Cordozar Broadus Needs A Secret Service Enema

You know Cordozar better by the stage name Snoop Dogg, an allegedly talented rapper who usually sounds like someone hitting a sack of (stoned) cats with a stick. His greatest ability seems to be that of using the words f*ck, motherf****r and nigga in his “songs”.

The reality is he has very little real talent and is usually in a drug induced state when he is awake.

Cordozar is also a black man with an attitude who thinks the deck is stacked against the black folks (who he calls niggas). To Cordozar life is unfair and guys like Donald Trump, who are rich (and white), get away with anything they want. He also believes that there are lots of black folks in jail for possession of drugs (mostly weed) who have been there a long time while the white guys who sold it to them are out in society still pushing those drugs. Cordozar must think none of these drug dealers are people of color.

Yes, to Cordozar there is white privilege and black folks, the downtrodden like him, are getting ridden dirty. Really?

Hey Cordozar, you have been arrested an awful lot of times for illegal possession of a firearm (handguns) and have not spent much time in jail. You have been placed on probation or forced to make public service videos or had to do community service but you damn sure do not end up in jail where you belong for those gun infractions.

There are a lot of people, black and white alike, who are rotting in jail for illegal possession of a firearm and they did not get arrested as many times as you. How many times have you been arrested for drug possession and how many countries have you been banned from, for at least some period of time, because of your illegal behavior?

I can’t seem to find any report that indicates you are spending 10 or 20 years in a jail while white guys are walking the streets. Truth be told, your sorry ass is walking the streets while many white folks are in jail for far less. So please don’t give me any BS about privilege.

In Cordozar’s latest video (more garbage) he pulls a gun on a Trump look alike made up like a clown. To Cordozar it seems like a perfectly OK thing to do as the Trump look alike is referred to as a “f***ing clown.” You see, to Cordozar anyone he does not like should be shot. This is probably why his gangster ass has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms SO MANY TIMES.

Cordozar is a member of the Nation of Islam and has praised its leader, the equally insane Louis Farrakhan. To put that in perspective, Cordozar has praised Louis Farrakhan, an idiot who wants to eliminate Jews and who rails against white people, but in his video pulls a gun on a Donald Trump look alike and calls him a f***ing clown because, well I guess because it is Trump. Perhaps it is because he is white, oh say it isn’t so Dogg Pooh. I guess Cordozar is bitter because he voted for Clinton and Trump beat her like a rented mule.

The real clown in all of this is Cordozar Doggy Pooh who thinks he has a voice in the world. His message resonates to the low information voters (and non-voters) and the undereducated who listen to his music. He appeals to those he inspires to be gangsta and do what he sings about. His lifestyle inspires the undereducated to act like thugs and to break the law (thus becoming felons and losing the right to vote or possess firearms, like hero Cordozar).

Then when they end up in jail Cordozar can cry like a little punk about white privilege and the racist system that sent these poor little gangstas to jail.

In other words, Cordozar was taught to play the victim card. Let’s hope the Secret Service plays the Trump card and looks into this violent video aimed at the president.

Cordozar should expect nothing less. Don’t you think that is what he would have wanted if a video like this were made during the Obama reign of terror and it showed Obama at the wrong end of a firearm?

I only want to make sure Cordozar gets the equality he claims does not exist.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Blumenthal Pickled Tink to Win

Sidney Blumenthal is a real schmuck who plays it hard and ugly in politics. This might explain why he is a friend and adviser to the Clinton crime family. Sidney was the one who went after Arkansas State Troopers who exposed Bill Clinton as a man who was cheating on Hillary, claims that were denied but later proven true. Sidney accused the cops of fraud, adultery and driving while intoxicated. He threw the crap back at them so as to keep Bill Clinton clean (at least until he got elected).

Sidney had to be feeling pretty good when Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire even if she did bus people in to register and vote on the pretense of moving in soon. In fact, Blumenthal was feeling so good that he was pulled over by the police because he was going more than twice the speed limit and was driving erratically. Imagine that, Blumenthal was drunk at the wheel, the very thing he accused some cops of. He refused a Breathalyzer but field a field sobriety test, was arrested and held for at least four hours. It could not have happened to a more deserving guy. To top it off he was charged with aggravated DWI because driving that much over the speed limit increases the danger.

It is appropriate for him to be charged and for it to cost him as much as possible. His license should be revoked for refusing the test, he should get jail time and he should be on alcohol restriction and AA a couple of times a week for a few years. He should get what any other person would get. Let’s face it, this jackass could have had an accident and wiped out a family much like what happened in Ohio just before New Year’s.

Sidney Blumenthal was the one who got caught driving while intoxicated. Given Hillary’s “miraculous” win in Hew Hampshire I am sure there were plenty of drunks from her camp.

Of course, I figure one would have to be an alcoholic or drug addict to support her in the first place. No one with an intact brain could want her in charge of anything.

Hillary is Satan.


Big Dog

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John Murtha Tortures Troops, Call McCain

Blow hard Congressman John Murtha went to Iraq to visit the troops and see how things are going. I don’t know why he thinks they would want him there and only the professionalism he denies they possess kept the word fratricide from being in the paper. He stated that the surge appears to be working (well duh) but (always the but) the Iraqi government needs to step it up and start doing things. He said they were dysfunctional. We are teaching them government and they learned the dysfunction from the idiots like Murtha in Congress.

The big event was Murtha torturing our troops. He ate his holiday meal with them. I cannot imagine that anyone would eat with him of their own free will so more than likely some poor bastards were forced to eat with the guy. Having to eat with this jackass is torture so they need to call John McCain and tell him to do something about this. McCain, who opposes torture but votes every year to authorize it against our own troops, needs to intervene on behalf of these soldiers.

I am sure Murtha went there so he could give credibility to the new Democratic approach in Iraq. The surge is working so they can no longer deny this and they cannot say we lost (though Harry Reid will) so they are changing tactics and saying the Iraqis are not moving quickly enough or that they are dysfunctional. Murtha is the mouthpiece for the Dems with regard to military affairs so he needed to go there and come back to make a pronouncement so the Kos kids and other idiots can pick up the new talking points and run with them.

Murtha is an ass and they should have landed the helicopter in the middle of the desert and let him out there and then lifted off without him.

Source: Post Gazette

Big Dog