Sometimes Pain Is The Best Teacher

Sometimes people only learn when their mistake causes them some discomfort. Pick up a hot lid from a pot and you quickly learn that you should check or use a pot holder.

It seems that this might be the best approach for liberal run cities that have been in steady decline from decades of liberal “leadership”. Baltimore is one such city but there are plenty of others. Charm City, as Baltimore is known, is a cesspool of crime and liberal failure on display each and every day. Oh there are a few things that shine to be sure but even the sparkle of those things begins to fade as liberal ideology eventually ruins all that it touches.

Baltimore was once a thriving city but decades of liberalism and the dependents produced by that ideology have obliterated all sense of normalcy and forced it into an animal kingdom where thugs prey upon those whose circumstances will not allow them to leave.

Baltimore celebrated its 100th murder by firearm before the month of April came to a close. A city that has bought into the liberal idea of gun bans, needle exchanges, blame and victim status for its dependents had 100 gun murders in 4 months in a city that is part of a liberal state that has strict gun control. This is not supposed to happen. People are supposed to be enslaved on the liberal plantation and do what they are told so they can get their meal cards, their welfare checks and their free cell phones.

The city and its liberal leadership can’t figure out what is going on. The mayor says there are too many guns not even considering that the guns are not the problem and what she and her city has is too many CRIMINALS. I would wager a paycheck that the people murdered in Baltimore, the 100, were not murdered by people with legally owned firearms. These people were not murdered by others who have a clean criminal record or who have never interacted with the criminal justice system.

But to the hapless mayor the problem is too many guns.

The mayor ignores that the city spat in the face of its police force when its previous mayor gave a stand down order and allowed rioters to destroy the city (this led to her political demise) after the death of a career criminal while in police custody and the malicious prosecution of six officers by the State’s Attorney for Baltimore. All six cases were ruled in the officer’s favor. There are questions in my mind about some of the events leading to the death of that career criminal but no matter what happened the city handled it poorly. It was handled so poorly the State National Guard had to be activated to get things in order.

Now the new mayor, upset about the increased number of murders and clueless as to their cause, wants the federal government to help. She wants the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in keeping order in Baltimore and has been in talks with the Baltimore field office.

Since when does a city mayor communicate with the federal government for assistance? The city communicates with the state and the state communicates with the feds. That is how things should work. The mayor has bypassed the normal channel and ignored resources the state might have to get help from the federal government, the very federal government that is run by a man the mayor and her liberal colleagues cannot stand.

By the way, it is worth noting that Baltimore, in addition to being a Petri dish where welfare dependents are grown and released to suckle at the teat of government in return for votes every four years, is also a sanctuary city. The city ignores federal immigration law, turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants and then expects the federal government to come in and help with the problems.

Hell, I think the city has directed its prosecutors to take care in what they pursue if there is a chance the person is illegal because it might mean deportation. Let me interpret; ignore the petty lawbreakers and their crimes so they do not get deported. Yes folks, this is how stupid the liberals are but they do have some nerve.

It takes a lot of it to ask for help solving the problems you caused from people who you do not like and who you will not cooperate with.

I am sure this should all go through the state but the Trump Administration, if it decides to help and let the FBI assist, should force the city to cooperate with immigration laws. It should force the city to get rid of the sanctuary policies and start working to get the illegals out.

If the city declines then it can clean up its own mess which might be the best thing anyway. If the city is forced to deal with the pain of its policies perhaps those liberals will learn from that pain.

Who am I kidding? I am sure they can continue to blame too many guns as people continue to die, police officers continue to depart and citizens fortunate enough to escape do just that.

Because, you know, in liberal reality their policies are not the problem and all they ever need is a little more money or a little more legislation that infringes on the rights of others.

You know, for the children.

Pain is a great teacher but you at least have to have the ability and desire to learn…

CBS Baltimore

No Good Deed

A liber do-gooder found out the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished.

Some woman went to help and advocate for refugees because, you know, the racists hate them and do not want to help them. They are all angels and should be met with open arms (and open borders) so they can receive taxpayer handouts and live the life they deserve.

She showed up to help those little angels and they robbed her blind. The darlings took all her belongings from her car and anything she was carrying. It was all recorded and the video at the linked site shows her scrambling around demanding her phone and belongings be returned to her.

Refugees have been let into European nations by the tens of thousands and they have returned the generosity by assaulting and raping women, robbing people and causing civil unrest. They have complained about the freebies they are getting, the food they are served and the places they are GIVEN to live.

I guess this liberal found out the hard way that these folks are not fit to be in civilized nations and that they have no respect for people or property.

At least she was not raped or murdered.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


A Koch And A Smile

I am sure many folks have heard of the Koch brothers. They are the successful guys who use their money to support candidates they believe in and are the most hated by liberals. They are constantly attacked by the likes of Harry Reid and his ilk and made out to be demons because of who (and what) they spend their money on.

Charles and David Koch happen to support conservative candidates and causes so, to liberals, when they spend their money on these things they are evil and what is wrong in America.

The left never complains about the evil man George Soros and his money. Soros has spent millions upon millions of dollars for liberal causes and no liberal ever questions the way that money is spent or declares that Soros is what is wrong with America. George is Jewish but he pretended to be Christian and helped confiscate Jew’s property for the Nazis. He also broke the Bank of England by manipulating the currency.

He is an evil man but since he spends his money on liberal/progressive causes he is cherished among the left.

The Koch brothers, to the left, are horrible people who want to see people die so they can earn more money.

Never mind the fact that the Koch brothers employ 60,000 people and produce products that we need. I know that liberals don’t care for toilet paper (from those who say we should use one sheet to those Occupy Wall Street types who just crap where they want) but the civilized among us are happy it is available. Even liberals can’t get by the fact that Dixie cups and Brawny paper towels make life better. The funny thing is their company makes some of the parts that are used in smart phones. You know, the devices liberals take pictures with to decry capitalism…

The Koch’s produce many products that make our lives better and they employ a lot of folks who work hard, earn good money and pay taxes.

Yep, they have to be bad because they are successful.

Charles Koch recently discussed his views about being demonized in order to clear the air.

He is tired of being a villain for spending his money as he sees fit.

I don’t blame him. It is HIS money and he can spend it how he wants (and if he wants to give me a million dollars I would not be unhappy about that). I don’t care for Soros and will have a party when he finally leaves this place but he can spend his money as he wishes.

Mr. Koch’s charitable donations equal about $305,000 per day ($111 million last year). You never hear about that when he is being demonized.

The reality is America needs more people like the Kochs, who want everyone to succeed, and fewer like Soros who want to increase their wealth at the expense and misery of others.

Liberals hate the Kochs because they are the American Dream. They have succeeded and spread their wealth around while providing good paying jobs for a large number of people. They are proof that you can make it in America.

Liberals can’t have that because they want people to be slaves to the government plantation, particularly a government plantation run by liberal task masters.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Just Like Obamacare, Unions Want Out Of Wage Increase

The unions were all behind Obamacare and supported the occupant of the White House in his quest to control more and more people. They were thrilled when it passed because it would bring joy and happiness to all the peons, the mindless rabble who need to be told what to do.

Then those very unions applied for, and were granted, exceptions to the law. You see, they supported it as good for you but then decided they did not want any part of it for their union members.

This ties in with the minimum wage increase in California. The state passed a law incrementally raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. There is already backlash over this.

You see, as many warned, the hike in minimum wage resulted in higher costs to employers and anyone who knows business knows this cost (as are all costs) is passed on to someone else, usually the consumer. At many restaurants a portion of the worker’s tips are being confiscated to make up for the additional cost. You read that right, the people who are getting a wage increase are paying for part of that increase by losing some of their tip money to cover it.

Some restaurants stopped with tipping and add a 16% surcharge to the bill which is divided between the servers and the business (want to bet who gets more of it).

This is no surprise. If wages go up they need to be paid for and those costs are passed on in higher prices or fewer workers (some are fired to pay for the rest) or, as in this case, taking worker’s tips.

But what does that have to do with unions?

The unions pushed for the wage increase. They worked hard to get it passed and now they are negotiating exemptions for their union members.

Just like Obamacare it is good for all the rabble but not for the unions.

Careful what you ask for because you might not like it.

And if a union supports it then you know it is not a good idea…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Baltimore City Alone Should Pay For This

Baltimore City is a liberal haven and has been run by those very liberals for generations. The result is an uneducated population that lives off taxpayers. The city is in decline and has been for decades as liberal leaders continue to push policies that enslave people to government. The goal of decades of neglect is to enslave people to the liberal plantation and ensure those downtrodden people continue to vote Democrat.

You might have heard that recently the city suffered a lot of damage because of riots. A bunch of thugs rioted and destroyed property. The cost is placed at $20 MILLION.

The cost includes overtime for police and firefighters as well as money owed to jurisdictions that came to help the city. It also includes the cost of damage to city owned property. It appears as if this dollar figure does not include the damage to private property which is in the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

The expenses the city owes will go before the board of estimates today so they can approve the money to pay the bills.

Where will the money come from? It is highly unlikely that any of the people who destroyed so much are taxpayers so it will not come out of their pockets. It is unlikely that the rioters have anything of value that can be confiscated to pay for their destruction. The reality is this money will have to come from the taxpayer or by cutting from other budgeted items or from a combination of the two.

This money MUST not come from the taxpayers in the state that do NOT live in Baltimore. I know Baltimore will appeal with hat in hand asking for money from the state to pay for this but it is not the responsibility of the taxpayers outside of the city to pay for this mess.

I recommend budget cuts to the City Attorney’s office and I recommend that the welfare money be redirected to pay for the damage.

Make the people who did this suffer for it.

Hell, maybe they can do what they did to fund the stadiums and make a few scratch lottery games to pay for it. At least people could decide to participate, or not and they would have a chance of winning some money.

I imagine the city will raise parking fees for stadium events and other events that take place in the city. It will probably tack on some kind of tax to event tickets and to hotel rooms and parking garages in order to pay for the mess that took place because the city has leaders who allowed the destruction to happen.

Liberalism exists to allow things to happen so long as someone else pays the bill.

If the people of Maryland who do not live in Baltimore get socked with this bill they should show up in the city with bulldozers and level the place and then stake a claim to the property they bought.

Screw Baltimore and screw the politicians there who have allowed a once great city to become a skeletal ruin of decaying structures and dependent people who have no respect or life or property.

Let them all suffer.

As an aside, they all wanted the police out of their lives. Now that the police are not, shall we say, being aggressive in their duties the city is rapidly falling [farther] into anarchy with multiple shootings and murders.

You got what you wanted now shut up and enjoy it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog