Bill Whittle Nails Political Correctness Origin

Bill Whittle discusses where political correctness got started and how it is used to force an agenda.

Very nicely done Bill!

Cave canem!
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About jumping To Conclusions

Barack Obama warned against jumping to conclusions when terrorist Nidal Hasan shot and killed members of the US Army. This from the guy who jumped to conclusions when a police officer arrested his buddy for being disorderly. The warning signs were there and Army officers report that they were afraid to report the issue because of political correctness. One claimed his concerns were ignored for that very reason.

The communications with an al-Qaeda cleric, the rantings about Islam, the threats to infidels, the poor performance are all out there now and we are warned not to jump to conclusions.

Hasan might claim insanity and he might be on to something. One would have to be insane to follow the teachings of the radical faction of Islam.

But where were the liberals warning about jumping to conclusions when a part time census worker was found hanging from a tree in Kentucky, allegedly with the words FED scrawled on his chest? The left immediately jumped all over the case and indicted the right wing in America. The blame was placed squarely on so called hate speech from the right. Michelle Malkin detailed, at the time, all of the liberals who were blaming conservatives. Here is a sample from the Democratic Underground (as reported by her):

We need to absolutely expose Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, CNN’s Lou Dobbs, Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh and the legion of others parroting right-wing lies for trumping up this nonsense and getting people to now commit murder in a hideous fashion.

HuffPo, Radio Equalizer and New York Magazine all put the blame on conservatives. There was even a picture of a hanging body with the words FED on the chest and the names of conservatives printed behind it.

It would seem that this was a bit premature because the official finding in the case is that the worker, Bill Sparkman, committed suicide.

It would seem that all of the conclusions as to whom was responsible were quite a bit off the mark. None of the liberals espousing restraint with regard to Nidal Hasan opened their mouths to caution restraint. There is plenty of evidence in the case against Hasan but there was not one shred of evidence in Sparkman’s death that pointed to conservatives talk being the cause of his death. The left jumped all over it nonetheless. Where were the trusty liberal mouthpieces when this was taking place? They were agreeing with the accusations of their echo chamber roommates. While they might not have publicly expressed the same sentiments, they were thinking it because they all believe that conservatives are violent.

Who can blame them for thinking this? The botox bimbo, San Fran Nan, told them that conservatives were violent. She teared up at a meeting to discuss the anger from the tea party protesters and stated she had seen this before in her home state and it led to violence. She was referring to Harvey Milk who, by the way, was murdered by another state employee over a job dispute. His murder had nothing to do with “angry mobs.” But Nancy had to make people believe that the tea party people are violent. The left looks at the tea parties as conservatives but the movement has people from all political ideologies and all walks of life. But the left has to focus on conservatives and isolate them in order to carry out Alinsky’s rules.

It is quite evident that this whole idea of violence is a fabrication because there has been no violence perpetrated by tea party members during all of the heated town hall meetings. The only violence came at the hands of union thugs who were acting as the enforcement arm of liberals. Those jackasses beat the hell out of a man. Those jackasses threatened the elderly. Those jackasses were the ones there to demonstrate a show of force. The tea party people know how to demonstrate peacefully. Another bit of evidence of the desire to pin violence on the conservatives appeared when the media reported that a number of people were arrested in DC at the rally Congresswoman Michele Bachman called for prior to the House vote on health care. The media neglected to indicate that those arrested were from the left. Those arrested were Code Pinko members who were protesting Lieberman’s decision to block health care. The media referred to them as tea partiers and failed to make any distinction when reporting the story.

This is a desire to pin it all on conservatives. Those who admonish against jumping to conclusions when there is mounting evidence are all too happy to sit around doing the first digit rectal interface when their side is indicting people who do not advocate violence and who do not incite violence.

Every time there is a death or violence the left is quick to point fingers at Malkin, Beck, Limbaugh and other conservatives and they point reflexively with no evidence whatsoever. Obama is an extension of that and demonstrated it with the Cambridge cop.

Let the conservatives point when there is a mountain of evidence and we are jumping to conclusions.

This liberal double standard is why they have no credibility (well one reason among many).

Big Dog

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Islam Was Hasan’s Motivation

The call for restraint came out just after Nidal Hasan murdered soldiers at Fort Hood. Barack Obama told us not to jump to conclusions because jumping to conclusions is only reserved for Obama when he is referring to cops who arrested his buddy.

Of course we can’t forget that we need to be careful so that diversity in our military does not become a casualty. That would be the real tragedy, according to some.

There is no doubt, regardless of what anyone says, that Hasan was motivated by his Islamic ideology. He communicated with a known terrorist recruiter and he inquired about innocents being killed in suicide attacks, a feat he failed to master when he was wounded instead of killed.

Hasan was inspired by his religion and all of the warning signs were glaringly present throughout his career. Those who witnessed his radical ways did not report them out of fear of being labeled as anti Muslim. That is correct, people in the military did not report this maggot because they were worried about how they would be perceived or treated. This is political correctness run amok.

Because people were afraid to report this terrorist and his radicalism, people were murdered.

Hasan told his terrorist buddy Anwar al Awlaki, I can’t wait to meet you in the afterlife.

Looks like Hasan will have to wait a bit longer for his part of the meeting because he did not die in the attack. He will have to wait until he is convicted and put to death before he can set a table and wait for his spiritual adviser who appears to be none to eager to actually die himself.

Hasan was motivated by his religious beliefs and he was allowed to fester because political correctness kept those who saw his evil from reporting it.

But forget about those murdered as long as our diversity does not suffer.


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Take Google But Leave My Flatscreen Alone

A physicist has concluded that performing two Google searches produces as much carbon as boiling water for a cup of tea. Since quite a few searches are performed each day and since Google maintains huge centers that process the data, they are a huge producer of carbon.

Some flat screen TVs use more energy than others and are considered huge energy consumers. The UK is going to ban flat screen TVs in order to save the environment.

All the people who saved their money (or went into debt) to purchase flat screens will soon be out of compliance with the law. I would like to believe that if they ban the TVs they would grandfather current owners but when they banned guns all gun owners were required to turn them in. If there was ever a time to leave the UK it is now.

This is coming to America as California is looking into banning the flat screens that consume the most energy. I imagine that airports and other government run entities will not have to change out the numerous flat screens they have. I also bet that Hollywood will still be able to use all the flat screens it wants. No, the poor consumer who works and pays taxes will be forced to give up a TV that he purchased, in part, to enjoy the digital quality that the federal government mandated. They forced stations to change to digital and that forced people to buy a converter box or a new TV and now flat screens will be forbidden.

This is starting in California but it will sweep across the states as the morons in the global warming nuthouse keep forcing lifestyles on people. Pretty soon we will be huddled in tents to live and not allowed to light fires to keep warm.

I don’t know if Google really produces as much carbon as this physicist says and I really don’t care. Google is a private business and as long as it is not breaking the law I don’t care how the owners run their show. I do think it would be funny if they were forced to comply with goofy global warming laws signed into law by a president they went all in on.

In any event, if it comes down to it then they can get rid of Google and leave my flat screen alone. I do not intend to give it up and now I might have to buy a few more in case some global warming idiot takes the cue from California and the UK and tries to impose a lifestyle on me that I do not want.

How long will we allow the government to control what we do?

The UK, a once great place, has been reduced to a politically correct union of countries that are ruled by stupidity. The Muslims are taking over, there are tens of thousands of CCTV cameras, gas is about $8.00 a gallon and now the people won’t be able to enjoy a football (their football) game on a flat screen TV.

Tell me once again how our society has advanced when everything government does is designed to take us back to the dark ages?

Buy guns and ammo before it is too late.

Times UK
The Independent

Big Dog

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There Never was a Heterosexual AIDS Pandemic Threat

The World Health Organization (WHO) has accepted as truth that the threat of a heterosexual AIDS pandemic has disappeared. That was nice of them but there never was a threat of a pandemic. HIV and AIDS are transmitted, mostly, through high risk behavior such as IV drug use with shared needles, homosexual sex and sex with those who engage in high risks.

Certainly the possibility exists that monogamous heterosexuals can get the disease. this can happen through tainted blood transfusions and exposure to contaminated body fluids (as in health care workers). However, the risk of contracting AIDS has always been low for heterosexuals who do not engage in sexual activity with high risk partners. The risk of a heterosexual pandemic has never really existed. Yes, outbreaks can occur and heterosexuals can get AIDS but the likelihood of a pandemic was close to zero, or nonexistent.

The whole issue was suggested years ago when homosexuals were singled out as having high risk for the disease based upon their sexual practices. They complained about the suggestion that their lifestyle put them at higher risk and they believed that if AIDS were only recognized as a pandemic in their group (and those of other high risk behaviors) then research and funding for a cure would be minimal. By including the average every day heterosexual they were able, in their minds, to get research money directed toward curing the disease. This idea is ridiculous. We have not halted the research into the cure for lung cancer based on the fact that smokers are more likely to get it.

In all this time research money and time has been wasted looking for ways to stop a pandemic occurrence of heterosexual acquired AIDS when money and time would have been better if it had been focused on those most likely to get the disease. It took quite a bit of time for people to state the obvious.

The study still has unanswered questions:

But the factors driving HIV were still not fully understood, he said.

“The impact of HIV is so heterogeneous. In the US , the rate of infection among men in Washington DC is well over 100 times higher than in North Dakota, the region with the lowest rate. That is in one country. How do you explain such differences?” The Independent

I have certainly not looked at the data but off the top of my head I would have to say it is because Washington DC has a larger population of homosexuals and IV drug users than does North Dakota. There are not as many people engaging in high risk behavior in North Dakota as there are in DC. Washington is a bastion of liberalism and the “do what you want in life” mentality, so when coupled with the population demographics, it stands to reason that DC will have the higher rate. Also, the National Institute of Health is in DC and there are research hospitals as well so it also stands to reason that some of the population migrated to DC for [inclusion in] research, testing and treatment.

The waste of time and money over the years is attributable to a politically correct attitude that said we could not single out high risk groups. This makes as much sense as spending years researching the affects of sickle cell anemia in whites who do not come from [have ancestry in] Africa, South or Central America (especially Panama), Caribbean islands, Mediterranean countries (such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy), India, and Saudi Arabia. Since the disease affects mostly African Americans in the US it would be a waste of resources to do expansive research in whites. This is the same principle for AIDS research.

Once again, political correctness rears its ugly head…

Big Dog