costs. The union said they would take a pay cut but not until 2011, when their current contract is up for renegotiation. This is unacceptable because the problem is NOW. They were willing to wait until 2011 because they feel the economy will have rebounded and they could negotiate for higher wages and never have had to suffer the cut. The Republicans want the cut now. Besides, if the Democrats pass card check the non union companies might be unionized by then and they will all be paid inflated wages.

As one might expect, the moonbats have become unhinged. Christopher Dodd railed about how it was going to hurt the working class and that it was wrong to keep the companies from getting the money. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said that it was un-American for the Senators to vote against the bailout and Michael Moron said that the blood sucking Republicans stuck it to the Blue Collar workers while discussing all the ways the government could have voted to fix this problem. These ideas were expressed earlier by him when he opined that the government should buy the auto companies and run them. Michael also expressed his outrage at the idea that Wall Street was bailed out but not the workers as he intimated that the Republicans were only interested in helping the wealthy. Barney Frank weighed in but does he have any credibility left?

Dodd did not care about the middle class when he was helping his criminal friends enact laws that caused the financial meltdown and made them very rich. Governor Granholm thinks it is un-American for our government to stay out of private business when it is truly un-American (and extremely Socialist) for the government to get involved in private business and that includes buying private businesses. Michael Moron is a Socialist so he would like to see that happen. As for blood sucking, the union blood suckers have been bleeding the companies dry for decades and now they are paying for their own greed. Certainly management has a lot to do with the demise of the companies but the union is just as guilty. The foreign companies seem to be doing better with lower wages and they still seem to be turning a profit. Perhaps the lack of union overhead is the difference.

More than 50% of the country does not want to see the auto makers bailed out. An even larger percentage did not want to see Wall Street bailed out. That did not stop them from doing it and that might have cost some on election day. The reality is, the money does not belong to the government. It is taxpayer money and it is the duty of government to spend it wisely. It does not matter what Michael Moron or Governor Granholm think because it is not their money to spend and it is not government’s to spend. It is money that has been confiscated from hard working people who cannot be put in a job pool receiving 95% of their wages when there is no work like the UAW workers can (Moore thinks it is bad they had to give this practice up). It is typical of liberals to want to pay people not to work and job banks are no different than welfare except the pay is better. One Chrysler employee spent his time with no work on the beach in Hawaii.

The screams from the moonbats are now in the direction of George Bush. They want him to intervene and use the financial bailout money to help the auto industry. That money was not intended to be used to bailout the auto industry but they want Bush to use it for that and he is considering doing just that. For eight years moonbats called Bush the dumbest man on the planet and they criticized everything he did. Now they want him to use his wisdom to find a way to fix the auto industry by circumventing the law. I would not be surprised if they investigated him for it when all is said and done.

The auto companies should make it or break it on their own. If they go under and people lose their jobs it will be rough but that is what happens in business, especially when the business is saddled with high labor costs and government mandates to build cars people do not want (who really wants an electric car that only gets 40 miles on a charge).

It is not up to government to meddle in private business. We need to get back to having them do what they are supposed to do under the Constitution and nothing more but FWIW, I don’t think there will be rioting if the bailout somehow succeeds as Senator DeMint does.

I am no Constitutional scholar but I am sure that Dodd, Moore, Frank and Granholm will not find anything in the Constitution that allows the government to involve itself in private business.

Big Dog

Obama Needs To Wait His Turn

Not content with their affirmative action president elect, Obama supporters are concerned that actions by President Bush in his waning months will have an effect on the next administration. Jesse Jackson was in Baltimore to deliver a sermon at a local church and he was interviewed afterward.

The race hustler indicated that he was worried that Executive Orders signed by Bush would cause problems for the incoming administration. Jesse is not content that Obama won because he wants Obama to be able to run things NOW.

“All of that talk of bipartisanship begins now,” Jackson said. “And the new president deserves his vision to be implemented immediately.” Yahoo News

Jesse, the only talk of bipartisanship is from the left because they won. They have refused to work with President Bush or Republicans for 8 years so if you think that Obama’s victory is going to make Bush or the Republicans roll over and play nice then you are more delusional than usual.

Another thing Jesse, Obama is not the new president. He is the president elect and he will not be the new president until he swears in on 20 January 2009. He does not deserve to have his visions implemented immediately because he has no say in the matter. As a matter of fact, he deserves nothing more than what we, as his employers, give him. He has no special place just because he is black. He can wait his turn which starts at noon on 20 January 2009 and not a moment sooner.

