TDS Leaves WAPO Mindlessly Attacking President

…and his family

The Washington (com)Post is a far left wing newspaper that is in bed with the liberal establishment politicians and it serves as part of the media wing of the Democrat Party. The WAPO is more like a stenographer for the left.

For years the WAPO ignored the indiscretions and illegal actions of Democrat Presidents, explained them away or provided cover. The same paper never missed a beat when attacking Republicans. Nixon was a target of the WAPO and they got him.

It is not that Nixon did not deserve to go down (it depends on how you look at it) but is more about how the WAPO ignores the same or worse from Democrats like say, Bill Clinton who actually did go down, so to speak. Obama and Clinton have basically received a pass (and continue to receive it) from the WAPO while that publication continues to hammer away at Republicans.

The target this time is Donald Trump. The WAPO is all over him for anything he does and the paper even uses hacks to attack Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The hat trick is that the WAPO attacked Trump and included a Nixon reference while suspiciously ignoring Clinton. It appears in an article by Lawrence Tribe who is supposed to be a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard Law School. Considering that is what they said about Obama I have no hope this guy is competent.

In any event, here is what Tribe had to say in his article detailing why Trump must be impeached:

No American president has ever been removed for such abuses, although Andrew Johnson was impeached and came within a single vote of being convicted by the Senate and removed, and Richard Nixon resigned to avoid that fate. Washington Post

Notice anything missing? Tribe did not mention that Slick Willy Clinton, the serial rapist and sexual predator, was also impeached. Now later in the piece Tribe mentions it but in the context that Nixon did really bad things and Clinton just had an embarrassing tryst and even those pesky Articles of Impeachment demonstrate that. Actually the articles are quite similar and it is important to note Clinton was not impeached for his sexcapade, he was impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice.

Tribe suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome so much so that he wants Trump impeached for things he might do or could do or has allegedly done. Tribe is also full bore on the debunked collusion with the Russians probe. You see, there is no evidence, as stated by a number of officials including outgoing Obama appointees, that Trump colluded with the Russians. The professor is doing the same thing the democrat controlled media and the stenographers at the WAPO are doing. He is conflating the story that Russia tried to influence the election (no doubt about it as they have done for decades) and the unfounded allegation that Trump colluded with Russia to win in order to confuse the public and have them think that because Russia tried to influence it must have been working with Trump when that is not the case. Perception is reality for these people and if they can alter reality to harm a Republican president they will.

Trump fired James Comey, big deal. Democrats wanted him fired months ago and those bashing Trump for firing him openly admit that if Hillary had won and fired him they would be OK with it. These mindless morons, Tribe included, have become the mindless drones of the left and the hypocritical thought police who want punishment for what others were alleged to have done or because they might do something bad in the future.

Keep in mind the folks who want Trump impeached are the same who defended Bill Clinton, who ignored the lies of Hillary and Obama regarding Benghazi and who think Hillary did nothing wrong when she sent classified information through a private server. These people ignored scandal after scandal involving the Clintons and Obama but are now manufacturing scandals to take down Trump.

I just wonder how long it will be before Trump returns fire and takes out a whole lot of people.

Tribe is not the only deranged liberal to attack a Trump. Some deranged liberal chick named Christine Emba has written a hit piece about Ivanka Trump. The piece discusses how much hope people had for Ivanka and how, despite her father, was a hard working successful business woman who, though born of privilege, made her way in the world. Emba is disillusioned and now claims Ivanka is not hard working, does very little, hawks her products, is outclassed and outmatched in dealings with other women in other countries and wrote a terrible book that was shredded by other columnists. To Emba, Ivanka came in with so much hope but demonstrated she had no real business acumen and was only able to get by because she was born into money and used daddy’s name to make her way.

I would like for someone to find me the article Emba wrote describing Chelsea Clinton is similar fashion. The description Emba paints of Ivanka would be more fitting for Chelsea Clinton. She was not necessarily born into money but the family had a ton of it before she became an adult and that money helped her immensely. Clinton has had a number of jobs she was not qualified for just because her mommy and daddy are well connected. She was paid handsomely for doing little actual work and is not much of a business woman.

Ivanka is a successful person with her own business and her own direction. She is unfairly attacked because of the TDS caused by her father and the liberal hatred for him. Chelsea Clinton is loved by the left and any attack on her is met with a swift response. She continues to be honored on magazine covers and with awards that she did nothing to deserve. So please, show me where this hack Emba wrote something similar to the Ivanka hit piece about Chelsea.

