Today’s word definitions and misnomers, in no particular order.

Our current state of affairs and use of language often cause me to ponder. Most recently, maybe we’re all pondering the criminal justice system.  Maybe the lesson of the Orlando jury’s verdict is that we are too used to being lied to?

For example:

Raise the debt ceiling – What ceiling? It’s always being raised. It’s not like the glass ceiling that you couldn’t break. This one is flexible. Government makes its own rules. Let’s try that at home, folks. When we’re in debt, we’ll raise our credit line. That will work!

Rich is defined today as evil and highly taxable. I’ve even heard the rich called lucky and lazy—Wrong! Do you remember when rich was a worthwhile goal, the American dream, something positive that benefited everyone–not just the person getting rich?

Secretary of the Treasury – No, he can’t be! He wants to fix a spending problem by giving the spenders more money….to spend. He seems to have no clue that high tax rates destroy the economy or that big government (he) is the problem.

Undocumented worker – A euphemism for an illegal immigrant who is illegally hired by an unlawful employer.

Immigration – Currently this term is used by the media to represent everyone that is here from another country, completely ignoring the status of the immigrant. We continuously hear the word immigration when the talking heads are really speaking about illegal immigration. Illegals are not American citizens – they cost American citizens billions of dollars.

Which conjures up another term:
Homeland Security – At the same time that we citizens (including 95-yr old Grannie) are being abused, humiliated and “felt-up” in airports by TSA employees, we like to think no radical terrorists are slipping in our porous border on the south along with that stream of illegals.

Green jobs – Where are they, again? GE sure got some green – zero tax liability. Consumers and taxpayers will lose lots of green over green jobs.

Environmental Protection Agency – Extort Peoples’ Assets (When Al Gore pitches a tent and rides a bike, we shall consider that he is correct.)

Employee Free Choice Act – Complete irony for coercion to vote “yes” for the unions = no free choice.

Stimulus Package – This incredibly obvious misnomer is actually very apropos–it stimulated government waste and the national debt.

Economist – Where is the administration official who has any business experience and has ‘economist’ on his resume? An economist ought to know how business works, not how government works. Oh, sorry, I forgot…government does not work. Unlike business, government can spend ad nauseum, print more money and still stay “in business.”

The Federal Reserve – We are learning to suspect anything labeled “federal” and sure don’t think we have a “reserve.” A supposed smart economist says,  “We don’t have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting.” Here’s just one clue why (or, the reality I see): We’ve become a socialistic society and economy with leadership that encourages class warfare and insists that government can fix everything…with more spending! We are becoming Greece and France where double digit unemployment, out of control national debt and misery are common stagnations. This slow pace is not recovery; it is socialistic stagnation.

Affirmative Action – One example of what this really meant: Your government would get to decide who gets into medical school based on race quotas. Do you want your doctor to be someone who was a good Black student or one of the smartest in his/her class…regardless of race? That really is reverse discrimination. Forget about someone’s intelligence, grade average, potential and credentials; let’s make sure the race percentages are right! Life needs to be fair! And, your government will provide the rules and regulations to make it fair!

National Education Association – Does the NEA represent education or does it represent teachers’ benefits? They’re a union, so that pretty much answers the question. Behold the huge Atlanta scandal. Can the state of California afford to pay their current teachers while they honor the previous union contracts for retired teachers’ pension and health insurance benefits? Nope! Seems NYC has same huge issues with United Federation of Teachers “Union.”  Each year we hear we need to spend more on education and the school dropout rate goes up! Hello!

Here’s an individual responsibility thought to mull over: Make the parents/guardians accountable for their kids that are using our public education system: late for school twice in one month: fine the parents; no homework done twice in one class in one week: fine the parents; lack of respect for the teacher/administrator/staff member—by disrupting the class or foul language: fine the parents. Taxpayers don’t need to pay for students that don’t show up, don’t participate and behave badly!

Remember the definition of insanity. We sure have to change our ways if we expect anything to change…for the better!


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