So screw you, screw Obama and screw all the other Democrats who want Bush and the rest of the Republicans to step down and let you run your puppet show early. It does not work that way and it will not be that way.

Jesse, it is time you realized that you no longer have relevance. The white guilt, race hustling era is over. America’s whites elected the affirmative action candidate and paid any perceived debt that was due. ALL DEBTS ARE PAID IN FULL. Now crawl back under that rock and shut up.

On second thought, I guess Jackson will have a job after all. Obama will need someone to scream “racism” every time The Sainted One screws up and gets criticized.

I wish Jesse Jackson would go over to Bill Ayers’ house and play with dynamite or something…

Big Dog

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Bill Clinton Again Rewriting History

Bill Clinton asserted that he was opposed to the war in Iraq from the very beginning though his remarks at the time were much more tempered and did not portray a person who was absolutely opposed to the action. He indicated that it would not have been proper for him to have more open statements at the time because he was not the president. He did however, have no problem with expressing that the weapons inspectors should be given more time. Fourteen years of folly was not enough for Clinton.

I believe that Clinton now expresses that he was absolutely opposed because Obama, his wife’s opponent, is the only candidate who can say he was against the war from the beginning and not have to prove it. The others have their pesky votes to show what they actually did. John Edwards says he was wrong to vote that way and Hillary stated she was misled by president Bush. Once again, it is someone else’s fault. If this is the smartest woman in the world and she was misled by President bush, a man many on the left believe to be an idiot, how was she so easily misled?

Clinton was on the campaign trail trying to raise support for his wife who has seen her numbers drop over the past few weeks. He mentioned himself more times than he mentioned her but that might be the point because he is more liked than she is so people get the impression that he is the one they are electing. He also told the audience how Hillary has experience and has not forgotten what it is like to “be like you.” Read this as even though she is rich she has not forgotten what it is like to be one of the little people. Of course, she failed to give a tip at a diner. I am not saying that it was deliberate but wouldn’t one of “us” remember to so that?

Clinton also played this phony concern for the military while lying about tax cuts. He was lamenting the Republican tax cut for the rich and how he, as a rich guy, is not paying money that could go tot he troops. First of all tax cuts were not “for the rich” they were for everyone. They have helped the middle class and poor (those who ACTUALLY pay any taxes) and they have helped produce a strong economy. The rich still pay a higher marginal tax rate than anyone else and they also pay most of the taxes in this country. Of course they will get more money back because they pay a hell of a lot more in. Secondly, the treasury will take donations to the government and I am sure Bill is aware of this. if he is so concerned that he is not paying his fair share then he is certainly free to donate money to the treasury.

Obviously, this is more of the Clinton feel good talk and double speak. A lot of people will believe him when he says he wants to pay more but few will know that he could if he wanted to. They will assume this poor schmuck is just dying to give more money back if only those mean Republicans would take it.

Mr. Clinton, I call on you to either make a donation to the treasury for what you think you should be paying or shut your mouth about the issue. People deserve better than to be misled by a snake oil salesman.

Fact 1: We pay too much in taxes even after tax cuts.

Fact 2: The government takes in huge sums of money. The real problem is uncontrolled spending.

Fact 3: We could take even more in tax cuts if the Congress would stop spending BILLIONS in pork projects.

Yahoo News

UPDATE: Bill supported it before he was opposed to it. I guess these people think we don’t read…

Big Dog

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Reid Holds Senate in Session

Senator Harry Reid is holding the Senate in session over the Thanksgiving break to prevent President Bush from making recess appointments. Reid is upset because some of the people Democrats want are not being considered by the President.

“While an election year looms, significant progress can still be made on nominations,” Reid said. “I am committed to making that progress if the President will meet me halfway.

“But that progress can’t be made if the President seeks controversial recess appointments and fails to make Democratic appointments to important commissions.” Roll Call

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution specifically states that it is the President’s job to nominate people for various positions and it is his alone. The approval is with the advice and consent of the Senate but the job of nominating belongs to the President so if he does not want the people the Democrats like it is his choice, not theirs.

Reid can keep the Senate in session if he wants but I certainly hope this means that they will be in DC and not home with their families. If he holds them in a pro forma session then he must have the minimum required to do the job. I realize he is saying that they will be non voting but in order to be in session they must be present, or at least the minimum required to conduct business. If they all go home the President should make the appointments he wants and let the courts sort it out.

Being in session means being present and if he is doing this then he needs to ensure his people do not leave town. If he is a real leader he will stay there with them because that is what a true leader does.

Having said that, Reid will probably be on the first plane out of town.

Big Dog