Obama, Your Rice Is Cooked

Susan Rice has been outed as the Obama administration person who unmasked the names of American citizens working in the Trump campaign/administration. The names of those folks were eventually shared with a number of agencies in the government and made their way to the media. Making those names public is a felony.

I have heard the Media wing of the Democrat Party say that naming Rice is racist, sexist, and unfair. The claim is she did nothing illegal and that this is all to take attention away from the investigation into Russia.

As you know, the Democrats are looking to see if Trump and/or his people colluded with the Russians during the last presidential election. There has been no evidence (as reported by a number of agencies) showing that collusion took place or that any person associated with Trump committed a crime. But the investigation continues because Democrats are trying to tear down this administration and have adopted a scorched earth policy.

All well and good but if they want to claim Rice did nothing wrong then neither did Trump or his people. It is not illegal to talk to people from other countries. If the claim is that Democrats need to know what the motives were and what was discussed then we need that same standard for Rice.

What was her motivation? If it can be shown that the names of Americans NOT associated with Trump were unmasked during the time in question (and at the same rate or quantity) then she was probably just doing her job. But if the only names (or a disproportionate number of them) were from the Trump associates (or Trump himself) then there is no doubt her motive was political.

As an aside, Rice requested the unmasking and saw the transcripts of the conversations. Surely she can shed light on whether there was any wrongdoing. If she did not look at this stuff and immediately report it to the law agencies then there was no wrongdoing going on.

No, you see, Rice got the information in order to have it disseminated among government agencies so that it would be leaked to the media. The Obama people (and B. Hussein Obama WAS involved) knew that there was nothing illegal but they also knew if they sprinkled the Russian stuff throughout the government it would eventually get leaked and the narrative would be that Trump and/or his people did something wrong.

So what was her motive? We know Democrats who saw the info were worried and looked for a way to spin it. They came up with the narrative that Rice did nothing wrong, was only doing her job and that it is a distraction (throw in the racist/sexist allegations and you have the full Monty).

Susan Rice needs to be hauled in and questioned under oath. In fact, Obama should be subpoenaed to give sworn testimony. Rice should be specifically asked if Obama knew of this, gave her the order or had it disseminated. Obama should be asked what he knew and when he knew it.

The noose needs to keep getting tighter until we get answers about what happened and what the motivations were.

As for the Russian probe, here are your facts and the conclusion. Russia absolutely tried to influence our election AS IT HAS DONE FOR DECADES (kind of like Obama did in Israel’s elections) but there was no collusion with anyone from the Trump campaign/administration. A number of law and intelligence agencies have stated this a number of times. Democrats keep harping on it because they have nothing else.

Donald Trump needs to go after the people who did this and he needs to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. The American people deserve to see those who broke the law in jail where they belong.

We cannot keep law and order if those in positions of authority keep breaking the law and getting away with it.

Drain the swamp right into a federal prison.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Dianne Feinstein Is A Partisan Hack (Surprise!!)

I listened yesterday as Dianne Feinstein, a very old senator from California (as in should be out to pasture), questioned Senator Sessions as he goes through the process to be the next Attorney General. She was a typical liberal and asked about things that dealt with abortion and gay marriage. She was concerned that Sessions still considers Roe v Wade to be the worst decision the SCOTUS ever made (I agree with him that it was unconstitutional and should have been a 10th Amendment issue). Sessions was candid and said it was the law and he would enforce it but that he personally thinks it was wrongly decided. I think the same is true about gay marriage. Marriage of any kind is not in the Constitution so it is not the business of the federal government.

It was obvious to me that Feinstein is biased and does not want Sessions to be confirmed. That is obvious with regard to most Democrats who questioned him. They have decided to run a racist allegation smear and are sticking to it despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. It is how they do things in DC. It matters not that these folks work together and that they have good relationships. As soon as politics are in play they abuse each other with lies. It is a wink, wink situation where they say, nothing personal dude but I have to play up to the base so I look good.

It started with Feinstein’s opening remarks where she expressed concerns (allegedly told to her by victim groups) about Sessions’ ability to be the AG for all people and to enforce all the laws, particularly the ones with which he disagrees.

