Useless Government

Yet another example showing how utterly and completely useless government has become. Seriously. Stories like this one just make me support massive, massive reductions in government — especially on the enforcement side.

This is the story about the Piano that was found on a sandbar in the Florida Keys. A student put it there as part of an art project. There’s nothing more to the story. A kid put a piano on some sand for an art project. The piano was eventually claimed by someone else, which is perfectly okay, the one who put it there doesn’t seem to mind. A day after the piano disappeared, another prankster put a table and chairs on the sandbar.

So, what should we “DO” about this? Of course, in a normal, rational world, we would sit back, maybe laugh, maybe critique the art, maybe complain about people with too much time on their hands. You see, no one has been hurt. No one has been threatened. Many people are smiling. So, in a free country, this would be news, and when the pranksters got tired, there would be no more news.

But that’s not the response of the government in America today. No, today’s government sees numerous serious crimes that have occurred. This government wants people fined and jailed for these horrible crimes. We have “environmental officials” making statements, “fearing” that other people might do something evil: place other things on the sand bar. We have “authorities” removing the table and chairs to make sure no one else is “influenced” by these heinous acts. We have the “Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission” threatening people with arrest for going near the sandbar. State wildlife officials have threatened the art student with fines and jailing.

What a damn load of crap. Every single one of these “officials” is a fool. They should all be fired and forced to find something productive to do, instead of giving them the power to jail people. No, it doesn’t make one bit of difference that they’re “just enforcing the law” or “just doing their job.” That’s total crap. They’re petty dictators with way too much power and they’re fools, plain and simple. And yes, I’d certainly tell that to them to their faces.

Man Arrested for Possession of Firecrackers

Well, that could very well be the title of this article. But that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, nor as inflammatory, so it isn’t. Instead, to help sell news and to attempt to divide people more, the article screams, “Man with Explosives” and “Outside Mosque.” That way it sounds really bad and can be used as evidence of hatred towards a protected, special class of people.

In reality, a man had some M-80s. For those who are too young to remember, these are inch and a half-long firecrackers. When they explode, they make a loud noise and flash. About the only way they can really do any serious damage is if you are holding them when they go off. They are just big firecrackers.

And the guy was arrested with some.

Oh, but wait! The guy has “a long history of anti-government activities,” according to the police. In other words, this guy was an enemy of the government, and government wanted him jailed, so they found a reason to jail him.

It is highly unlikely we will ever know why the man was at the Islamic center, as the press and the government isn’t big on telling the truth. But hey, it is Dearborn, Michigan, so I expect he may be charged with violations of Sharia law before this is all over.

Does John Edwards Wear a Skirt?

Elizabeth Edwards has made her views known regarding Rush Limbaugh only she took a different approach than attacking him for what he did not say about our soldiers. Instead, she attacked Limbaugh’s draft status, which was 1-Y (changed to 4-F when 1-Y was done away with) in order to indirectly say that Limbaugh should not call anyone a phony soldier when he had what Edwards views as a phony deferment. I will not discuss what Limbaugh said because everyone with a brain knows exactly what he said and what was meant by it. The Democrats are using this non issue to make something out of nothing. The old saying goes that if you tell a lie long enough it is accepted as true. That is why Global Warming is a “settled” issue.

Rush Limbaugh had a legitimate deferment from military service. Regardless of what people think about it or what he could have done to make himself eligible, he was legitimately deferred by the military for a legitimate medical problem. It is amazing to me that Edwards would take issue with Limbaugh’s words considering the phony soldier her husband teamed up with during the last Presidential election. Let us look at her husband, who has been less than honest about his draft status. From what I can tell he registered and had a draft number but according to one site he should have been drafted and was not. I have to wonder why that is and why Ms. Edwards would bring up something that could end up in a backlash. The last thing Edwards needs is a group of people discussing his military record…

What I really don’t understand is why Elizabeth Edwards keeps injecting herself into issues. She is not running for office and her constant babble is not helpful. John Edwards already has a reputation as a girly man and having his wife speak out, many times to defend him, does not help with that image. Edwards gives the impression that he is a pampered little wuss who cannot fight his own battles. While I realize that in the Limbaugh remarks Elizabeth was not taking up for John I also realize that real men do not send their wives out to take up for them. I can just imagine John Edwards getting into an argument that leads to fisticuffs and before the first punch is thrown he runs in to get Elizabeth to fight for him.

This is America and the Edwards are free to say what they want but before they attack Limbaugh for what he said and before they twist his words, they should be prepared to demonstrate how much they have done for the troops. How much money has John Edwards raised for the military? What veteran organizations or causes has he helped out? I am willing to bet that Limbaugh has raised more money for the military than Edwards has raised for his campaign.

After watching this iteration of the John Edwards ego stroking campaign, I am convinced that he wears skirts at home while Elizabeth wears the pants.

Big Dog

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Jesse Jackson Uses Racist Language – Again

Jesse Jackson, the race baiting poverty pimp, accused Barack Obama of acting like he is white. Of course, as is always the case with this nimrod or Al Sharpton, Jackson claims not to remember saying that. I imagine if a white person, let’s call him Don Imus, was on the radio and said “you know, that Bill Clinton, he acted like a black person.” there would be cries all over as to what that meant. Are blacks somehow bad? Is it a bad thing to be acting black? How dare Imus, fire him.

