All The News Fit To Invent

It is no secret that the Democrat controlled media are biased. They carry the water for the Democrats and their messiah Barack Obama and will do anything to make him look good and to keep him in power. It is in their nature because they have long since abandoned journalism and have become cheerleaders of the left.

When Barack Obama was immaculated Rush Limbaugh declared that he hoped Obama failed and by that he meant that he knew what Obama wanted to do to (not for) America and he hoped Obama failed at it. Rush was right about what Obama wanted to do though whether he was a failure or not (at doing what he wanted TO America) is up for debate.

There is no doubt Obama is a failed leader and will be the worst president in our history. I declared Obama was a failure early on and took a lot of heat from the left. My assessment was based on his efforts to stimulate the economy and the lack of results obtained. He failed, plain and simple.

A reporter from CBS named Danielle Nottingham was at the Republican convention. She began reporting on the failures in Romney’s speech as soon as the speech started. In other words, this alleged journalist was reporting on what the speech failed to convey before she heard what was in it.

I was quick to label Obama a failed president but that was at least based on my observations of something he had done. Nottingham gave her assessment before she even knew what she was reporting on.

This is in the liberal media playbook. They report what they want people to hear regardless of what was said and regardless of if they even heard what was said.

Limbaugh routinely plays different montages of soundbites from the liberal media where they all parrot the same words and those words are Democrat talking points. Whatever the buzz word of the day is they all mention it. Whatever the talking point, they say it. It matters not whether they are accurate because they have a messiah and his corrupt party to protect.

Nottingham is no different. She was there to harm Romney and the Republicans in any way possible.

The Maryland delegation caught her in the act and called her out. She and her crew thought they could intimidate the Maryland Republicans but she must not be aware that Republicans are a minority in Maryland and know how to handle abuse from left wing morons.

I think if Nottingham writes to the journalism school she attended she might be able to get a refund of her tuition.

Then again, they might give her an award for upholding liberal journalistic standards. Party first, truth be damned.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Jail Obama For His Own Good

Barack Obama is the patron saint of the liberal masses and they love their messiah with all their hearts and soul. Well then they had better heed a new study that shows black men in prison have a better chance of living than black men who are not in prison.

Black men are half as likely to die at any given time if they’re in prison than if they aren’t, suggests a new study of North Carolina inmates. al-Reuters

Given that Obama is a past drug user, drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes and eats unhealthy foods and given that he has one of the most stressful jobs in the world it is very likely that he will suffer some catastrophic health related event. Add to that list the fact that he is a black man who is not in prison and the odds are really against him and it is high time we did something to help him out. After all, we can’t have the little Obama-bots wandering around more aimlessly than they already are.

So for his own health and the peace of mind of his followers we need to put him in jail.

Barack Obama needs to be confined to a penal institution in short order so that he will have a better chance of living.

It is the least we can do for him and his minions.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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He Who Lives By The Teleprompter

I was not going to mention this because I have already gotten over the fact that the gifted orator Barack Obama needs a teleprompter to order breakfast. He uses it for just about everything and probably has it in his bedroom so he knows just the right sweet nothings to whisper to his Klingon wife.

What was I not going to mention? Obama screwed up with his teleprompter today. He was giving a little speech and he lost his place and said the same thing over. Looked for a moment like he was talking to the teleprompter to get things straight.

I only mention this because there was an incident earlier this year where Obama reportedly thanked himself and the speeches got all screwed up and it was a wreck. The libs claimed it was all debunked and that this did not happen and there was no video. Just for the record, I think that there was a mix up with speeches the first time (in fact the record is clear this is the case) and that Obama made the best of it and joked about it but it DID happen.

Well, this incident is not one that can be denied because there is a video. Enjoy.

Is it a big deal? No, but I wanted to point it out for the Obama apologists who make excuses for everything and claim everything is a right wing conspiracy of make believe.

Obama screwed up. Now can we admit he is human? Tell that to the artist who has him in the Cross position with a crown of thorns. The art is called The Truth.

It should be called “False Prophet.”

Big Dog

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Obama Inauguration Day Schedule

Barack Hussein Obama will take the oath of office around noon on Tuesday and his revised schedule has been released. The planners had to change it because of the expected crowd size and the lack of portable toilets as well as the congestion of the area.

  • 1030: People will be relieved of suffering as Obamessiah raises his hands toward the sky and thousands more portable toilets appear. This is his “loads and toilet fishes miracle.”
  • 1045: Obama will have coffee with outgoing President George Bush. He will then turn two danish pastries into a bakery so the staff can eat.
  • 1100: Ms. Obama will tour the White House with Ms. Bush. Obama will have a punch list to ensure that she will be proud to live in a “White” House.
  • 1115: Rick Warren will prepare to deliver his prayer and Obama will smite him. His words will sound like gibberish and he will embrace homosexual marriage. A huge love fest will spontaneously occur in San Francisco.
  • 1130: Joe Biden will swear in and claim to be the smartest man on the planet. The crowd will ask each other “who is that?
  • 1155: The chants of Obama will increase and change to Hosanna as Obama ascends the steps, without touching them, and takes his rightful place.
  • 1200: Chief Justice John Roberts will issue the Oath of Office to Obama who will be using Lincoln’s Bible. As Obama recites the words he will raise Lincoln from the dead so he too can witness the greatness of The One.
  • 1205: Obama will deliver his inauguration speech which will be heard by the world’s people in their native languages. No Tower of Babel from the Messiah.
  • 1220: This is a change Obama will begin his inaugural parade. The route has been changed. Now the sainted one (PBUH) will walk across the Capitol Reflecting Pool on his way to the White House. Once he is on the other side he will turn and divide the water so ordinary mortals can follow him on his remarkable journey to change.
  • 1230: The band Bachman Turner Overdrive will appear and follow Obama along the parade route playing “You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”
  • 1255: Obama will arrive at the White House and sit in the Oval Office for pictures by the adoring press. His pictures will come out with a halo.
  • 1325: The crowd will disperse to take his teachings across the nation.
  • 1900: The Sainted One will solve all world problems by this time and the economic problems will magically disappear.

Now we know what is planned.

Big Dog

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Ann Coulter Banned From NBC

Ann Coulter is a feisty conservative who believes in no holds barred politics and she is spot on in her analysis nearly every time she speaks. She understands the liberal mind and she knows what makes it tick as well as how to pluck its last string. She has more testicular fortitude than some of the so called men in the Republican party and she is fearless. I admire her intelligence and her talent to tweak the left. The fact that she is nice looking is a plus as well.

Coulter was supposed to go on the NBC Today show tomorrow to discuss her new book; Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America. She was unceremoniously dropped from the show with the cowardly claim that it was overbooked (though they booked her months ago). The overbooked show then went out and got Perez Hilton who will appear and hawk his new book. Hilton is openly homosexual and true to his pansy ways, he once offered $1000 to anyone who would throw a pie at Ann Coulter (according to Drudge). A real man would have thrown the pie himself but I guess it is hard to keep from dropping the pie when one has a limp wrist.

Insiders at NBC say that Coulter has been banned from the network permanently because:

“We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama, right now,” a TODAY insider reveals. “It’s such a downer. It’s just not the time, and it’s not what our audience wants, either.”

They are not interested in someone critical of Obama? This makes sense since none of the MSM has been critical of him since he walked across a pond to become the messiah. God forbid anyone should be critical of Obama.

This is, of course, the same network that had no problem in bringing people on who were critical of George Bush. For the past eight years NBC has had one Bush basher after another on to be “highly critical” of him. This is the network that employs tingly leg Chris Matthews who I don’t believe has ever had a kind word about President Bush and Keith Olberman who is nothing more than a rabid idiot who spews vile from his mouth every time he opens it. He has insulted President Bush every time he has been on the air and he makes no bones about his hatred for the president. So NBC has no moral high ground when it comes to talking critical of a president (or in this case the president elect).

Now NBC did say that it is not what its audience wants. I imagine that is correct. The people who watch NBC are a bunch of losers who sit around all day eating bon bons. The only exercise they get is walking to the mailbox to see if their welfare check has arrived. The people who watch Matthews or Olberman are mental midgets who could not empty a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom. These are the kind of people who are so slow it would take them an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes. Anyone who gives Olberman any credibility is not mentally capable of being out in public alone. He is a moonbat on acid and should be thrown in a room with Perez Hilton on a Viagra overdose.

Ann Coulter has six New York Times best sellers. If NBC wants to exclude her from appearing it will not affect sales. In fact, the publicity will probably help them.

However, NBC has demonstrated why most people (except the morons who drool while watching NBC) do not trust the MSM.

I don’t watch much, if anything on NBC. I will continue to avoid that network. If we are fortunate it will go bankrupt and disappear. Just say no to NBC.

I will, however, be buying Coulter’s new book.

Big Dog

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