Antifa Terror Organization Is Pressing Its Luck

There are a couple of terror organizations operating here in America. Some of them are representatives of the radical Muslim wing and are hell bent of destroying America under the guise of integrating and getting along. Soon they will be taking over neighborhoods and pushing non-Muslims out under threat of violence. This legacy of Obama appeasement will have to be dealt with but right now there is a domestic terror threat we must concern ourselves with.

The terrorist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa are hell bent on destroying the American culture and ushering in Communism. Before any liberal whines, yes the Neo Nazis and the KKK (both left wing ideologies) are whack jobs that spout a lot of racist nonsense. They are few in number and make noise every so often. They are sometimes ushered out of neighborhoods by people of all colors who do not wish to listen to the ghosts of Democrats past. They are repugnant but they have the right to protest just like any other group in this nation. We do not have to like what anyone says but they have the right to say it. Such is true for all the hate groups mentioned above.

That right ends when one or more groups engage in physical attacks. The BLM and Antifa terror groups have attacked other groups at every rally they have attended. They get paid by George Soros to show up and cause trouble and that is what they have been doing.

When the Antifa weenies started out they got their asses handed to them by people who know how to fight. That emboldened the Antifa terrorists to go out and develop weapons. They have locks on chains, aerosol cans that are used as flamethrowers and they are using clubs and bats to attack people. Keep in mind these physical attacks are unprovoked. Yes, there is name calling but the first punches come from Antifa.

Antifa ordered a bunch of aluminum bats with “FCK NZI” on the barrel. They ordered nearly 400 or these and they claim they want to bash all the fascists (the ones they call fascists, not the real fascists such as those found in Antifa).

The media and the liberal morons in this nation try to portray BLM and Antifa as peaceful groups but peaceful people do not show up with homemade weapons with plans to use them while handing out flyers indicating their job is to purge society of the people Antifa opposes. These idiots are terrorists, plain and simple.

It is my understanding (reports vary depending on the source) that Antifa attacked a small group of conservatives who were exercising their free speech rights. The news varies from a few people were attacked all the way to Antifa kicked their rear ends all over the place. The report is clear that the protesters were being peaceful and the police (numbering about 400) were keeping things moving and safe until nearly three times as many Antifa (than police officers) showed up. At that point the cops left and the Antifa terror group beat people.

Once again the police allowed people to get hurt. If you leave because you are outnumbered or because someone told you to stand down then you are violating your oath.

Once again Antifa showed up and started assaulting people. They justify it by calling the people fascists and enemies and that it is OK to do this to one’s enemy (their goal is Communism and they fit in well with the other murderous Commies of the past).

All well and good but they should remember that they are seen as an enemy by many so there should be no whining when that enemy is dealt with swiftly and permanently. That will happen in the not too distant future.

Antifa terrorists (possibly in cahoots with BLM) will pull one of their terror attacks and the group attacked is going to pull firearms and end this worthless scum on the spot. And there will be a civil uprising of historical proportion if the people defending themselves are attacked or arrested by the very police who can’t seem to keep others safe. In other words, you guys proved you can’t or won’t handle it so step aside and let others do it and keep your mouths shut. Your bosses, the taxpayers, are telling you to stand down.

Antifa (and to a lesser extent BLM) has been emboldened to escalate their attacks because the media and the liberals (I repeat myself) agree with what they are doing and show support for them by not calling them out and by giving them a free pass. The police who violate their oaths are emboldening these terrorists by standing down.

One day soon a group of well-organized patriots is going to be attacked by the Antifa terrorist organization and will fight back and when the smoke clears there will be no more Antifa terrorists alive to discuss it. We need to end them and we need to end them as soon as possible. They need to know that if they continue they will probably die.

The best way to do that is to start eliminating them now for all to see.

And once again, for the police and the elected officials who have seen fit to allow this to happen, sit down and shut up. That is the safest thing to do and you have already shown you don’t mind just watching the action. Let the real patriots handle it for you.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Brady, Patriots Employees Likely Cheated

The nearly 300 page report on the investigation into the New England Patriots’ deflated footballs discovered during the AFC Championship Game was released yesterday. The evidence is circumstantial but compelling.

There are text messages and phone calls between two employees and quarterback Tom Brady that suggest that the balls were deliberately deflated and that Brady had knowledge of the practice. The report also indicates that it can link no other Patriot employees, players, or coaches to the incident.

I say incident because the only thing investigated is the AFC Championship Game but evidence indicates this practice has been going on for some time. In one text message an involved employee refers to himself as the deflator.

He did that BEFORE the beginning of the last football season.

There are stories of communications between Brady and an employee he had no electronic communication with for over 6 months and they began after the allegations were made.

There is unrefuted evidence that Brady signed football items for one of the employees involved and the appearance is that this was compensation for his assistance in deflating the balls.

It is important to note that this is not some witch hunt in which the investigators looked at things and decided these employees were probably involved and probably deflated the balls. The report includes scientific research that involved actual footballs tested in simulated situations to mimic every possible scenario present in the championship game and these tests were conducted by people who know what they are doing.

It is also noted that Brady refused to turn over his text messages or emails for review (I don’t know if I fault him for this even if he did nothing wrong) and that one employee was not allowed back for follow up interviews. This is particularly noteworthy because it was after the discovery of particularly damning evidence. Lawyers for the team set conditions and wanted questions in advance probably because they were aware of the problems presented by the new evidence.

Can they say conclusively that Brady and the employees did these things for certain? No, and absent a confession it is unlikely there is smoking gun evidence (like video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée’) that would put the thing to bed.

However, the circumstantial evidence piles up one piece at a time until one is compelled to conclude that something was amiss. One or two test messages, no big deal. Strings of them, recovered messages that point to shenanigans and lengthy phone calls suddenly taking place along with the evidence of quid pro quo paints a picture of two employees doing something shady for Brady.

They did it (whether he asked them directly or hinted at what he wanted is unknown) and he knew they did it. That much is clear.

His reputation is tarnished. The Patriots, who already have a reputation for cheating, have further damaged their already questionable reputation.

Will anyone get punished?

It is likely the two employees will lose their jobs. The Miami Herald reports that Brady could be suspended up to a season.

Will Patriots fans care? They won’t care much about the two employees but they will care about Brady. They already do not care if he cheated justifying their position by saying they would have won anyway or everyone does it.

This is what happens in a world where winning is placed above everything else.

We teach our children to play fair when they are on the field but when it involves the teams we root for we teach them that it is OK to cheat.

All is fair in love and war.

I guess fans who love football consider their teams at war with the others.

In any event, Brady’s legacy will take a hit and there will be even more suspicion every time he and his team take the field.

It is a shame because he is good enough to win without cheating.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obamacare Is NOT Failing

Wayne Allyn Root explains quite well how Obamacare is not failing because it was designed to destroy the economy and enslave more people to government.

Root points out that Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky and as he goes through the list of what is happening and how it is by design and he points out that the tipoff that all of this is by design is the left calling the patriots terrorists.

This is in the Alinsky book Rules for Radicals; Call the other guy a terrorist to hide YOUR intentions…


The GOP needs to stop calling ObamaCare a “trainwreck.” That means it’s a mistake, or accident. That means it’s a gigantic flop, or failure. It’s NOT.

This is a brilliant, cynical, and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs, and bring down capitalism.

It’s not a failure, it’s Obama’s grand success.

It’s not a “trainwreck,” ObamaCare is a suicide attack. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate- so we agree under duress to accept big government.

Read the article here

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama To Ignore Constitution Again

And Obama is not the only one. Any politician in any state who is working to ban firearms is ignoring the Constitution. The Second Amendment applies to all states. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and it has supremacy over states in those items that are enumerated in it. The 14th Amendment requires all states to provide equal protection under the law and that means that states are not allowed to make rules that violate the Constitution of the US.

States are working on doing just that (and have for a long time). New York is working on banning guns even more than it already does. A lawmaker in Iowa wants to ban AND confiscate firearms (and make it retroactive, ex post facto violation). Not only would this violate the Second Amendment it would also violate the Fourth (illegal seizure of property).

Obama is doing his part to impose tyranny on the citizens of this country. He not only wants to impose strict gun bans but the news reports he will use an Executive Order to impose his will on gun owners and violate the Constitution at the same time.

Remember, it was Barack Obama who criticized George Bush for using Executive Orders which Obama called an abuse of power:

“These last few years we’ve seen an unacceptable abuse of power at home,” then-candidate Obama said in Chicago in October of 2007. “We’ve paid a heavy price for having a president whose priority is expanding his own power.” Washington Examiner

Obama has always been anti gun even though he lied while running for office. He said for people to tell their friends that he would not take our guns and that is what he will be doing, or should I say trying to do.

This will not go unchallenged.

We will not be subjected to a tyrannical government and we will use all means at our disposal to ensure we are not victims of government overreach and illegal actions.

So they can fold that Executive Order up and stick it where the sun does not shine.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Fate Strikes Tim Kaine

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you have to laugh at the fate that struck Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine. Rumors have been flying that Obama will dump Joe Biden and run with Hillary Clinton in 2012. There have been denials but that has not stopped the excitement among the left as they have orgasms thinking about the dream team. Kaine was asked about this and his response was what one would expect:

“I think it’s kind of like — is [NFL player] Randy Moss going to get traded from the Patriots to the [Minnesota] Vikings? It’s speculation, but I don’t think there’s anything to it.” FOX News

About 90 minutes later Moss was indeed traded from the Patriots to the Vikings.

No matter what side of the political aisle people stand on, this has to strike folks as an ironic twist of fate.

A twist that is sure to cause even more orgasmic gyrations from the left.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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