Jay Carney Then And Now

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did his best to sweep away criticism of Obama and his family going on vacation. He did this in response to a question by Jake Tapper asking why Obama was going on vacation when he vowed not to rest until the jobs issue is resolved:

[…]It is also, as I think anyone who has covered in the past, either in this administration or others, there is no such thing as a presidential vacation. The Presidency travels with you. He will be in constant communication and get regular briefings from his national security team as well as his economic team[…] Real Clear Politics

No one would begrudge our leader time off. It is a hard job and everyone recognizes that no president, in this administration or any other, is really off. These guys are really working and it is just wrong to say otherwise. What reporter or other American would question a president’s vacation time or say that there is a problem with president’s going on vacation?

Why, Jay Carney would.

Back in July, when they were planning what the President should do during his month-long vacation (as part of their effort to persuade the public that he wasn’t actually on vacation in the generally accepted sense of what vacation means — i.e., having fun and not working), the image-makers hit upon a clever idea. Every week, they decided, they would send the President somewhere outside Texas for a day or a day and a half to hold an event of some kind in which he would mix with “real Americans.” Time

So we should not begrudge Obama time off and to suggest he is vacationing (in the generally accepted sense of what vacation means) people should not criticize Obama because, as everyone knows, a president is never on vacation.

Except when the president is Bush and Carney is the reporter. Then it is a sin for a president to go on vacation and the photo-ops are just PR moves to make people think that he is not on vacation in the generally accepted meaning of the term.

Obama at Martha’s Vineyard is a working vacation and he is not really off. Bush at Crawford going out on photo-ops is a vacation and not real work.

See what a difference there is when it is a Democrat instead of a Republican?

All presidents work hard (though one might question what they are actually working at) and if they take time off, so be it. I think they and all members of Congress should stay in DC and solve our problems. They can take time off when they have actually earned it. However, all leaders take time off whether we like it or not or whether we think the time is appropriate or not.

The problem is, when Bush did it he was a lazy sloth who was really on vacation. When Obama does it he is not really on vacation because he still goes through presidential responsibilities while on his vacation. As if he is the only one and Bush never did the same.

One other thing; Carney goes on to say Obama is not out of reach and is not far from home. You know, he can respond on a moment’s notice.

So why did it take so long when the underwear bomber struck while Obama was on vacation?

How about we have the same standard?

Ole’ Jay was put in a tough spot by Tapper. Jay had to defend Obama for doing what he criticized Bush.

I love it when this comes back on them. They should call Carney the Press Sucks-retary and Tapper should be renamed Trapper…

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