TDS Leaves WAPO Mindlessly Attacking President

…and his family

The Washington (com)Post is a far left wing newspaper that is in bed with the liberal establishment politicians and it serves as part of the media wing of the Democrat Party. The WAPO is more like a stenographer for the left.

For years the WAPO ignored the indiscretions and illegal actions of Democrat Presidents, explained them away or provided cover. The same paper never missed a beat when attacking Republicans. Nixon was a target of the WAPO and they got him.

It is not that Nixon did not deserve to go down (it depends on how you look at it) but is more about how the WAPO ignores the same or worse from Democrats like say, Bill Clinton who actually did go down, so to speak. Obama and Clinton have basically received a pass (and continue to receive it) from the WAPO while that publication continues to hammer away at Republicans.

The target this time is Donald Trump. The WAPO is all over him for anything he does and the paper even uses hacks to attack Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The hat trick is that the WAPO attacked Trump and included a Nixon reference while suspiciously ignoring Clinton. It appears in an article by Lawrence Tribe who is supposed to be a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard Law School. Considering that is what they said about Obama I have no hope this guy is competent.

In any event, here is what Tribe had to say in his article detailing why Trump must be impeached:

No American president has ever been removed for such abuses, although Andrew Johnson was impeached and came within a single vote of being convicted by the Senate and removed, and Richard Nixon resigned to avoid that fate. Washington Post

Notice anything missing? Tribe did not mention that Slick Willy Clinton, the serial rapist and sexual predator, was also impeached. Now later in the piece Tribe mentions it but in the context that Nixon did really bad things and Clinton just had an embarrassing tryst and even those pesky Articles of Impeachment demonstrate that. Actually the articles are quite similar and it is important to note Clinton was not impeached for his sexcapade, he was impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice.

Tribe suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome so much so that he wants Trump impeached for things he might do or could do or has allegedly done. Tribe is also full bore on the debunked collusion with the Russians probe. You see, there is no evidence, as stated by a number of officials including outgoing Obama appointees, that Trump colluded with the Russians. The professor is doing the same thing the democrat controlled media and the stenographers at the WAPO are doing. He is conflating the story that Russia tried to influence the election (no doubt about it as they have done for decades) and the unfounded allegation that Trump colluded with Russia to win in order to confuse the public and have them think that because Russia tried to influence it must have been working with Trump when that is not the case. Perception is reality for these people and if they can alter reality to harm a Republican president they will.

Trump fired James Comey, big deal. Democrats wanted him fired months ago and those bashing Trump for firing him openly admit that if Hillary had won and fired him they would be OK with it. These mindless morons, Tribe included, have become the mindless drones of the left and the hypocritical thought police who want punishment for what others were alleged to have done or because they might do something bad in the future.

Keep in mind the folks who want Trump impeached are the same who defended Bill Clinton, who ignored the lies of Hillary and Obama regarding Benghazi and who think Hillary did nothing wrong when she sent classified information through a private server. These people ignored scandal after scandal involving the Clintons and Obama but are now manufacturing scandals to take down Trump.

I just wonder how long it will be before Trump returns fire and takes out a whole lot of people.

Tribe is not the only deranged liberal to attack a Trump. Some deranged liberal chick named Christine Emba has written a hit piece about Ivanka Trump. The piece discusses how much hope people had for Ivanka and how, despite her father, was a hard working successful business woman who, though born of privilege, made her way in the world. Emba is disillusioned and now claims Ivanka is not hard working, does very little, hawks her products, is outclassed and outmatched in dealings with other women in other countries and wrote a terrible book that was shredded by other columnists. To Emba, Ivanka came in with so much hope but demonstrated she had no real business acumen and was only able to get by because she was born into money and used daddy’s name to make her way.

I would like for someone to find me the article Emba wrote describing Chelsea Clinton is similar fashion. The description Emba paints of Ivanka would be more fitting for Chelsea Clinton. She was not necessarily born into money but the family had a ton of it before she became an adult and that money helped her immensely. Clinton has had a number of jobs she was not qualified for just because her mommy and daddy are well connected. She was paid handsomely for doing little actual work and is not much of a business woman.

Ivanka is a successful person with her own business and her own direction. She is unfairly attacked because of the TDS caused by her father and the liberal hatred for him. Chelsea Clinton is loved by the left and any attack on her is met with a swift response. She continues to be honored on magazine covers and with awards that she did nothing to deserve. So please, show me where this hack Emba wrote something similar to the Ivanka hit piece about Chelsea.

