You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig And Obama Will Marry It

Barack Obama, for all his gifts (and he has many) is prone to revert back to being a thug from Chicago when times get tough. We saw this in the primaries when he did the dust off on Hillary and when he said when they bring a knife you bring a gun (though I agree with that when it is a real fight). Ordinarily Obama is pretty cool and collected and he does not let things get to him and when they do he sends out surrogates to make attacks. Sarah Palin seems to have shaken the Chicago thug and he has begun to come unglued. He is down in the polls, his money raising efforts are not what he thought they would be and the PUMAs are against him (Hillary supporters are not sending him much money).

Today Obama was giving a stump speech and said “You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.” He also said “You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”

Now the pig statement is an old saying and people can draw the conclusion that this is what he meant. If that is the case then he is not as bright as everyone thinks. You see, Palin made her lipstick comment during her speech so Obama’s statement is naturally going to be linked to her. I know that Obama knew it would be but that he could use the other meaning to mask the fact that he called Sarah Palin a pig. Anyone who believes that Obama could not have known the connection would be drawn is a moron. Obama is a smart and calculated man and he knew exactly what he was saying. The fact that Palin is a woman would be a clue as to whom people though he was referring. This is an extension of the sexism he displayed in the primary and that his surrogates and media branch have been demonstrating since Palin was announced.

As for the fish comment. Was he saying old fish as a jab at McCain’s age but disguising it as a reference to policy? Was it a slam at Palin as a vulgar reference to a certain part of the female anatomy? Obama has enough of the hood in him to be that vulgar and to be that crass. For all of his gifts, Obama is nothing more than a two bit thug from Chicago when he gets riled. He acts like he is in the hood and he ghettos it up when he is under attack.

Obama is afraid of Palin and he has already whined about being picked on by a girl. I think that Saracuda will hit him even harder and have him crying uncle.

If anyone should know about pigs in lipstick I assume it would be Obama. Michelle wears lipstick, does she not?

What is it about Democrats and kinky lipstick fetishes? First you had Bill Clinton with lipstick on his dipstick and now we have Obama putting lipstick on a pig. That is probably how he got a date for the prom.

Yeah, you can take the boy out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the boy.

Offended by the word boy? It is just a variation of a common saying

Ben Smith’s Blog | Politico

It seems that some Democrats are in agreement with me:

Some Democrats concede privately that Mr Obama’s choice of words was crass at a time when Mrs Palin’s lipstick joke was being replayed endlessly on news channels. Timesonline UK

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