I have no doubt Sessions will do just that BUT, I want to know where Feinstein was with regard to former AG Eric Holder. Feinstein supported Holder even though he has a history as a radical. While in office Holder refused to defend laws with which he disagreed. He refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act stating gay rights were the last civil rights. Did Feinstein have a chat with Holder about supporting the law EVEN THOSE WITH WHICH HE DISAGREES?

In 2011, the attorney general said he won’t defend Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which rules that federal interpretation of “marriage” applies only to heterosexual couples. Last year, Holder told ABC News, “From my perspective, [gay marriage] is really the latest civil-rights issue.” So when six state attorneys general said they would not defend laws that ban gay marriage, Holder did not step in. Instead, Holder said they didn’t have to defend the laws if they believed they were unconstitutional. ABC News

Is it OK for AG Sessions to ignore laws or state AGs who ignore laws that they consider unconstitutional? If a state AG decided that Obamacare or gay marriage or abortion were unconstitutional and refused to enforce or defend the laws guiding them would Feinstein be OK with that? She certainly had no issue with Holder…

Feinstein also expressed concern that Sessions had a history of racism (not proven and contrary to evidence) and she was concerned that people of color (and other protected minority groups) would not get a fair shake under an AG Sessions. Where was Feinstein when Holder refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who were recorded intimidating white voters? She was nowhere to be found when Holder claimed that the focus on the Black Panther Case demeans “my people.”

Did Feinstein call Holder in to let him know it was racist to take that attitude and that all Americans are his people?

It is obvious that the Democrats have a hard on for Sessions (actually they hate Trump and want to wound him this way). That is all well and good BUT a real leader, a principled person in the Senate, would evaluate a person based on skill and career. The reality is the Democrats (hell, most politicians) are immoral and cowardly. They do not care what is good for the country or what is right. They care about how they can get and keep power and how they can control each and every one of us.

Feinstein is a moron and a political hack. She is out for blood because her besty Hillary Clinton got her rear end whipped by Donald Trump.

I want adults with ethical principles and of good moral character to sit in the senate and that is why Feinstein should be put out to pasture.

She is a disgrace to herself and the body in which she sits.

As an aside, Al Franken is as partisan and cowardly as Feinstein.

Democrats ram stuff through when they are in charge and expect their nominees to be accepted. When they are the minority they expect bipartisanship and the ability to oppose nominees because they know what is best for America.

They are a ruthless bunch and must be handled with brutal force. Get them down and keep them down.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Pope Francis; Tear Down Those Walls

Pope Francis, a man whose actions call his devotion into question, has entered the US political fray by attacking Donald Trump. The Pope was in Mexico and was asked about Trump’s positions regarding immigration and particularly his stance on building a wall. The Pope commented that we should be building bridges, not walls, and that anyone who would build such a wall is not a true Christian.

I am sure the Pope is aware that Christians read the Old Testament and follow its doctrine even though it was the Jews involved as Christians were not yet around. In the Old Testament there is some mention, I am sure the Pope can have a Bishop look it up, of at least one walled city.

In fact, if the Pope looks out his bedroom window he can see the very same thing.

You see Vatican City, which is its own small sovereign state, is surrounded by very high walls making it nearly impossible to get in. The Vatican has millions of people who enter it as tourists to visit the place but only about 800 people there are CITIZENS and the rules to gain citizenship are very strict.

Not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can enter the Vatican and request citizenship. No one can scale the wall (thus entering illegally) and expect to stay and reap the benefits that those who come to America illegally get.

Pope Francis, you need to tear down those walls lest people take you at your word and claim you are not a Christian because you have walls surrounding you.

Why are there walls surrounding Vatican City in the first place? What’s that you say? For safety. Oh, I get it. You want to be able to control who enters YOUR sovereign little slice of the planet.

Well we want the same thing and we don’t need a socialist Pope prancing around telling us we should be doing otherwise.

So either tear down the walls and build a few bridges or sit down and shut up.

As an aside, if you tear down the walls ship the bricks over here. We could use them to lower the cost of our wall.

Washington Times (A lot of pop ups and auto running video)
The American Mirror (great pictures of the WALLED CITY)
The New York Times

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Chairborne Rangers

The Chairborne Rangers at the highest levels of the Army (including the Chief Desk Occupant Secretary McHugh) have politicized the bravery of one soldier and denied him not only the Service’s second highest award but also the Silver Star he was awarded for bravery on the battlefield.

