A Look At The News

Debt Limit Surpasses 20 TRILLION!

The US debt limit (debt ceiling) has exceeded 20 TRILLION dollars (debt counter in right sidebar). The claim is that the debt jumped 317.6 Billion dollars in one day but that is only due to the funny math and accounting procedures used by the federal government. You see, the debt limit was reached months ago. In March we hit the statutory limit and the federal government has been using what it calls extraordinary measures to keep paying the bills. This involves taking money from the government funds in pension plans, stopping government contributions to pension plans and other methods of manipulating money the government does not own but controls (one day they will just confiscate it and pay the bills and dare you to do anything about it).

The reason there was a spike in the debt which had held at the same number since March is that President Trump and Congressional Democrats agreed to a plan to extend the debt ceiling and pass a continuing resolution moving the time to 15 December at which time the government will need to come to an agreement on the budget. Republicans wanted to kick this can down the road and Trump wanted to accomplish it by the end of the fiscal year (30 Sept) but the two hurricanes pummeled Texas and Florida and money is needed for disaster relief. Remember, Trump was ready to shut down the government if he did not get what he wanted but doing so now that people are suffering would be a stupid move so he agreed to increase debt, a CR and disaster relief until 15 December.

If he is smart (he keeps saying he is) he will use the holidays to hold Congress hostage and not let them adjourn until he gets what he wants or he can let the government shut down through the holidays. If he goes to the public now explaining what he expects and what will happen if he does not get it he might be able to get what he wants. Time will tell if he is a deal maker or a deal faker.

Rand Paul Has A Better Plan

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said that the disaster relief for Texas, Florida and other states affected by the hurricanes should come out of the foreign aid budget. He introduced the America First Amendment that would do just that. It would take billions of dollars from the foreign aid we send to other nations and use it instead for disaster relief. This is a wonderful idea. Who could not get on board of actually taking money that we usually give to nations that tolerate us, hate us or want to kill us and use it HERE in our own country instead? Who cannot get behind the idea of using American tax dollars to help Americans in America rather than letting it go to help people in foreign nations?

Evidently most of the Senate can’t because they voted against the Amendment 87-10. That means 87 US Senators thought it would be a better idea to send US tax dollars to other nations rather than spending them here to help our own people. One of those who voted against is a Senator from Texas. Sad, very sad indeed.

Remember this when these jackasses ask for your vote.

More Of The Police State

The Miami Herald is reporting that many folks who live in the Florida Keys and followed the mandatory evacuation orders are not being allowed back into the Keys. The police have blocked the road and tensions are high as people try to get back to their properties to see what their losses are. The police claim there is debris and live wires (even though all the power is out) across the roadway. The indications are it might be a week before these folks are allowed back in. They are being told to go to a shelter (26 miles away) and wait to be told they can enter.

People are not happy at this police state. The claim that public safety is a priority can only go so far. Emergency vehicles and certain others who live in specific areas of the Keys (the outraged claim it is the rich people who live there) are crossing the roads and making it in. There is no reason that the people who live there can’t get in to survey their properties and determine if they can stay or if they need to pack belongings and bug out until repairs are made. This is government making a bad situation worse by flexing its muscles.

Many folks interviewed are letting the police and elected officials know that the next time they will ignore the mandatory evacuation orders and stay home. They claim this is why most people do not follow those orders. They say getting back home is the problem and officials are only making it a certainty that more people will be placed in harm’s way the next time.

Gouging Bad Unless Government Does It

Remember not that long ago as Harvey was approaching and people were told to evacuate? Remember how the news was filled with stories of disgusted people who were faced with eight and nine dollar a gallon gas and water ranging from forty-eight to seventy-two dollars a case? Does anyone remember government officials claiming gouging will not be tolerated and businesses that price gouge should be ashamed and will be held accountable? I seem to remember a lot of bluster from government stooges who claimed they would tramp down hard on people found to be gouging.

It is amazing that people in Florida will go to Disney and spend three dollars for a bottle of water (which is seventy-two dollars a case) and not bat an eye but when they have to pay a dollar and a half or two dollars a bottle they scream bloody murder.

Well now, it seems those very anti price gouging politicians who would come down hard on the price gougers are guilty of the very same thing. The Mayor of Houston has proposed a 9% increase in property tax to pay for some of the cleanup from hurricane Harvey. Yes, the very officials who were talking about how immoral it was to gouge for water and gas are now gouging for taxes.

The tax increase would be temporary (they always start that way) and would be in the tax bill due the first part of 2018. Isn’t it amazing that a gas station that will be shut down raises its prices and charges more for water to curb hoarding and make up for future loss is condemned by the very government that thinks it is OK to raise taxes on people who have suffered huge financial losses and who will have trouble making ends meet and rebuilding?

I think if I lived there and Houston politicians wanted to increase my property tax I would force them to come reassess my property so I could pay taxes on the lower value now that it is damaged.

In any event, politicians are all the same. They think people are ATMs and that money can be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

Remember these jackasses when they ask for your vote.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Because Obama Would Never Wiretap Americans…

[This item failed to post when scheduled….]

Or as Nancy Pelosi said, we don’t do that.

Donald Trump claimed that Barack Obama wiretapped him while he was a candidate and after he became President elect. The media, the liberals and the RINOs are saying it can’t be true. No, this is foolish. We have the usual suspects claiming Trump is off his rocker and lashing out with untrue stories.

There has been little actual denial that wiretaps took place, only that Obama did not order it (he wouldn’t, the FISA Court would). Liberals are saying this means Trump is in trouble because if there was a warrant it means the judge thinks there was enough evidence to show Trump did something wrong. Hogwash, the fist warrant request was denied. Why did the second one get approved? Did a judge appointed by Obama get tapped to approve the warrant? They are supposed to be secret so what would it matter if some liberal judge approved it?

In any event, the liberals are sticking with the story that they didn’t do it and we just don’t do that.

Here is a list (thanks to Wikileaks) of the Americans Obama HAS had wiretapped (remember, they don’t do that).

There is no evidence there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians no matter what the Dems say. There is evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump (to take on a presidential candidate would require him knowing though they would give him plausible deniability) and that this was done for political reasons.

I hope this plays out and they find all kinds of people up to and including Obama involved. I would like to see him frog marched out of his house.

Not to fear. Clapper said they did not do it. Of course he did tell us the NSA was not spying on us and we now know that was a LIE.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Americans Fear Their Government

”When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

The recent police state in Massachusetts, as police equipped with all the military equipment Obama says has no place on our streets, has people jumpy. If one of our largest cities can be locked down while police conduct illegal house to house searches for one guy then what will stop them from locking down any city and violating our rights for whatever reason?

A recent poll shows that more Americans are afraid that our government will violate our constitutionally protected rights than are afraid government will fail to protect us.

This should come as no surprise. While the news is filled with stories of government’s inability to keep us safe it is also filled with daily stories of government working to violate our rights. In some states, such as Colorado, New York and Maryland, the government has passed laws disarming people. These laws violate our rights and are designed to keep us from protecting ourselves from bad people including bad people in our government.

The Second Amendment protects a right that preexisted the Constitution. It is in place so that if government ever starts shooting at the people the people can shoot back. Governments who want to disarm the people do so for only one reason and that is to control the people by removing the people’s means to protect themselves from government oppression.

If the people are properly armed and their rights are not infringed (they can carry) then there is no need to lock down a city to look for one guy. Bad people are not likely to stick around a place where anyone, at any time, could produce a firearm and eliminate them as a threat.

The poll shows that Americans fear the loss of their rights and this is for a very good reason. Our government (at all levels) is working against us and the Constitution. There are laws requiring us to purchase things (call it a tax but it is a requirement to buy a good), to detain us without due process, to spy on us and invade our privacy, and to disarm us.

People know when government gets too powerful and when it has effectively disarmed the population then it can control people. A look at history shows how this has resulted in the slaughter of millions of people who were first disarmed.

Our government is no different from any of those and could easily be moved to impose its will through the use of deadly force.

I know that the naysayers believe that could not happen in America but anyone with a brain knows otherwise.

Any government that would ignore its Constitution and the will of the people (as it is exercised within that Constitution) is capable of murdering people to get what it wants.

Our government has slaughtered people in this country before and if it effectively disarms us there will be nothing stopping it from doing so in greater numbers.

Anyone who watched the government impose a police state in Massachusetts as it violated the rights of the citizens living there and can’t see that it would not take much for government to round people up and detain or kill them is not living in reality.

It will get much worse before it gets better, if it ever does…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



The Police State Strikes Again

A woman in New Jersey was at a meeting to protest her property tax assessment which was done by a contracted agency. She expressed her displeasure (and quoted the Constitution) because her home was assessed without anyone ever entering it to appraise it.

She was told to sit down and shut up and listen. Then, employees of the assessment company escorted her out of the building. An earlier report indicated he made a threat about her assessment being even higher (a threat to screw her over by increasing her assessment because she protested).

The county assessor called the police and said she threatened to bring a gun back to the meeting, a claim she denies. Someone gave the police her car tag number and she was tracked down and arrested for making a terroristic threat (a BS charge) and was told she had to surrender her firearms of her bail would be set too high for her to pay.

The police took her two handguns for “safe keeping” which likely means she will never see them again.

This is how the tyrannical police state is unfolding. The state makes a claim and the citizen is arrested. Were any of the people at the meeting interviewed to check the veracity of the claim? Did the police find out if she ever said she would bring a gun back?

She claims that she never said the word gun and never made any threats. She claims that the assessor and the worker for the company were the ones acting out.

If this woman is telling the truth, and there is no reason right now to believe she is not, then her rights have been trampled on. This is how tyranny works. Make an example out of someone and others will fall in line. It matters not how this ends up because the others at the meeting got the message as intended.

I hope that she is exonerated and gets her firearms back.

But, if the police investigate and find that the assessor and the assessment worker were the ones acting out will THEY be arrested and charged with making terroristic threats? The guy who threatened that her tax assessment would be higher should be at the top of the list.

If the assessor is found to have acted inappropriately then she should be fired.

Perhaps the homeowner will have grounds for a lawsuit that will bankrupt the township and the company that employs the assessor.

How long before the actions of the tyrannical government lead to an uprising? I think this is what government wants but I also think it is a dangerous path to take.

I hope it never comes to this but we need to pray for the best and expect the worst.

Especially with tyranny at all levels of government.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Maryland Has A Queer Disregard For The Constitution

The People’s Republic of Maryland lacks true leadership. It is headed by a Democrat governor who thinks that he has the authority to rule in opposition to the will of the people (much like Obama does at the national level) and he has a supporting cast of Democrats in the Capitol who are more than willing to be his sock puppets.

The Governor, Martin O’Malley (the Teflon Leprechaun), is looking to strengthen his bona fides so he can run on the national stage. He wants to be president someday. I would say he wants to be president when he grows up but he will never grow up. He has spent most of his final term in office pushing a liberal agenda that will play well on the national stage. He has mismanaged our money, raised taxes and is working on raising taxes yet again.

One of his signature acts is to get gay marriage passed in the state. He is looking to do this so he will appeal to the larger audience of liberals in the country and he is doing it much the same way Barack Obama was able to pass Obamacare. He bribed (or engaged in arm twisting) people including at least one Republican to vote for the bill. It has been speculated that Delegate Wade Kach was offered a six figure state job for his vote. No matter what, he and Delegate Robert Costa need to be replaced in the next election.

The issue of gay marriage is a state issue and though I oppose it, the state has a right to work on passing it (or not passing it). However, the issue belongs in the hands of the people and not the legislature. The definition of marriage needs to be part of the Maryland Constitution so it needs to be part of the referendum process. The PEOPLE, not political hacks, should get to decide the issue.

What infuriates me about this issue is that the politicians in Maryland worked like zealots to get this issue to the floor for a vote but work just as hard to deny Maryland Citizens their right to keep and bear arms. Maryland’s law does not allow people to easily get a permit to carry a handgun. The state’s laws are written specifically to violate the Second Amendment by infringing on the right to keep and bear arms. Fewer than 1000 permits have been issued from the tens of thousands of applications (and it is costly). Maryland requires people to show a reason they should be allowed to carry because in this People’s Republik the Second Amendment is not reason enough.

Every year Republicans introduce legislation to change this in an attempt to get Maryland closer to a “shall issue” state. Unfortunately, Democrats block this by not allowing it to ever see the light of day.

Delegate Joseph Vallario (who has been in office since 1975) refuses to let the bills make it to the floor. He is allowing his personal views to keep him from doing his duty as a legislator. He is supposed to do the business of the people and he is doing just the opposite.

Vallario has opposed gay marriage and refused to allow that bill to the floor though this year it has changed. Why? Because he is a sock puppet of the governor! Bills the governor likes eventually make it to the floor. It is no coincidence that O’Malley, who is protected by half a dozen armed police officers, is opposed to private citizens carrying handguns.

Maryland politicians have trouble understanding the Constitution. The Second Amendment is violated and while the US Constitution mandates a Republican form of government in all states, that applies in name only with regard to Maryland. We are governed by dictators.

The Declaration of Independence says that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

They no longer have my consent.

I look forward to a ballot box revolution though, in truth, that would require an informed and educated electorate.

We sorely lack one of those…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog