Don’t Muck It Up

Those were the words Obama used when he was discussing the latest jobs numbers. Obama was telling members of Congress not to muck up the wonderful job Obama is doing with the economy. The problem with all this is that Republicans are not mucking things up and the jobs numbers are once again an illusion.

The 0.2% drop from 8.5% to 8.3% is not the result of more people getting work it is the result of a continually shrinking labor pool. The Obamabots and the BLS have figured the best way to get the numbers down is to stop counting. In that light we have seen the numbers drop slightly over the past few months and those numbers have dropped because there are fewer people in the labor pool.

In order to make Obama look really good this month 1.2 MILLION more people have been knocked off the labor rolls. That is right, 1.2 MILLION people have been knocked off the rolls in one month.

Look for this trend to continue as the regime works to make it appear as if things are getting better when they are not. Keep in mind that just because these 1.2 MILLION people (who are only a small part of the total number) are no longer counted as part of the labor pool does not mean they are not people who need money and need a job. They are just people who are not counted so the numbers will look better.

The real unemployment rate is well above 10% but, as with anything involving numbers, the data can be manipulated to portray whatever is desired. Obama strung the country along for three years and now that he wants to be reelected numbers will be manipulated to make it look as if things are working.

We have 5 TRILLION dollars in new debt since this man took office. In just three years he surpassed the debt George Bush left us after eight and his policies have been complete failures. This does not even take into account the disaster we will see once Obamacare takes effect. Hell, why do you think they set it up to take place after the 2012 election?

We cannot afford four more years of Obama particularly when he will not have to worry about being reelected. He has led us down the path of ruin and if he gets four more years he will destroy us.

If we can’t get rid of him we need to ensure that the Congress is completely in the hands of the Republican party so we can do to him what Jesse Jackson wanted to do.

Yes, Barack Obama told Republicans not to muck this up. His party has failed to pass a budget in over 1000 days and Harry Reid said the Senate will not pass one this year. Another election year act of cowardice. Republicans need to tell Obama and Reid that NOTHING will be considered until a budget is passed and signed, period.

One other thing. While Obama was finger wagging about mucking things up he said:

They just need to get it done. It shouldn’t be that complicated. Now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy. Now is the time for action. Breitbart

The 2% cut Obama wants continued is the cut in Social Security that workers pay. The Social Security Ponzi scheme is in serious financial trouble and will be insolvent in a decade as politicians continue to use the money collected to expand government and drive us into bankruptcy. Cutting from the fund that is already in financial trouble is the very definition of a self inflicted wound. This will have to be addressed in the future but by then we will probably be at the point of no return with Obama demanding a 100% tax on rich people who will be defined as anyone who makes money.

We have a person with no leadership experience and a Socialist philosophy running the country into the ground.

His handlers must be proud and there is no doubt his mother and father would be proud. After all, they came from a long line of Socialists and Communists.

We need to vote this man out of office (along with the rest of the idiots in his party) or we need to have our own occupy movement, one that they definitely will not like.

Our Founders would be shooting by now…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog