Americans Fear Their Government

”When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

The recent police state in Massachusetts, as police equipped with all the military equipment Obama says has no place on our streets, has people jumpy. If one of our largest cities can be locked down while police conduct illegal house to house searches for one guy then what will stop them from locking down any city and violating our rights for whatever reason?

A recent poll shows that more Americans are afraid that our government will violate our constitutionally protected rights than are afraid government will fail to protect us.

This should come as no surprise. While the news is filled with stories of government’s inability to keep us safe it is also filled with daily stories of government working to violate our rights. In some states, such as Colorado, New York and Maryland, the government has passed laws disarming people. These laws violate our rights and are designed to keep us from protecting ourselves from bad people including bad people in our government.

The Second Amendment protects a right that preexisted the Constitution. It is in place so that if government ever starts shooting at the people the people can shoot back. Governments who want to disarm the people do so for only one reason and that is to control the people by removing the people’s means to protect themselves from government oppression.

If the people are properly armed and their rights are not infringed (they can carry) then there is no need to lock down a city to look for one guy. Bad people are not likely to stick around a place where anyone, at any time, could produce a firearm and eliminate them as a threat.

The poll shows that Americans fear the loss of their rights and this is for a very good reason. Our government (at all levels) is working against us and the Constitution. There are laws requiring us to purchase things (call it a tax but it is a requirement to buy a good), to detain us without due process, to spy on us and invade our privacy, and to disarm us.

People know when government gets too powerful and when it has effectively disarmed the population then it can control people. A look at history shows how this has resulted in the slaughter of millions of people who were first disarmed.

Our government is no different from any of those and could easily be moved to impose its will through the use of deadly force.

I know that the naysayers believe that could not happen in America but anyone with a brain knows otherwise.

Any government that would ignore its Constitution and the will of the people (as it is exercised within that Constitution) is capable of murdering people to get what it wants.

Our government has slaughtered people in this country before and if it effectively disarms us there will be nothing stopping it from doing so in greater numbers.

Anyone who watched the government impose a police state in Massachusetts as it violated the rights of the citizens living there and can’t see that it would not take much for government to round people up and detain or kill them is not living in reality.

It will get much worse before it gets better, if it ever does…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog