14th Amendment End Run Would Ensure GOP Landslide Victory

The debt ceiling is looming in the near future as members of both parties haggle over how to solve the issue of raising the credit limit on the US. Republicans want cuts and many are insisting on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Democrats say they want cuts but also want to increase taxes. There is a stalemate as Tea Party Republicans buck the entrenched Republicans who would likely make another flop of a deal in order to get this done.

There is increased talk of Barack Obama doing an end run around Congress by invoking the 14th Amendment. Some legal scholars and Democrats say that Section 4 of the Amendment allows Obama to continue to incur debt because it reads (the applicable portion):

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

The key here is debt authorized by law. The law is in place and that law imposes a debt ceiling. No president has the authority to incur more debt or to ignore the debt ceiling because that ceiling is authorized by law. Also, the new debt incurred by an end run would not be debt authorized by law because the Constitution gives the authority to incur and pay debt to Congress. Article I, Section 8 gives Congress the power; “…to pay the Debts…”

In addition, the second paragraph of that section states that Congress has the power:

To borrow money on the credit of the United States.

The Executive has no authority to raise the debt limit and therefore authorize the borrowing of money. Only Congress can do that. If Obama attempts to use the 14th Amendment to bypass Congress he will have violated the Constitution and will be subject to impeachment. The only thing that is authorized under the 14th is to pay the debt we already have. The validity of that debt, already authorized under Section 8, shall not be questioned.

Not to mention, the Amendment gives the authority over the matter to Congress. Section 5 reads; “Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”

Maybe it is just me but I don’t see where it says the president can do anything here.

We have the ability to pay our debt even if we hit the debt ceiling. We can service our debt from the money that is confiscated from us each month by the government. What will be required is for us to cut programs that are not authorized by the Constitution and are not part of the debt process. Our debt is held by private entities and other governments and we will be required to pay that.

We will not be required to pay for the plethora of programs that are not public debt.

There are legal scholars on both sides of this issue and it could get dicey. The reality is that an end run would incur more debt and that is not something any president is allowed to do.

Larry Rosenthal, a professor at Chapman University School of Law, said he doubts the argument that Obama could declare the debt limit unconstitutional. The debt ceiling, according to Rosenthal, limits the president’s ability to issue more debt. It doesn’t say that the existing debt is invalid. So if the president runs out of borrowing authority, he must find other ways — including suspending government programs — to pay the debt.

“What the government can’t do under the 14th Amendment is repudiate a debt that’s been authorized by law. It can’t say, ‘I’m not going to pay,’ ” Rosenthal said. Washington Post

If Obama does an end run he will effectively put an end to his reelection. He will be impeached and even if that is not successful, he will incur the wrath of the American public, the people who pay the bills.

Obama will find that he overstepped his bounds and that he will end up paying a heavy price.

And he will ensure that the GOP presidential candidate wins in a landslide and the GOP will pick up a lot of House and Senate seats.

As an aside, if this happens and nothing is done about it then Congress can never cry about any future leader taking its authority. No matter what, Congress will have to sit on its hands and be quiet.

Cave Canem!
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Debt to Clinton was Paid Long Ago

A number of people who were huge supporters of the Clintons have recently signed on to the Obama train and are casting their long time friends, Bill and Hillary, aside. This is particularly distressing to the Clintons because they both believe that they are owd by just about every Democrat. Admittedly, there are quite a number of Obama supporters who received appointments to very high paying and high profile government jobs and there are quite a few Democrats who owe Hillary for campaigning for them and helping them win.

Bill Clinton is particularly upset about those who worked in his administration and now support Obama. He was furious with Bill Richardson and as a result their friendship is strained. Surrogates of the Clintons have called people names and have questioned the loyalty of people that received a lot from Bill Clinton when he was president. Bill believes that people owe him but someone should explain to Bill Clinton that he received all that he was owed by any Democrat when they committed malfeasance in office and failed to vote for impeachment. Bill Clinton was paid in full by every Democrats who supported him during the impeachment process. Bill Clinton should have been removed from office. He lied under oath and charges were brought against him. Democrats paid him big time by opposing impeachment. Some Democrats said the charges did not warrant impeachment. Some of these people were in favor of impeaching Nixon and his charges nearly matched Clinton’s word for word.

As for Hillary, sure she has campaigned for people but she has made some of those folks mad along the way. She has piled on Democrats who have made mistakes if piling on made her look good. She piled on John Kerry when he insulted the troops. Hillary was right to pile on because Kerry actually insulted the troops despite what he said about it. However, he was upset she did not back him. She could have just kept silent on the matter but the Clintons are unable to keep quiet. They have to jump in and take the focus group position in order to look “good.”

It is interesting though to see how people have turned on the Clintons. They were once the darlings of the Democratic party. Democrats overlooked all kinds of criminal activity and defended the Clintons every time they were accused. The media ignored major stories in order to help them out (Drudge broke the Monica story that the MSM was sitting on) and they were usually treated as if they were pure as the driven snow. Now they are being beaten up by people who once loved them unconditionally. Amazingly, there are many former Clinton supporters who are now upset with them because they have been dishonest, negative, harsh, demanding, and unrelenting. These are the same people who ignored this kind of behavior from the Clintons for years and who would still be ignoring it if it were not for a charismatic empty suit named Obama.

Loyalty in DC only goes as far as the next election and politicians will disregard friendship if they think backing someone else will help them in any way, shape, or form. As far as Bill Clinton goes, he was paid quite handsomely long, long ago.

It will be interesting to see how much support Democrats get from the Clintons after this election. In a perfect world the Clintons would just fade away but in reality they could still have some value for people who need help getting reelected.

New York Times (read about Chelsea whining)

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