Worst Bill Evah?

Nancy Pelosi is screaming about the tax reform bill making its way through the Congressional sausage machine and she is not happy. When she is able to put words together and express a semi cogent thought she manages to rant about the tax bill being the worst ever. Yes, San Fran Nan is upset with the bill because, get this, it will add to the deficit and it will get rid of the Obamacare mandate. According to the dim bulb known as Pelosi, this will cause Armageddon. It will result is a lot of deaths.

Best I can tell from the news is that all human life on the planet will be extinguished when the tax bill becomes a law.

Good thing Democrats are not dramatic…

So Nancy Pelosi is worried about the debt. First of all there is no concrete evidence that the tax bill will cause the debt to rise. There are some reports but these are by the same organizations who told us Obamacare would save us money and was debt neutral. Obamacare is raising the debt and 2.2 TRILLION dollars looks like the net added to our ever growing debt. The reality is if taxes are cut more people will get to keep more of their money to spend and that will be great for the economy which will in turn get revenue flowing to Treasury.

The problem is not in tax cuts but in spending. Congress and the rest of the establishment government absolutely refuse to cut spending. If more revenue comes in they will spend even more. This has been demonstrated time and again and most recently during the Obama reign of terror. Record amounts of money were paid into the Treasury in many months and our debt still went up. Each time there is more money the government can’t resist spending it and more. This is one major reason our debt increases. Couple this with the fact that a lot of money is spent on programs that the government has no Constitutional power to be involved in and one can see why we continue to owe more money.

The national debt doubled under Obama. We went from just about 10 TRILLION dollars when Bush left office to just about 20 TRILLION when Obama left office. Nancy Pelosi and every other worthless liberal Democrat screaming about the debt were in office when this happened. They happily raised the debt ceiling, happily spent more and happily looked away as out debt continued to rise. Their concern now is nothing more than political theater. If Hillary Clinton had won (perish the thought) they Democrats would be pushing for more and more spending and more and more debt. They are absolute hypocrites.

Which puts me on to the next item. Brain dead Pelosi claims this is the worst bill in the history of Congress. I guess she is even including all the racist Democrat Jim Crow bills that became law and harmed the black population of our nation. Democrats were responsible and Democrat Pelosi thinks allowing YOU to keep more of YOUR money is worse than bills designed to keep blacks oppressed.

You folks who pay no taxes don’t get to scream about who benefits because you have been benefiting all along as the rest of us paid and continue to pay your way.

Obamacare is one of the worst legislative pieces ever produced. It enslaved people, caused them harm, caused them increases in what they spend and forced them to buy a product whether they wanted it or not. It did this by forcing some tax payers to pay for others (in addition to their own) and it forced people to buy insurance or be fined (or taxed if you are John Roberts). It added to the national debt, resulted in people losing coverage and doctors they were promised they could keep and it did little more than make most people slaves to the government.

Nancy, the tax bill allows those of us who earn money and pay taxes to keep more of what we earn and pay less to the government. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. It is certainly not the worst bill ever.

Unless of course your life revolves around waiting for your taxpayer funded handouts…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Why Stop At Removing Images?

The Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP wants all things confederate related gone and they want it now. Mischaracterizing the war of Northern Aggression as a war of racism, hate and white supremacy the leaders along with some politicians want the images of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson sand blasted off Stone Mountain.

Eliminating all images will not eliminate any racists, white or black (or any other color) from existence and saying otherwise is an example of reductio ad absurdum. These people will still be here. Hell, the generals of the north owned slaves and Lincoln was a racist. Are their images the next to go?

If eliminating these images of alleged white supremacy will make things better than why stop there? The Democrat Party is the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and racism. That party holds blacks on its plantation in bondage to the government so eliminating the Democrat Party would make more sense than eliminating inanimate objects.

We need to rid West Virginia of everything named after Democrat Robert Byrd who was a member of the KKK and a racist. For good measure we need to dig his decaying body up and move it. We need to get rid of any image of LBJ who was a white supremacist. While we are at it let’s dig him up as well…

We need to eliminate the Democrat Party because that is the party that epitomizes racism.

There is no denying that the Democrats fought for slavery and opposed ending it (in general as the Civil War was not about slavery). There is no doubt they opposed all civil rights movements and continue to fight to keep blacks oppressed. They all work hard to pass legislation and enact programs that keep black folks dependent on government.

So if the liberals are really hell bent on ridding us of hateful things they need to go away. They need to take Democrats away with them and if blacks in particular are so concerned with this matter they need to leave the Democrat Party and become part of something that is not continuing to enslave them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obamacare Is The Law

This is the mantra we have heard from the left, a left that is employing all the Rules for Radicals in an effort to demonize people opposed to government intrusion into our lives. Liberals have called Tea Party members tea baggers, terrorists, radicals and anarchists in an effort to paint them as a fringe that must be ignored.

The true terrorists are the members of the government who impose things on us designed to take away or freedoms.

We have heard the left tell us that Obamacare is the law as if this means that it cannot be stopped or overturned. We have heard the brain damaged Harry Reid tell us that the opposition comes from people who can’t come to terms with the fact that Obamacare is the law and that the Supreme Court upheld it.

It is the law is NOT a valid reason to oppose an item or to work to have it changed. The left would have you believe that because this is the law that is the end of the story and nothing can or should be done to change it, period. We made a law and you have to follow it and since it is a law you have to follow it and it cannot be changed or revoked.


Slavery was once the law of the land. Separate but equal (Jim Crow laws) was once the law of the land.