According to a story by Aaron MacLean in The Washington Free Beacon then Captain Matt Golsteyn was awarded the Silver Star for his brave and heroic actions in combat and when he was awarded the Silver Star the powers that be indicated the award was being reviewed and would likely be upgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC).

A funny thing happened on the way to the award and that is Golsteyn was quoted in a book where he criticized the strategy in Afghanistan. The petty pencil pushers, those who send people into harm’s way and watch from afar, decided to launch and investigation into whether Golsteyn violated the rules of engagement (ROE) that led to the death of an enemy bomb maker (how is that a bad thing).

The long investigation did not result in any charges and the Chairborne Rangers could find absolutely nothing that Golsteyn did wrong but they denied the DSC. One might say they reviewed the case and decided his actions did not warrant that medal.

Fair enough BUT, the Secretary revoked the Silver Star Golsteyn was awarded for his heroic deeds.

This is all recounted by Congressman Duncan Hunter who wrote to McHugh to determine the status of the upgrade from Silver Star to DSC.

This is all petty politics by people who are more concerned with their inside the beltway cocktail luncheons and dinner parties than the welfare of the troops. The people who served with Golsteyn recommended him for the award based on what he did with them and while they were with him.

The denial of the DSC and the revocation of the Silver Star were nothing more than political moves by people whose biggest threat is a paper cut.

The powers that be don’t like the real heroes who have to fight and die pointing out that the tactics and ROE dictated by those pencil pushing powers are getting people killed and stifling their ability to prosecute and win the war.

The Secretary of the Army should be ashamed of himself for allowing politics to cloud his judgement. He should be bounced out of office for tarnishing the name of a true hero whose boots he is not fit to shine.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Dumb And Dumber, The Intervention Of An Addict

Anyone ever had an addict in their family??? I have. what drives any form of addict is the bloodthirsty need to have power or control over another or a situation. It is the nucleus to the disorder…and trust me, it is a HUGE disorder…for every addict to remain so, they must have one or more co-addicts. hat being a willing person or partner who doesn’t engage in the addictive act, but does nothing to stop the active addict.

What I witnessed by both Republicans and Democrats at their convention was the disease of addiction and their willing co-addicts. That feeling of watching something occur and asking yourself if you really did just see what you saw. Surreal. The debris inside the eye of the storm flying everywhere, must have been what it felt like to be a delegate of anyone but Mitt Romney. And let’s not give the Dems a pass either…same for any Democratic delegate who places God as their supreme guide in life decisions and behavior.

Those of us on the outside of that eye of the storm can see things for exactly what they are, and it isn’t a pretty sight for either party if they continue this assault on rules, laws, and citizens. Judging from how many citizens don’t bother to vote, and how many dead citizens continue to vote, I’d say this is an utter failure. How about you?

To push away all those elected delegates by the people of their states, and change the rules at the last second to get your boy the 1144 delegates he needed, was less than the “big tent” you claim you are Republicans. And to push God out of any reference in your little party in Charlotte was equally divisive Democrats. You’re not winning anyone over.

How many of you would like to have another choice? How many would like to hear Gary Johnson in the debates, who is on the ballot in all 50 states? I know I would. I would like to hear what a former Governor of New Mexico, who was one of only four Governors to leave office with a budget surplus, has to say. I would like to hear what the former Governor has to say about cutting taxes, because he did so 14 times and still left the treasury with 222 million to the 28 million when he arrived. I would like to hear what the former Governor who won two terms with a wide margin has to say about school choice, since he was the first to lead the challenge on a statewide voucher program. I would like to hear about a former Governor who actually cut 1200 government jobs without firing one government employee. I would like to hear from the former Governor who vetoed 750 bills during his tenure, more than any other Governor in the country. I would like to hear about health care from a former Governor who has participated in several Iron Man triathlons and summited Mt. Everest in 2003. 

If the Republicans throw another game in November, just remember, there was a third choice…he just wasn’t invited to the party…maybe because he isn’t a power hungry, controlling addict?? Maybe he isn’t drinking the Kool Aid that requires an intervention.