The Democrats Colluded With The Russians

For the last year the media wing of the Democrat party has been working to convince people Donald Trump and his team colluded with the Russians in order to win the presidential election and this media wing has been assisted by Democrat politicians who continue to ignore the evidence that nothing happened. These Democrats are harping on the collusion story because they refuse to believe that the chosen one, Hillary Clinton, could have lost to Donald Trump. There must have been cheating for him to win.

The president did not collude with the Russians. His son had a meeting that included Russians that the media wing reports as having ties to the Kremlin but they are not, as far as anyone can tell, part of the Russian government. Trump went to the meeting because he was enticed with the prospect of information harmful to Hillary Clinton. Instead, the meeting only involved discussions about adoption of Russian children and how to remove the barriers to them.

The meeting lasted 20 minutes and did not involve collusion since the discussion was not about the election. As an aside, even if there had been collusion it would not have been illegal. Collusion is a crime in antitrust cases, not in politics. Hell, Hillary Clinton colluded with many foreign entities to get information on Donald Sr. Politicians have done this for a long time and even the drunken saint Ted Kennedy colluded with the Russians to try and hamper Ronald Reagan.

There have been calls of trying Trump Jr. for treason. We are not at war with Russia so he can’t have committed treason under the definition clearly spelled out in the Constitution (liberals do not read that).

There is increasing evidence that the Russian and the others who arranged the meeting with Jr. have ties to the Democrat party and that the meeting was a ruse to allow the Obama administration to spy on the campaign. Here is how it worked.

Loretta Lynch approved the entry into the US of a Russian who had been denied entry prior to Lynch’s intervention. The Russian, through contacts, sends word to Jr. that she has dirt on Hillary and he agrees to meet with her (and others). The meeting is used as a reason to get a FISA warrant to spy on the people at the meeting under the guise they are meeting with these foreign agents (those dastardly Russians). The warrant is issued and used to spy on the Trump campaign who were “caught up” in the Russian surveillance.

This is the kind of underhanded and sneaky thing a Democrat would do and there is increasing belief that the Obama administration manufactured the whole thing in order to justify spying.

So if that is the case the Democrats would have had to have worked, or colluded with if you will, with the Russians to arrange all of this.

Tell me again why we are wasting time on all this Trump/Russia nonsense…

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Big Dog


Obama The Tyrant Awakens Again

Upon return from his refreshing tax payer funded millions of dollars vacation in Hawaii where he beat golf courses to death, Barack the Tyrant will head to the District of Corruption on Monday to discuss more gun control. Obama will meet with AG Lynch to discuss more laws that won’t do a damn thing, wouldn’t have stopped any of the previous shootings and will only hamper law abiding citizens and deny them their rights.

I would truly like to see Obama lose all the armed guards who protect him. He should be required to go about his life without armed protection simply because of his stance on firearms. I certainly want to see his family stripped of armed protection.

Barack Obama is a lying tyrant who is working hard to undermine this nation and bring it to its knees. He despises everything we stand for and will work hard to change us.

His actions on gun violence do nothing to address the reasons people are murdered with firearms. Keep in mind that gun violence and mass shootings are down while gun ownership is WAY up. The problems is not firearms and it certainly is not this false narrative of easily obtained firearms because it is not easy to buy a firearm. Barack wants to close these alleged loopholes and require people who sell arms to conduct background checks (small volume, non regulated private sales). This is not going to work.

The first thing to realize is that these kinds of sales are a small part of the transactions that take place. Secondly, an investigation was unable to find any firearm sold without a background check used in a mass shooting. Third, Maryland has the kind of system in place Obama is discussing. All regulated firearms (the so called assault rifles, basically any rifle that is not rim fire or bolt action) and all handguns MUST be transferred through a holder of a federal firearms license or through the Maryland State Police. ALL transactions including at gun shows or between two neighbors that involve these regulated firearms MUST take place in this fashion. Maryland, with all this and its Draconian gun laws, has a city that is one of the most deadly in the nation. Baltimore had hundreds of gun related homicides last year. It has been shown time and again that those committing the crimes are not permitted to possess a firearm and yet they have them.

None of these laws affect criminals. We call them criminals because they do not obey the law.

Obama wants people to think that buying a firearm is as easy as buying a condom:

“The gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone. The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of our kids.” The Hill

It is not effortless to buy a gun. Many private transactions do not require background checks but they are a small amount of the transactions AND they are not the kinds of firearms used in crimes. Obama is telling people it is effortless to get firearms and this is WRONG. I can understand how he might have this impression because he has been carelessly distributing firearms around the word. For those he supplies it is real easy to get guns.

For the rest of us, not so much.

Notice that Obama once again tugs at the heart saying we must do this for the kids. If you want to do something for the kids how about you end abortion which murders more children than guns?

How about you pass laws making it as difficult to get an abortion as it is to get a gun?

I mean if Obama is really serious about protecting children then he should do this NOW.

No, this sorry excuse for a human and waste of flesh fights to fund Planned Parenthood and to remove all barriers to abortion while going after law abiding citizens and their firearms. He does not care about children.

He cares about control and he will do whatever he has to in order to get it. That includes lying, cheating and breaking the law.

Just think how many more law breakers Obama can make by making laws that the responsible will NOT follow?


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Big Dog


They Should Be Happy They Did Not Try

King Shamir Shabazz (sounds like a comic book character) the National Field Marshal for the New Black Panther Party is a racist jackass who fancies himself a real man because he has his picture taken with various firearms. He loves to blame white people for the ills of the world and he is not shy about making open threats to the crackers he hates so much.

Shabazz engaged in a number of racist rants on his radio show in which he said that he hates white people and white people should be thankful they (the NBPP) are not running around hanging crackers by nooses …yet.

Well bully for Shabazz. This twit should be happy that he and the morons who follow him have not tried to hang people. He and his followers would get their rear ends kicked from one side of town to the other. In fact, it might just be Shabazz swinging at the end of the rope if he ever tried to hang the crackers.

Shabazz is all bluster. He talks this smack time and again yet he has not been out trying to actually do the things he espouses. He is a pussy with a big mouth.

I do find one thing he said quite interesting

“You can fight this white man– and I’m not telling you to go out there and attack nobody– but in self-defense it’s okay to fight back. We’re taught to send this cracker to the cemetery; when he put his hand on us, we send him to the cemetery in self defense. Again, I’m not telling you to attack anyone, but if they put their hands on you and if you are a [unintelligble][sic], and in the name of your creator, and the name of our ancestors, we’re to kiss them goodbye, kiss ‘em goodbye, kiss ‘em goodbye.” The Blaze

He is not saying to attack anybody but if attacked defend yourself and send the cracker to the cemetery. Isn’t that what George Zimmerman did? He was attacked by Trayvon Martin and he defended himself and sent him to the cemetery.

Only then, the NBPP put out a hit on Zimmerman and demanded justice. Zimmerman only followed what Shabazz tells his followers to do but that was wrong in the eyes of the NBPP.

The reality is that the NBPP is only concerned with killing white people and if a black person is injured, no matter the reason, they will protest and make threats. They are a bunch of racist pussies who might say they will not start the fight but are just itching to hurt white people.

I don’t expect Eric Holder to pursue these racists for their racism toward white people but Shabazz broke a sacred rule. He used the word faggot and that will be unacceptable to the liberal establishment.

Then again, Shabazz is black so Eric Holder will let him get away with anything (think voter intimidation case).

Until the liberal establishment denounces the kind of racist rants Shabazz routinely engages in I do not want to hear them whine the next time someone uses the N word, particularly if they use it in reference to Shabazz.

This guy should be happy he and his followers have not tried to hang anyone.

Life is tough. It is even tougher when you are stupid…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog