Obama’s Me Too Moment Backfires

…When he could not remember the soldier’s name on his bracelet.

I was convinced that there were no real gaffes in the debate last night. I knew that Obama had agreed with McCain a lot and that that would be in an ad just as I knew that McCain not mentioning the middle class (he mentioned no social classes) would be in an Obama ad.

It looks like there is a defining moment that I had not picked up. I was not watching the screen at the time so I did not see it but it is starting to get traction today. It is well known that John McCain wears the bracelet bearing the name of a soldier killed in Iraq and he tells the story about how it was given by the mother of the dead man and how she asked not to let her son die in vain by losing (The Obama Plan). Obama must have known McCain would say something, or at least his handlers prepared him for the possibility. After McCain told his story Barry said something like, me too, me too, I have a bracelet too and it has the name of uhh, uhh, uhh, it was given to me by the mother of (looks at bracelet to get name) Sgt. Ryan Jopek who said to me not to let other mothers go through this grief. Watch the video:

Obama could not remember the name of the soldier that is engraved on the bracelet he has. I am not saying his story is untrue or that he only wore the bracelet for the debate (though if anyone on the campaign trail could get a picture of him without it…). Before all the liberal twits get their panties in a wad, I don’t think wearing one is some requisite to be president. However, if you are going to wear one you need to wear it all the time and not for political gain and if you are going to reference it you need to know the name on it.

I think the McCain camp or one of the 527s could make a great ad out of this gaffe by Obama. This is worse than a sigh or looking at a watch. He was conveying to America that the mother of a soldier asked him to wear the bracelet with her son’s name and not to let this happen to another mother and that he was so moved by it he wears that bracelet. But he also conveyed that he was not moved enough to remember the guy’s name.

With regard to “me too”, The New Republic points out that Obama agreed with admitting Georgia and the Ukraine to NATO. This is the same position that Sarah Palin had when Charlie Gibson interviewed her and the answer that caused him to have seizures at the idea we might have to assist Georgia, were it in NATO, if the Russians attacked it. It is the position all the Palin bashers say was the wrong one but nary a word when Obambi said it.

At least he did not have to look at a bracelet to get the name of the country…

In a related story, a study shows liberals tend to be cowardly and conservatives do not. Might explain why there are so many conservatives in the military and why liberals refuse to confront our enemies.

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UPDATE: NewsBusters reports that the family of SGT Jopek asked Obama not to wear his bracelet earlier in the year. Seems that mom gave it to him as a personal thing and she is upset Obama is using it for political stunts.

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Chelsea is Politician Like her parents (and just as phony)

Chelsea Clinton was out at an event when someone asked her about the trip to Bosnia and coming under sniper fire. It is not surprising that she agreed with her mother’s account of what happened despite video evidence to the contrary, because she is supporting her mother.

Her phrasing was interesting though and showed that she is a politician like mommy and daddy. She said:

“Well sir, I think that my mother’s on record as having talked about this and I support what she said. I mean, I was there as well and I’m so honored that I was there.”

She did not answer the question directly so no one can actually say that she said it was true but she did agree with what mommy said on the record. She deflects the question but basically agrees without directly saying it was true.

Notice in the video how she says that she was so honored to be there. Look at how she puts her hand over her heart and moves her shoulders in as an “aw shucks” or phony humility pose and says that she was so honored to be there. You could hear people groan when the question was asked (how dare they question a Clintonista) but they all applauded and fawned all over Chelsea when she gave that phony display.

She was very masterful at turning it around and taking the focus off the original question. She learned from the very best con artists in the business and that apple definitely did not fall far from the tree.

I predict that she will run for office one day. The Clintons are like that hot dog you ate three days ago, it keeps coming back on you and it is never pleasant.


UPDATE: No wonder they pimp her out. Read how she handled another tough question.

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Bill Clinton is an Ass

Bill Clinton was being interviewed on WMAL-AM yesterday and he said two things that take more gall than one can imagine. While discussing his wife’s campaign he said:

“I think she has been the underdog ever since Iowa,” Clinton said. “She’s had, you know, a lot of the politicians, like Senator Kennedy, opposed to her. She’s had, the political press has avowedly played a role in this election. I’ve never seen this before.”

He said they’d done well considering their slim budget. “We’ve gotten plenty of delegates on a shoestring,” he said. [emphasis mine]

Since Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president she has raised $140 MILLION. How in the name of all that is good can anyone say that this amount of money is a shoestring. The fact is the money was not managed well and they went through it like they had an endless supply. This is how they go through taxpayer money as well. If $140 MILLION is a shoestring or slim budget imagine how much money they will want to take from us. After all, it is a pittance, a shoestring (a slim budget)…

He has never seen anything like this before? We all have but it was when the Clintons were getting the favorable press. During Bill’s time in office the MSM helped cover up all the scandals that erupted. Hell, Drudge blew the lid on the Monica story after the MSM sat on it to protect Bill.

Bill Also said this in reference to Hillary and the remark by David Shuster (pimping out):

Added the president, “She just stuck up for her daughter, and for girls everywhere, and women everywhere, and it’s about time somebody did after a lot of the rhetoric we’ve been through in this election.”

It is amazing that Bill feels it was about time someone stuck up for women everywhere. The time to do that would have been while he was having sex with one of them in the Oval Office. Hillary should have stuck up for women everywhere by not covering up Bill’s adulterous affairs and his rapes. She intimidated women to keep them from speaking up and she had a bimbo eruption team at the White House to squash women who presented with allegations of sexual misconduct. I bet Mrs. Lewinsky wished Hillary had stuck up for her daughter.

This man is a piece of work and it is just absolutely amazing that he can say these kinds of things with a straight face. What is more amazing is that there are people out there who will believe him and think this is sincere. There are those who will draw no comparison between Bill’s words and his deeds.

One last thing, notice how Bill said “her daughter” and not our daughter. Do you suppose that was Freudian?

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President Bush’s Mugshot in NYC Library

A NYC Public Library has mugshots on display as part of its “art” exhibits. These mugshots are phony pictures of President Bush and members (past and present) of his administration. The doctored photos are the work of two “artists” who obviously have a political axe to grind. I have no problem with people making this kind of stuff but I am a bit disturbed that it is on display in a taxpayer funded building.

I wonder if this library would put up pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton in unfavorable displays, especially ones doctored by “artists”. I also wonder if an artist created a picture of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments or of Jesus in a manger would they be displayed and if they were would the ACLU demand they be removed?

This kind of “art” does not belong in a public library, it belongs in an art gallery. There appear to be no signs to indicate that they are fake, though most thinking people would have to know they are. However, there are children who use the library and these displays create a false image of our political leaders.

Libraries don’t like the idea that the feds can access computer logs to see what users have been doing and one library interfered when a credible threat was revealed but they don’t mind taking taxpayer money to stay open. Seems to me they could be a little more selective in what they display.

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Bill Clinton Again Rewriting History

Bill Clinton asserted that he was opposed to the war in Iraq from the very beginning though his remarks at the time were much more tempered and did not portray a person who was absolutely opposed to the action. He indicated that it would not have been proper for him to have more open statements at the time because he was not the president. He did however, have no problem with expressing that the weapons inspectors should be given more time. Fourteen years of folly was not enough for Clinton.

I believe that Clinton now expresses that he was absolutely opposed because Obama, his wife’s opponent, is the only candidate who can say he was against the war from the beginning and not have to prove it. The others have their pesky votes to show what they actually did. John Edwards says he was wrong to vote that way and Hillary stated she was misled by president Bush. Once again, it is someone else’s fault. If this is the smartest woman in the world and she was misled by President bush, a man many on the left believe to be an idiot, how was she so easily misled?

Clinton was on the campaign trail trying to raise support for his wife who has seen her numbers drop over the past few weeks. He mentioned himself more times than he mentioned her but that might be the point because he is more liked than she is so people get the impression that he is the one they are electing. He also told the audience how Hillary has experience and has not forgotten what it is like to “be like you.” Read this as even though she is rich she has not forgotten what it is like to be one of the little people. Of course, she failed to give a tip at a diner. I am not saying that it was deliberate but wouldn’t one of “us” remember to so that?

Clinton also played this phony concern for the military while lying about tax cuts. He was lamenting the Republican tax cut for the rich and how he, as a rich guy, is not paying money that could go tot he troops. First of all tax cuts were not “for the rich” they were for everyone. They have helped the middle class and poor (those who ACTUALLY pay any taxes) and they have helped produce a strong economy. The rich still pay a higher marginal tax rate than anyone else and they also pay most of the taxes in this country. Of course they will get more money back because they pay a hell of a lot more in. Secondly, the treasury will take donations to the government and I am sure Bill is aware of this. if he is so concerned that he is not paying his fair share then he is certainly free to donate money to the treasury.

Obviously, this is more of the Clinton feel good talk and double speak. A lot of people will believe him when he says he wants to pay more but few will know that he could if he wanted to. They will assume this poor schmuck is just dying to give more money back if only those mean Republicans would take it.

Mr. Clinton, I call on you to either make a donation to the treasury for what you think you should be paying or shut your mouth about the issue. People deserve better than to be misled by a snake oil salesman.

Fact 1: We pay too much in taxes even after tax cuts.

Fact 2: The government takes in huge sums of money. The real problem is uncontrolled spending.

Fact 3: We could take even more in tax cuts if the Congress would stop spending BILLIONS in pork projects.

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UPDATE: Bill supported it before he was opposed to it. I guess these people think we don’t read…

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