Abercrombie Now Hides Behind Known Law

Neil Abercombie, the governor of Hawaii, said he was going to put an end to this whole birther issue. He cliamed that he knew Obama was born in Hawaii because he was there (which apparently means he was in Hawaii because he admitted he was not physically present at the birth). He did say that nothing he could do would quiet the fringe but that he would dispel any rumors and make most people believe.

Then Abercrombie went looking for a birth certificate and could not find one. He claimed there was a record of the birth but the certificate could not be found. That certificate was present according to Dr. Fukino but now it is AWOL.

So Abercrombie is now hiding behind a law that he already knew existed. He is saying that nothing more can be done because Hawaiian law prohibits the release except to those who meet certain legal tests.

Abercrombie knew about this law when he made his bold statement about proving Obama was born in Hawaii. Practically the entire country knows the law because it has been discussed a number of times.

But since Abercrombie ran into a problem that gave the birthers fuel he is now crawling behind a law that was no obstacle to him when he was professing his ability to prove Obama’s Hawaiian birth.

I wonder if it was pressure from the regime or if he really thought he was right and now knows the truth…

Then again, this could be an elaborate plan to keep people’s minds off the other problems the regime is causing and to discredit people. Suppose that he gins up a lot of noise from conservative talk radio and TV and then the birth certificate is released just before the next election. This would be a blow to those who looked for the truth.

And it is not beyond this bunch of thugs to do something like it.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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