Tribe and Emba suffer from TDS and they write for a publication that has a huge case of it. These people are working in concert to take down President Trump no matter whether they have an actual case or not. They are manufacturing the stories to impede him and they are abetted by the Obama holdovers left in government for the sole purpose of attacking Trump.

This will all come to a head and it will not be pretty. I just have two things to tell people like Tribe and Emba. If you and your libtard followers keep causing problems you will not like the response and there will be no crying from you or those who suffer the consequences.

Political violence has been increasingly common as left-wing organizations have whipped up mobs against Republicans and supporters of the president. The Daily Caller

And two, one day a Democrat will retake the White House and Democrats will control other branches of government. I don’t want to hear a word from either of you if violence starts and you are treated the same way you are treating Trump and the Americans who support him. Keep in mind, we have the people who actually know how to prosecute and win wars. So keep it up. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


From Watergate To Water Under The Bridge

I have not posted in a month. In late September my father died and 12 days later my brother died as well. It has been a tough time for our family and I ask you to pray for us

The Washington Post went after Richard Nixon and the cover up of the Watergate break in. Reporters Woodward and Bernstein were relentless and they finally got the goods. Their pursuit of the truth led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

While there is evidence to indicate Nixon was not the one doing the bad things the reality is the blame fell on him and he ended up resigning. This never would have happened if The Post had not investigated. They, if you are to believe them, looked to expose government corruption.

If Nixon had not been forced to resign under threat of impeachment it is hard to imagine The WaPo would have ignored all of it and endorsed him for office (he was in his second term and could not run again but if he could it is hard to imagine The WaPo would ignore it and endorse him).

The WaPo though is no longer interested in government corruption. Truth is The WaPo was never interested in it when it involved a Democrat. Can you recall any in depth investigation into Bill Clinton’s sexcapades?

Hillary is corrupt. She has a long history of lying, doing illegal things, lying some more and then getting away with her misdeeds. There is no doubt about this and one only need look as far as her server and email issue to see it. She set up the server to avoid having her emails archived per the LAW. She did it for one reason, to skirt the law. Then when she got caught she deleted over 30 thousand emails that had been subpoenaed. That was also a violation of the law.

Hillary supporters will tell you that she was cleared of any wrong doing but that too is a lie. She was not prosecuted for her wrong doing. The FBI director laid out a case of point by point issues where Hillary Clinton broke the law. He also showed where she had lied about classified information and it has been shown that she lied to Congress. Amazingly, the FBI director decided not to push for charges claiming no reasonable prosecutor would indict such a case.

Maybe in his world that is true. It also helped that the Attorney General met with Hillary’s hubby and that these folks are all liberals. The fix was in and the reasonable prosecutor claim was the nothing more than the No True Scotsman fallacy. Plenty of prosecutors would have taken the case.

In any event, The WaPo has ignored all of the evidence of corruption and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Hillary made Nixon look like a piker and the very same newspaper that relentlessly pursued Nixon over government corruption is ignoring the mountains of evidence showing the corruption of Clinton and endorsing her.

They toppled Nixon.

They want to elect Clinton.

And this folks, is why most people do not take them seriously and why newspapers are going the way of the Dodo.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Cover-Up Uncovers More Allegations

Last year Joe Sestak told America he had been offered a job to drop out of the Senate primary that pitted him against Arlen Specter. Sestak, when asked about the job offer, never varied in what he said. His accounts were identical and, according to him, involved multiple (that means more than one) overtures from the Obama regime. The allegations resulted in an absolute denial from the White House:

A White House spokesman this morning strongly denied an offer had been made to Sestak. Before the spokesman issued the denial, a senior Pennsylvania Democrat said Sestak’s account was met with anger by White House officials yesterday.

Strongly denied. This response tells us that an offer had NOT been made. Sestak went on to defeat Specter and the controversy reignited. Obama was asked about it and said that information would soon be released. Within a few days the statement came out and lo and behold, a job offer was made. The White House, despite initial denials, now says a job offer was made but it was a non paying job and that nothing inappropriate happened. If nothing inappropriate happened then why the initial denial? If this was not a problem, why did they have to bring in Clinton to clean up the mess?

The White House is stonewalling efforts to get to the bottom of this as Obama’s toadies circle the wagons and repeat their mantra that there is nothing to see here so we should all move along.

The problem is that this is not the only allegation of a quid pro quo. Late last year it was revealed that Democrat Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff of Colorado was offered a job if he would leave the primary race. Romanoff was cagey in his responses to the matter (perhaps he understood the illegality better than Sestak) and the matter was forgotten.