Jackson gets away with this kind of crap all the time and he has taken B. Hussein Obama to task because of Jena LA where 6 black kids are in big trouble for beating the hell out of a white kid who had the audacity to hang a noose from a tree. The student was punished for hanging the noose and the black kids beat the hell out of him and now they face a long time in jail. Jackson, and other idiots like to equate the two offenses. All that white kid got was a suspension but those black kids might go to jail. Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, the white kid did not hang the black kid from the noose. If he had, then he would be in big trouble. If the black kids had not assaulted him, they would not be in trouble. This has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

Now, I happen to believe that it is a person’s right to hang a noose. If the school had a rule about that it is one thing but barring that rule, it is a person’s right to hang a noose. It is not a hate crime, it is freedom of speech. If a group of people, of any color, want to burn an American Flag, that act is considered protected speech, unless of course they burn someone else’s Flag or burn it where you are not allowed to burn things. If either of these two acts is some kind of hate crime it is burning the American Flag.

As for this kid and his noose, it is obvious that he was no threat to the black kids because they beat the hell out of him. Maybe we need some celebrities there to help everyone get along. We could send Eminem. No, he acts black. How about Kevin Federline? No, he acts black too. Just what is acting black Big Dog?

I don’t know, but according to Jesse Jackson it is the opposite of what Obama is doing because he acts white. Maybe Jesse means he acts white because he is married and has children, has stayed in his relationship, takes care of his kids, and has a well paying job, no arrest record and has not fathered children out of wedlock.

I don’t know but that might be something to look into. As for Jackson, I don’t want him to act black or white. I want him to act gold and be silent.

The State

Big Dog

Gathering of Eagles Update

The Gathering of Eagles rally was held in DC yesterday to counter the Communists of the various anti-war groups who vowed to create civil disturbances in order to get their points across. The were able to do just that because more than 160 of them were arrested for disobeying the law, as if this is a surprise.

First things first. I arrived on Friday and met up with Kat from Cathouse Chat and Wild Bill from Passionate America. We enjoyed a good talk and I felt as if I had known them forever. Kat is absolutely lovely and quite charming. Bill is as humorous in person as on his blog and is a very pleasant person. I met Justin from Right on the Right on Saturday and I also spoke with Kit Lange from GOE and Euphoric Reality. I was fortunate enough to meet Michelle Malkin and Congressman Duncan Hunter. I also got to spend the weekend with my brother. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so it was good to be able to do so.

The Eagles arrived and had a huge rally. I do not know ho many were present but we were a sea of American Flags and the patriotism was thick in the air. After our rally we lined the protest route of the bad guys and were able to exercise our free speech rights when they passed. They were misbehaved and had vile signs that insulted the armed forces and the President. There were a lot of them and I noticed that more than half looked like 14 or 15 year old kids. Some of them tried to reach across the barriers and act tough but the police, who did a stellar job, removed them and made them get back in the march.

After they went by we met up at the Capitol where the bad guys got unruly. The police had a huge presence and they did not want anyone crossing the barriers. The GOE folks were well behaved and did not cross the barriers. The bad guys, on the other hand, began crossing and were arrested. They kept up the pressure until more police arrived and things got uglier.

I heard that one of our guys got into some altercation with one of theirs and the bad guy jumped on the GOE member and bit him. Then, the bad guy was beaten pretty good. The GOE members present restored order by breaking them apart and getting them away from each other. Not long after that the police arrived and the bad guy jumped his target again and received another beating until the police pulled them apart. Names were taken but no one was arrested. I was not present but I received this story from several folks who were there.

The bad guys vowed to stay there all night and taunted the police by asking if they would be able to stick it out. Seems like the police were unaffected as they kept taking more of the moonbats into custody. I am not aware of any of our folks being arrested, unlike the folks who want the President arrested and impeached because they say he broke the law.

During their assault on the Capitol I walked through the crowd listening to them and watching them. It was interesting to see all the signs with slogans from the 60s (drop acid not bombs) and to realize that many aged hippies were living vicariously through their children. The smell of marijuana in their crowd gave credence to the idea that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I also noticed that those who had been so tough when they were protected by barricades and the police became timid and displayed no such toughness even though I was vastly outnumbered. It as interesting to speak with some of them as two humans without the animosity. A few of us have more in common than we do not and people can be civil when removed from the mentality of the mob which makes me wonder why they run with a group that hates America so much. I wonder if some even know how vile the groups are, especially the one young man who thanked me for my service. He would do much better to find a way to voice his opposition without hanging with people who are dedicated to our defeat.

I also spoke with the police and thanked them for their work. All of them appreciated that and indicated that they never have problems with our group but that the other folks (the bad guys) were vile and always caused problems. It was obvious that the police respect us.

The day was good and we accomplished our mission. I am sad to see that the other side cannot conduct itself in accordance with the law but I am not surprised.

Big Dog

UPDATE: This post includes a link to a story that has been updated and now indicates there were more than 180 arrests.

Update 2: I committed a terrible error and did not mention that I also ran into Skye at the Gathering. I do not know how I could forget to mention such a charming and beautiful young lady. Sorry love!.

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