Is Today Any Different For You?

Today is May 1st and that is the day that all the Communist/Socialist/Progressive types love. While this day has many traditions the left sees it as a celebration of the labor movement and liberal causes. The liberals generally try to stir up trouble or organize. The Hispanic community likes to use it to draw attention to the plight of the illegals who have done nothing wrong except to enter this country illegally.

Today is no different as the Occupy FLEA Baggers are looking to cause a general strike. They want the people with jobs to stay home, call out sick or have a work slow down all in order to call attention to what they perceive as injustice. That injustice involves some people having more than they do. The Occupy FLEA Baggers are unhappy that some people have done well in life and they think that they deserve some of the money that was earned. These people think the rich don’t pay enough in taxes even though the rich pay more in taxes than the FLEA Baggers do (the few that actually pay taxes). Hell, most of the rich pay more in taxes than the FLEA Baggers will earn in a lifetime.

That is unfair according to them. The rich should give up some of that money and stop being so rich.

Here is an idea. How about you morons get jobs and earn money. Perhaps you can apply yourselves and become rich.

No, instead of that you all would rather try to shut down America. Good luck with that. Most folks will not notice and the morons who skip work in protest are probably expendable anyway.

I understand that these morons will block bridges and tunnels in order to make it tough for those of us who work to support them to get to our jobs. Is there anyway we can all borrow some monster trucks for the day?

It is sad to see that so many people have no ambition, no responsibility, and no sense of any kind of work ethic.

It is also sad that those who don’t have jobs (and appear not to want one) are asking those with jobs to skip work and help with their misguided venture.

When people stop looking for handouts, stop blaming others, start taking responsibility for their own lives and contribute to society then they will succeed.

Until then they are just a bunch of morons with nothing better to do.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog