Trump Made NFL Protests About Him

Colin Kaepernick started protesting last year by taking a knee during the national Anthem. Ratings for the NFL started to slip as a few other players, all protesting the alleged racist Flag and country as well as the shootings of black men who get in trouble with the law (most shootings are justified) got in on the action.

This year more players knelt down to dishonor the nation that has given them so much. Face it, most of them are not the brightest bulbs in the box but they can play a child’s game well so they get paid handsomely. President Trump took exception to their kneeling or otherwise protesting the Anthem and voiced his displeasure in a speech by saying that any SOB who sits or kneels or otherwise protests during the Anthem should be fired.

In that instant Donald Trump took away the narrative that the protests were about inequality in this nation or about how poorly some perceive black men to be treated. In that moment Donald Trump put the spotlight on himself and in so doing exposed the reality of these protests. They suddenly were not about the racist country or the Flag that has flown for so long over the oppressive nation. No, it was about Trump and the distaste these snowflake athletes have for the man.

Trump took the focus off the Flag and off the narrative and put it on himself. Now he, instead of our Flag, was the one being attacked and the narrative about how racist everything America is vanished in a puff of bravado.

Interestingly there are people on the left, those who are supposed to be educated, who claim Trump is trampling on the free speech rights of the football players.

Those football players do not have free speech rights when they are at work anymore than the rest of us do. The First Amendment ONLY protects your rights from GOVERNMENT intrusion. Government cannot force religion on you or deny you the free exercise thereof. Government cannot deny your right to free speech or to peaceably gather or any other item protected in the First. Private employers, on the other hand, are not bound by that. The Constitution only limits what government can and cannot do. It does not limit the people of the nation. Private entities are able to tell you what you can and cannot talk about and there is nothing you can do.

If you think the players in the NFL have a right to free speech then explain why they get fined if they question a call by a referee after the game. Why do they get fined if they wear unapproved clothing to interviews? Why do they need permission to wear special shoes or place stickers on helmets? It is because they have no right to free speech.

In the case of the protests, they did not have the right but they certainly had permission. Their bosses allowed them to protest.

Which means, by the way, you can protest as well (and you don’t need permission) by not supporting the NFL.

Regardless of what you do or they do Donald Trump changed the narrative with a simple sentence in a speech and in so doing exposed a lot about the liberals and the lies they live.

My friend Don Surber has a great piece up as well.

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Hands Up Appropriate For Congress

Several member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) were on the floor of the House Monday and they put their hands up in the gesture that symbolizes the lack of honesty regarding the Michael Brown shooting. The facts in the case have been presented and there is evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Brown DID NOT put his hands up to surrender and he was not shot with his hands up.

That has not stopped the race baiters and members of the victim class who continue to use this gesture as if it actually happened. They have admitted that even though there is no evidence that Brown had his hands up they are still using the gesture as a sign of the movement.

Basically, they are continuing down a path shown to be false in order to push a false narrative and that is a gentle giant Teddy Bear of a man was ruthlessly murdered by a rogue white cop for the crime of being black.

It is a shame that Brown was murdered but he brought that on himself through his actions. Attack a man with a gun, especially a cop, and you are probably going to get shot.

I know a lot of people in the victim community like those in the CBC believe there is some large scale eradication of blacks by cops (particularly white cops) but this is not true. If you are a black male you are many times more likely to meet your demise at the hands of another black male than by those of a cop of any color. The facts are plain and easy to see. Black on black violence is a much larger problem, or to put it in the words of the CBC, an injustice.

Some members of the Saint Louis Rams (5 black players) entered the field on Sunday in the same hands up pose. They too were making a statement that was contrary to the facts in the case. Interestingly, the team was in contact with the police all week seeking assurances that its players and staff would be protected from protesters. They asked for protection from the police and then insulted police officers with that gesture.

I think it was appropriate for the members of Congress as well as those football players to raise their hands in a fashion indicative of surrendering to law enforcement because most of the members of both groups are criminals.

I do not know whether these acts upheld the tradition and decorum of the Congress but it was appropriate given the number of criminals in Congress. Most of these folks lie cheat and steal and they break all kinds of laws and rules each and every day. Hell, if they are not breaking the law they are condoning others doing so.

One other benefit of these members raising their arms so you can see their hands is that as long as they are visible you know they are not in your pockets.

As for the football players; while there are some good, decent human beings in the NFL a large number of them are or were criminals who have rap sheets that rival many gang members. The group has thieves, thugs, abusers and drug users/pushers. Several have been accused of murder (one is awaiting trial). The only difference between many of these guys and a street gang is the NFL has wealthier thugs who generally dress nicer.

So while all these folks have their hands up they could do us all a favor and surrender to the police and confess their crimes.

That would be the most useful use of this gesture since it reflects more accurately on these folks than what took place in Ferguson.

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Tebow Was the Problem In The NFL?

The NFL goes gaga over the first openly gay player so much so that it calls around to get him a slot on a practice squad and then holds a conference for the signing (have you ever seen a conference for a practice squad signing?).

Ray Rice was arrested for assaulting his then fiancee and Adrian Petersen is under indictment for abusing his child.

Over 20 players have been involved in domestic violence incidents, a number involved in fights in general and there are plenty of alcohol related incidents to go around.

Tim Tebow was not the greatest player in the NFL but he has skill and he can play. Teams did not want to take a chance on him because of the hoopla that followed him around for his open expressions of faith.

The NFL pregame shows are all full of social commentary and lack focus on football. Remember when Rush Limbaugh was removed from football broadcasting because they did not want any social commentary?

I wonder how many teams would rather have the distractions caused by Tebow than those caused by Rice or Petersen?

In other news about faith distractions; RGIII had to turn a shirt with Jesus’ name on it inside out for his press conference. I wonder if he wore a gay pride shirt would he have had to turn it inside out?

Good thing no one wanted Tebow or there might be some kind of media frenzy around the NFL that takes the focus off football.

Oh, wait…..

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Maybe Congress Should Mind Its Own Business

Sixteen female Senators have sent a letter to the NFL Commissioner calling for a zero tolerance policy regarding domestic violence after the Ray Rice video was released.

Many of these women defended Bill Clinton who is a known sexual predator.

Why is this Congress’ business? It would seem to me that Congress should worry about the nation and its problems and leave private business to solve its issues without the nanny state jumping in.

It also seems to me that Congress might want to adopt a zero tolerance policy regarding its own members before demanding others do so. Congress is full of people who have done various bad things from tax evasion to domestic violence (gasp). If Congress wants to set an example how about it expel any member who has been involved in a domestic violence episode? How about dumping the tax evaders and the drunkards?

Clean up your own home before you demand others clean theirs.

I do not believe that Commissioner Roger Goodell is telling the truth about the Rice incident and I think he mismanaged it terribly. How the issue is handled is up to the NFL and not Congress.

Perhaps Goodell should respond to the letter by informing the Senators that the NFL is a profitable business that generates 6 billion dollars a year in profit and that its problems are not the concern of Congress. He might want to let them know that while the NFL is profitable the US is 17 TRILLION dollars in debt (and continues to run a deficit) and their attention might be better focused on solving their issues instead of worrying about things that are not their business.

He might even offer to give them some advice on working to get rid of the debt they have accumulated.

Spousal abuse (whether a man or a woman is the abuser) is a bad thing and needs to be addressed by private organizations in the manner they see fit. It is not the business of Congress or the harpies who want some face time.

If these Senators want to make an impact perhaps they could write letters to law enforcement agencies demanding zero tolerance policies since police officers are involved in more domestic violence incidents (nearly twice the rate) than the general population.

Then again that would not be their business though they would at least be interacting with another government agency rather than a private business.

Of course, the first step would be for Congress to clean its ranks of law breakers, sexual harassers, predators and those who engage in domestic violence.

They turn a blind eye to their own and stick their noses in the business of others.

Better yet, these folks might want to turn their attention toward the Muslim Terrorists who treat women badly as a way of life.

No, these morons will embrace them.

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NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad

The NFL allows all kinds of ads during the Super Bowl. Some are for erectile dysfunction and a lot for alcohol, particularly beer. There are sexually suggestive ads and there are ads that support things like gun control. Some teams in the NFL even promote things like Obamacare.

But the NFL has standards don’t you know. The NFL will not allow ads that do not meet their standards, such that they are. Yes, while the NFL allows ads FOR gun control and that show scantily clad women serving beer to men who take pills for erectile dysfunction one thing the NFL will not stand for is an ad that promotes self defense.

Daniel Defense has an ad that shows a veteran talking about his responsibility to protect his family. A gun is never mentioned though a picture of one appears at the end in the Daniel Defense logo.

This is apparently too much for the NFL, an organization that has a whole lot of violent law breakers smashing each other for our entertainment. Colion Noir has this to say about it:

Noir is absolutely correct in his assessment. No one with a half a brain who sees the commercial can disagree with it but the NFL will not allow it.

I can understand the desire of the NFL to have standards but it is hard for it to make a case when it allows questionable ads and when it books halftime shows that should come with parental warnings.

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