Maryland Suffers A Brown Out

Anthony Brown was supposed to waltz into the Governor’s Mansion. He spent eight years in Martin O’Malley’s shadow and it was his time. In a state where Democrats hold a greater than a 2:1 lead over Republicans it was just a formality. In Maryland the Democrat Primary is considered the general election because whatever Democrat wins the primary wins the general.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Annapolis. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown hit a shockwave in the form of businessman Larry Hogan. Hogan campaigned on economic issues and reducing taxes. Hogan vowed to get rid of as many of the forty plus tax increases put in place by O’Malley/Brown.

Brown, for his part, failed to campaign on what he would do and instead chose to attack his opponent. Brown accused Hogan of everything short of the Crucifixion of Jesus and claimed he would be bad for the state.

Some of Brown’s ads were outright lies and used fear to persuade people that Hogan would have “assault” rifles lying around all over the place. Brown also misled people on his military service by showing himself piloting helicopters while a narrator talks about Brown answering the call of duty.

Brown did indeed fly helicopters and he did indeed deploy to the Middle East. But he was a pilot on active duty and deployed while a reservist. As a reservist he was a JAG officer (Army Lawyer). There is no evidence he piloted helicopters while deployed as a lawyer.

Who does he think he is, Harm Rabb?

In any event, the O’Malley/Brown tenure destroyed the state, increased unemployment, raised taxes (including a tax on rain water runoff), and busted the budget while driving good businesses out of the state. Brown was solely responsible for the failure of the health care exchange and the millions of wasted dollars the project cost taxpayers.

People were fed up and they took it out at the polls by delivering a crushing defeat for Brown who lost by about 5* points. The defeat was a referendum on the tenure of O’Malley whose aspirations of being president took a huge hit (as if he actually had a chance). All in all it was a two-fer with Brown losing his bid to be governor and O’Malley losing nearly any chance of becoming president.

Brown is out and it looks like he might have to sign up for government health care and get a real job.

Hogan on the other hand, will have a tough time dealing with the huge Democrat majority in the legislature. He has stated he is willing to work with Democrats to get the state on track.

The big question is, are Democrats ready to work with Hogan to achieve those results?

Time will tell but if history is any indication Hogan will have to overcome a lot of resistance.

I think he is up to the challenge. Hell, no one gave him any chance of winning the race and he blew Brown out of the water. If he pulled that off I think he can accomplish quite a bit.

Democrats in the legislature beware. Some of your fellow Democrats suffered defeat on Tuesday and that should be a wakeup call that you are not doing your jobs.

Listen to the businessman and get this state back on track.

As an aside, when the tallies were coming in and it looked like Hogan might just pull it off I watched the local station to get current information. It was being reported that Brown would be making an announcement. Speculation was that he would concede because he could not overcome the vote deficit. I took great pleasure in watching the stage as the who’s who of Maryland Democrats stood there with sour looks on their faces waiting for Brown to arrive.

When he did it was short and sweet and that was all she wrote.

I loved that moment.

*This post was updated to put in the final margin of victory which changed from 9 to 5.

Washington Post

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The Shine Is Off Hope And Change

Barack Obama was elected by the moron class (with a bit of help from election fraud) and he promised that he would transform America. He told us that his campaign was about Hope and Change. He bragged about how the oceans would recede and how things would be better.

There are many folks who still believe all of this bunk but many of those who were initially fooled have awakened. Perhaps it is the fact they are still struggling or are still unemployed. Maybe they have been able to see past the smoke and mirrors and understand that things are as bad as or worse than when Hope and Change took office.

Maryland is a 2:1 Democrat to Republican state and it has been run by Democrats for a very long time. One Republican governor (a moderate to say the least) served about 12 years ago but he was steamrolled by the Democrat controlled legislature. One would think that any Democrat running in Maryland would have an easy time of it.

Evidently Anthony Brown, the current Lieutenant Governor (and candidate for governor), thinks things will be a bit tough on Election Day. He was supposed to run away in the race but Larry Hogan is giving him a tough challenge.

So much so that Brown brought in the toxic Barack Obama to campaign for him. Brown must feel confident that Obama will help rather than harm him otherwise Obama would not have been invited. If Brown thought he had a commanding lead would he really risk any potential backlash from an Obama appearance?

Obama was in Maryland yesterday and it looks like things did not go as planned. During his speech a number of people got up and left.

Yes, it appears as if some of the faithful have awakened and now realize that Obama is a failure.

Then again, the Ravens were in town so perhaps folks had better things to do, like watch something successful like the Ravens Team.

Tony Brown should be sent packing. He is an oath breaker and a disgrace to the office he holds and the military uniform he wears (he is a reservist who is very misleading about his service).

Send him packing…

Tony spelled backwards is Y Not. Why Not send him to the unemployment line in November and help Maryland get on the path to real prosperity.

As an aside, doesn’t Obama look sickly?

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The Bleeding Of Jobs Continues In Maryland

A government contractor in Maryland is moving its operation to Virginia and taking over 1000 jobs out of the state as the bleeding of jobs continues.

Bechtel Corp announced the moves which will take place next year. This is just another in a long line of companies that have left Maryland for more business friendly states. Governor Martin O’Malley and his Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is running for governor, increased or enacted more than 40 taxes that are hurting the working people of the state and driving business away.

Brown wants to take over where O’Malley leaves off, with more taxes and a bad business environment. Brown is happy to carry the torch of progressive destruction in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1.

Larry Hogan is the Republican running to beat Brown and turn the state around. Hogan is a businessman who actually knows what it means to meet a payroll.

Put simply, Hogan knows what it is like to sign the front of the check. Brown only knows how to sign the back.

Hogan had this to say about the latest loss:

We are saddened to learn that another 1,100 well-paying jobs will be leaving Maryland for Virginia,” Republican nominee Larry Hogan said in a statement. The loss of jobs “will ripple though Frederick as dozens of small businesses — restaurants, repair shops, suppliers, cleaners and delivery firms — will suffer. Baltimore Sun

Liberal policies put in place by O’Malley and Brown are killing the state. It has been dying a slow death for decades under Democrat rule but the last eight years have seen an acceleration of that demise.

Get rid of Brown in November and we can begin to repair the damage done by him and O’Malley.

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