These were all changed. The funny thing is that when people were working to change them Democrats acted as if they could not be changed because they were the law.

If we applied the same logic then that liberals like Reid are employing now then Obama would be a slave someplace or he would be required to eat at a different lunch counter.

These laws were all changed so for Reid to indicate that Obamacare is the law and that is that is disingenuous at best.

But let us look at something in the here and now.

Along with the Continuing Resolution the Congress must address the debt ceiling. The US has hit the statutory limit of how much it is allowed to spend. The claim is we will hit it in October but we already hit it and they are using gimmicks to keep us afloat.

BUT, the debt ceiling is a law. So, we can now tell Harry Reid and his sock puppets that the debt ceiling is the law and can’t be changed. We will be using their words against them and that will be a valid reason NOT to raise the limit.

If they want to claim that we can’t change something because it is the law then we need to hold firm on the debt ceiling because it is the law.

Ball is in your court Harry. I expect you will fetch it and take it to Obama while you sit at his feet but it is your ball nonetheless.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


There Is Responsibility Involved In Voting

Bill Clinton is upset by proposed laws in Florida and New Hampshire. Those laws would not allow people from other states, who happen to be attending college in these two states, to register to vote in the states. The law would require them to vote in their home states.

Clinton likens this to Jim Crow laws. This is nothing more than rhetoric designed to inflame the issue, which really should be a non-issue.

The members of our military who are stationed in a state other than their state of residence are not allowed to register to vote in the states in which they are stationed. They use a little thing called an absentee ballot. They request one, fill it out, and send it in. Then Democrats work really hard to have them discounted.

College kids from all states should be required to do the same thing. This IS the reason we have an absentee ballot process.

What Clinton fails to understand (as do many Democrats) is that voting requires a bit of personal responsibility. Now I know Democrats are not big on personal responsibility (and one only needs to look at Clinton to see that) but it is required nonetheless.

If college students can’t request an absentee ballot, fill it out, and mail it in then they do not need to vote. This is not an undue burden and it certainly does not rise to the level of Jim Crow.

What is it with Democrats and voting? Why do they claim ID requirements will disenfranchise people when the very people they claim will be disenfranchised need IDs to collect from the many government programs from which they benefit?

Why is it some kind of burden for people to fill out an absentee ballot if they will not be home on election day?

This all requires people to be responsible for their vote. If they can’t do that then they do not need to vote.

Hell, will we have to spoon feed them next to ensure they eat properly?

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Justice Department Sanctions Voter Fraud

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice handed down a ruling stating that the state of Georgia had to stop asking for proof of citizenship to register to vote. The Justice Department gave the same lame arguments that are always given when one speaks of proving eligibility to vote; it will disenfranchise minorities. I guess minorities don’t have a birth certificate or a Social Security number in addition to the ID they never seem to be able to get. Given that Obama has refused to release his birth certificate it is not surprising that voters in Georgia would not be required to show one.

This is nothing more than a ruling to help people who should not vote do just that. This ruling will allow illegals to register. The opponents claim there were over 7000 people flagged who turned out to be eligible to vote. Perhaps there is a larger problem. Did someone else have the same Social Security number? Did the birth certificate not have the raised seal? Who knows but it appears as if the problems were cleared up. Seems to me that these folks were flagged and upon further investigation they were cleared. Isn’t this how things should work?

Not under the Obama Justice Department run by Holder. Under that corrupt organization voter intimidation is excused because the criminals involved were Obama supporters. The New Black Panthers violated the Voting Rights Act but were not prosecuted because they have many branches around the country and they support Obama. Can’t go ticking off the supporters especially when they might be needed to intimidate white voters in the future. They also can’t go ticking off the illegal voter population if they want to win.

Georgia is one of two states required to get Justice approval for voting issues because of Jim Crow law problems of the past. That requirement is up before the Supreme Court and if all goes well they will remove the requirement so Georgia can run its own program without interference from the criminals at Justice.

But until then Georgia must allow anyone who wants to register to vote to do so without any proof of citizenship. Citizenship is a requirement to vote but it is a pesky nuisance for Democrats so they work around the requirement.

Voting is an important civic duty and everyone who is eligible should be allowed to do so under our current laws. I have problems with people who have no stake in the country voting in it but the law says they can. But we should make absolutely certain that the people who are voting are eligible.

We need to prove citizenship for many things. One must prove citizenship to get a job (though Democrats make that a hazy process to accommodate illegals), one must prove citizenship (or legal status) to join the military, Americans must prove citizenship (with a passport) to get back in the country, one must have ID to rent a movie, cash a check, board a plane and to buy cigarettes or alcohol. Why is it so difficult to prove one is a citizen in order to register to vote and to show ID when voting?

I am tired of the bogus arguments about people not having ID. People have birth certificates and most people have a Social Security number. The downtrodden that the Democrats always feign worry for are never put out when ID is needed for government benefits. People who show up to apply for any of the various welfare programs have to show ID and by some miracle they always seem to have it. Yet, the act of voting puts some undue burden on them.

It would seem from this list that proof of citizenship or an ID is required for everything except running for president and voting. Funny how the Democrats always seem to defend the flaws in the systems, flaws that make it easier to commit fraud. Then again, the Democratic Party is the one all the dead people vote for. They are in line right next to the illegals.

Maybe people should start complaining about having to get a passport to reenter from Canada or Mexico. This is an undue burden on people. How dare the government require proof of citizenship to enter the country when it will affect so many people.

Big Dog

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