Now that the White House has admitted that it did in fact offer Sestak a job and that it lied about doing so, the allegations involving Romanoff have resurfaced. The AP is reporting that its sources in the regime have stated that a job was in fact offered to Romanoff to drop out:

The Obama administration dangled the possibility of a government job for former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff last year in hopes he would forgo a challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, officials said Wednesday, just days after the White House admitted orchestrating a job offer in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

This is an interesting twist because some are still denying that a job was ever offered. Are we to believe that assertion given that the regime lied about the Sestak offer?

Obama brought Chicago style politics to DC and the thuggery on a national level is not sitting well with the public.

It is against the law to offer a job to someone in exchange for some action that will affect an election. There are several laws that explicitly spell this out and it looks like the Obama regime violated them. Only an independent investigation will bear this out but that idea is meeting resistance. If nothing wrong took place then why object to an independent review of the matter?

If this whole sordid mess that Obama’s regime has been involved in is only business as usual (something he told us would not happen if he were elected) then why is former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich facing many years in prison for shopping the Senate seat Obama held around? All Blago did was shop the seat around to see what deals were out there. He looked for deals that would benefit him.

This is no different than what the Obama regime has been doing. They shopped job offers to get deals they thought benefited them.

While the liberals who fawn over Obama and hang on his every word eagerly anticipating the next bit of brilliance to come from his mouth are rabidly defending him, the American public is looking at the pattern of abuse and lawbreaking that seems to come at an increased rate and it is not happy.

The cover-up of Watergate brought down the Nixon Presidency because the cover-up is always worse than the crime and the cover-up is where people get tripped up.

Obama and his minions are involved in a cover-up.

This will end Sestak’s journey to the Senate and could end up derailing hope and change.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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What President Is Obama Like?

We have heard references to Lincoln who I heard is Obama’s favorite president. Obama swore in on Lincoln’s Bible, which was purchased the day of his [Lincoln’s] inauguration because he did not have his family Bible. I have heard the comparisons to FDR and given that Obama has spent a trillion dollars to pay off political favors I would say that he is like FDR except he spent a hell of a lot more. I have compared Obama to Carter because he is doing some of the things Carter did that hurt us for a long time. But I think Obama has demonstrated that he is more like Richard Nixon right about now.

Obama is following in Nixon’s footsteps in that he has an enemies list consisting of people in the media. Before some liberal gets his panties in a bunch, it only has to be a list committed to memory, not written down. However, since Obama’s henchmen have been plotting to go after one of these people since the latter part of last year, I think it is safe to say that this is a tactic and not a passing fancy.

The people on the list, so far, are Jim Cramer, Rick Santelli, and Rush Limbaugh. It would seem that every time a personality on radio or TV has something to say about The Evil One, that person is called out by the petty players in the White House.

Limbaugh is on the list because the Democrats think they can make a case that he leads the Republican party and that he wants America to suffer financial ruin. None of this is true and the Democrats are taking him out of context. They think they can get the best of him but he can gin up quite a bit of support for a lot of things.

Limbaugh will make them look like fools when all is said and done. The White House is all bluster and even though nobody messes with Joe and Obama, the metrosexual, talked tough about being ready for a fight nothing could be farther from the truth. Obama plays Chicago politics and would rather have someone cap you in an alley than confront you head on.

Limbaugh has already fired a response salvo. He challenged Obama to a debate at his studio, on his radio program, at a time convenient for Obama. Rush offered to send his private jet for Obama, send a caravan of SUVs to pick him up, put him up in a 5 star hotel and to have that $100 a pound steak Obama likes flown in. Limbaugh said he would foot the bill for it all so that it cost no taxpayer money (except obviously the routine expenses like Secret Service) if Obama would come to debate him.

Limbaugh made a good point when he said that if Obama debates and wins he will have the country to himself. Of course, I doubt Obama could debate Limbaugh in the arena of ideas and even come close to winning. This would be especially true since Limbaugh said just you and me. No advisors, no teleprompters, no note cards, no nothing but the two of them.

There is no way Obama will accept this offer. He knows he has more to lose than to gain. Yes, he would have the country in his hand if he won but if he lost he would be toast. By doing nothing he stays above the fray (well, he does that anyway by having his henchmen do the assaulting) and he does not have to worry.

I think it was a tactical blunder for the Obama folks to directly attack people in the media, especially Rush Limbaugh. When this is all said and done Limbaugh will have made them look foolish as he has done time and again.

Anyway, all the talk about who Obama is like is moot now. With his enemies list he is like Nixon.

Barack Milhous Hussein Obama.

Wonder if he has the place bugged…

Big Dog

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