Congressman John Lewis Should Retire

Congressman John Lewis of the great state of Georgia is often referred to as a civil rights icon because he marched in Selma and got the hell beat out of him by a bunch of racist cops. He is often referred to as a hero though I fail to see what exactly qualifies him for that description.

Lewis fought oh so long ago for civil rights and now he is a member of Congress and belongs to the very party that opposed civil rights. He is a Democrat, the very party that had grown all kinds of racist things from the KKK to Jim Crow and yet Lewis is part of the club.

He says he is for civil rights but he is part of the political party that has kept black people down and under the oppressive thumb of government despite the gains achieved because of Selma.

Lewis is now indicating that he will not attend the inauguration of Donald Trump because Lewis does not view him as a legitimate president. You see, Lewis’ choice, Hillary Clinton, did not win. Then there were allegation that the Russians hacked the electronic systems involved in the election. The Russians did not affect the outcome, if they even did the hacking (our intelligence agencies could do it and make the breadcrumbs lead to Russia) but that matters not to Lewis. He views Trump as illegitimate. Lewis had earlier claimed that he would not attend the inauguration and it would be the first he missed in 30 years.

Only problem is Lewis sat out the inauguration of G W Bush in 2001 because Lewis did not view Bush as, wait for it, legitimate.

A number of Democrats are joining Lewis because they are upset that Trump responded to Lewis and his allegation that Trump is not legitimate. They are all upset Trump would dare defend himself from an attack. I guess they would rather have him sit there and get beat up by a government thug. Funny how Lewis didn’t like it when it when he was attacked by government thugs…

Lewis is well past the age where he should be walking around malls with his pants hiked up to his nipples. He is living in the past as evidenced by his testimony at the confirmation hearing for Senator Sessions to be the Attorney General. Listening to Lewis describe the past and how he felt Sessions would affect the nation had me wondering if Lewis was aware that we are living in 2017 and a black man (a half black one anyway) is finishing up eight years as president.

I wondered if perhaps that beating his head took in Selma had affected his brain.

No matter what it is time for Lewis, at 76, to hang it up and gracefully head to pasture.

He needs to do it now before he completely ruins the inflated image the left has of him.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Let’s Abolish All ID Requirements

The criminal gun runner Eric Holder is waging war against states that have enacted voter ID laws. These laws require people to show an ID before they can vote. How dare these states force people to prove they are who they claim to be?

According to Democrat Congressman John Lewis voter ID laws [are]:

…”a deliberate and systematic attempt to prevent millions of elderly voters, young voters, students, minority and low-income voters from exercising their constitutional right to engage in the democratic process. New York Post

Since we require people to show an ID to get on a plane, rent a car, cash a check, buy certain OTC medications, buy controlled prescription drugs, enter a government building, buy alcohol or tobacco, get a driver’s license, receive medical care, open a bank account, buy a firearm, rent a hotel room, and receive government welfare it is logical to extend Lewis’ argument to these items and assert that requiring IDs for these things prevents millions of the young, the elderly, college students (don’t colleges issue a student ID), and minority and low income folks from participating in any of the events I listed. That is but a small list of things that an ID is required for so the list of things that excludes these groups is much bigger.

And our government is aware of the disparity. Since government thinks it is necessary to show an ID for these things but also believes that making people show an ID is a way to prevent some folks from doing things then we can conclude that the government does not want everyone to be able to participate in all facets of society.

Eric Holder, John Lewis and everyone else who thinks that voter ID requirements are designed to disenfranchise people are idiots. There is no other way to put it, they are idiots.

Voter ID does not disenfranchise anyone. Almost everyone has an ID. The college students have college IDs, many have a driver’s license and others have some sort of ID that allowed them to sign up for welfare. You can bet that anyone who receives a government check has some form of ID and does not believe it to be an imposition because they know, no ID, no welfare.

Perhaps the next time I enter a government building and they ask for an ID I should tell them they are discriminating against me. Maybe the next time someone (I look to old for it to be me) buys alcohol and an ID is requested that person should file a lawsuit for discrimination. The state requires those who sell alcohol to ID anyone who buys the product if they look too young.

Why should a person have to prove they are old enough to buy alcohol but not have to prove their identity before they vote?

Because the lack of voter ID helps Democrats and as long as something benefits them they care little about the rule of law.

With Eric Holder this is particularly true. The New Black Panther case and Fast and Furious are prime examples of where they ignored or broke the law in order to advance a liberal cause or protect a liberal demographic.

I support voter ID requirements and if a person is too lazy to get an ID then that person should not be allowed to vote. Can’t afford one? Give up a week’s worth of smokes or forgo the alcohol for a while and save that money for an ID.

Having an ID to vote is as much a national security issue as is requiring an ID to board a plane.

Anyone who opposes ID laws does not care about national security and is opposing freedom and the rule of law.

And they are idiots.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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