Tribe and Emba suffer from TDS and they write for a publication that has a huge case of it. These people are working in concert to take down President Trump no matter whether they have an actual case or not. They are manufacturing the stories to impede him and they are abetted by the Obama holdovers left in government for the sole purpose of attacking Trump.

This will all come to a head and it will not be pretty. I just have two things to tell people like Tribe and Emba. If you and your libtard followers keep causing problems you will not like the response and there will be no crying from you or those who suffer the consequences.

Political violence has been increasingly common as left-wing organizations have whipped up mobs against Republicans and supporters of the president. The Daily Caller

And two, one day a Democrat will retake the White House and Democrats will control other branches of government. I don’t want to hear a word from either of you if violence starts and you are treated the same way you are treating Trump and the Americans who support him. Keep in mind, we have the people who actually know how to prosecute and win wars. So keep it up. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution

A brief lesson for people like Lynda Mari**, a Facebook commenter (who I saw commenting back and forth with some other person about Michael Brown at a Ravens player’s page) who displays ignorance and is representative of the liberal morons in this nation. Lesson: There are three branches of government and each has certain responsibilities. The Constitution spells out what each branch is allowed to do (what powers We the People have given them) and if they are not given a responsibility then they just can’t do what they want.

The three branches are supposed to provide a checks and balances system to our form of government.

B. Hussein Obama has been saying for several years that he could not change immigration laws through Executive Order. He told people at least two dozen times that he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so.

After the last election Obama changed direction and decided that he did indeed have the power to change laws. He claimed that he was not really changing anything and that he was only using his discretion in order to prioritize. What he means is he is ignoring some laws to help out people who are here illegally.

A funny thing happened while he was out drumming up support for his illegal action. He actually told the truth. Obama told people that he changed a law. He was campaigning in Chicago and had this to say to a person who was giving him a hard time:

“Now, you’re absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations. That’s true. But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.” [emphasis added] The Daily Caller

While Republicans were protesting (not like the riots in Ferguson) Obama was claiming that he did not change the law. But when he went off script he specifically stated that he violated the Constitution. He claimed that it was a FACT that the person was not paying attention to.

I have already spelled out what I would like to see done. To recap the Republicans should draw up articles of Impeachment and include all illegal acts from the time Obama was coronated. Then proceed and ensure the Senate has a thorough trial. Won’t get a conviction but it will air all the dirty laundry and show how lawless he is (while taking down a few Democrats who were involved).

They should also fund all parts of the government except the parts that will carry out his illegal acts. Then refuse to confirm any of his nominees.

Obama is a lawless politician who sees himself as Emperor. He is a tyrant and he should be removed from office as quickly as possible.

People like Lynda Mari will say that this is racist because that is the only trick people like her have.

Though given it is Bathhouse Barry Obama I guess she might scream homophobe.

In any event, people like her are why we have black folks on the liberal plantation as slaves to government and why there are NO liberal run cities that are succeeding.

The gimmiedats are too busy with their hands out instead of working.

Maybe if Michael Brown was punching a time clock instead of a cop he would still be alive today…

**I don’t know why but when I happened upon her comments they struck me the wrong way. It was obvious she is a person who has little knowledge…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


What Can Be Done To Stop Obama?

Very few people know for sure what B. Hussein Obama will say tonight but all indications are that he will bypass Congress and take matters into his own hands with regard to immigration. There is no doubt that whatever he does will violate the Constitution because he does not have the authority to appropriate money or to change laws. But he will likely do just that and if the Republicans do not stop him in his tracks the next thing he will do is start enacting gun control via Executive action. If he gets away with immigration he will be emboldened.

The Republicans need to smack him down and they need to do it quickly and without mercy.

There are a number of things that can be done but most will have to wait (though they can begin working on them now) until the new Congress is sworn in and Republicans have control of both chambers. I already discussed impeachment and while the Senate will not get enough votes to convict the trial could be long and drawn out particularly if the articles of impeachment are broad and cover his entire term in office.

This entire process would consume his presidency and keep him in check. His misdeeds would be exposed and a few of his partners in crime might get taken down along the way.

However, that is not all that can be done. Obama is going to give millions of illegals a legal status and permission to work. Governors who are opposed to this need to take people who fall into this category into custody to decide if they are in the state legally. Perhaps instead of using immigration the states can charge them with trespassing. DC, on the other hand, is federal land so let them go there.

In addition, states can encourage businesses NOT to hire people with recently issued green cards** (from the date Obama enacts his illegal plan). Just do not hire them and pick a citizen instead.

The Congress can also structure the budget such that money to pay for Obama’s illegal actions will not be appropriated. This can be done so that even if he vetoes a bill the parts of government that need to continue functioning can do so. There are smart people in the Legislative Branch who can figure it out.

One last thing I think they should do. The Senate should tell Obama they will NOT confirm any of his appointees until all of the lawless acts are reversed. Obama will need an Attorney General to fight his legal battles and provide council. If the Senate refuses to confirm an AG Holder will have to stay (and he probably wants out badly before he ends up in jail) or Obama will go without. The Senate should make it clear there will be absolutely NO confirmations until Obama is compliant with the law.

If Democrats in the Senate balk or use procedure to get in the way the Republicans can change the rules so they can get what they want. Harry Reid set the precedent for that.

It is time for Republicans to play hardball. America did not deal a huge blow to Democrats a few weeks ago in order to work together. They did it to stop Obama and his agenda. Republicans need to get in front of this and tell the public what they are doing and why. They need good messaging and they need to be relentless.

I have my doubts that anyone in Republican leadership can do this and if that is the case then we need to hand them their asses in the next election. They need to know that they can be voted out as well.

Do your jobs and get in there and hammer Obama for his illegal acts.

Otherwise you might as well go home…

**UPDATE: The news reports these folks will be able to work but will not be issued Green Cards. I am sure employers can figure out who not to hire. Lack of jobs will send them back where they came from.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


All Hail Emperor Obama

There is no doubt that B. Hussein Obama considers himself an emperor, a ruler who can make it up as he goes along and who has unchecked power. This is evident because of his past statements. In the past when groups pushing for amnesty to lawbreaking aliens would ask Obama to just sign an Executive Order to allow amnesty he responded that he did not have the authority to do that. He explained that he is the president and that it was his job to enforce the laws passed by Congress whether he liked them or not. He specifically stated on a number of occasions that he was not an emperor he was a president and had to follow the law.

Tomorrow night after Congress has recessed for Thanksgiving Obama will make a statement (cowardly of him to wait, eh) to the nation explaining that he will sign Executive Orders to achieve what he and the illegal alien supporters have wanted all along. He will give amnesty to millions of workers and change their status so they can work here legally. He will do exactly what he said he could not defend legally and what he considered to be the act of an emperor.

B. Hussein Obama now thinks he is an emperor, it is as simple as that.

He can try to rationalize his actions by claiming the Congress has failed to act so he will do what he wants even though he admitted many times in the past that it would be illegal. The inaction of Congress is NOT justification for the president to do what he wants. When he does he thinks himself to be the emperor.

Obama claims to be a Constitutional professor (he is not nor was he) so I would ask him to show me in the Constitution where it says if Congress fails to act the president can do what he wants.

If I were Speaker of the House I would contact every member and tell them to cancel their travel plans because I am not recessing the House. I would tell them they are all staying as long as it takes to draw up articles of impeachment. Then I would work them around the clock to find every possible way to legally take down Obama.

Democrats would balk but I would keep their sorry butts in that chamber until Obama was stopped and if that meant no Thanksgiving at home, then so be it.

When the new Congress is seated I would introduce the 12 or 13 separate spending authorization bills for Obama. I would not send him all of it at once. He would have to do his job and pass them like they are supposed to be passed. The bills with funding for immigration would be severely lacking as would the money to run the White House. No Air Force One no limo upkeep or fuel, no nothing. I would keep that big eared moron shackled to the White House until things were worked out.

But that is me. Boehner has no testicular fortitude and will probably have a smoke and a drink with Obama while laughing at how they screwed over the people paying their salaries.

Then Boehner would have a good cry and go home.

It is time for the Republicans to grow a pair and beat the political snot out of Obama and any of his henchmen who dare to get in the way.

When dealing with a Chicago politician it is best to get real dirty real fast.

Or you will end up screwed.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


What Should Republicans Do About Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama is a lawless scoundrel who ignores the US Constitution in order to do and get what he wants. He thinks he is above the law and he thinks that he should be be allowed to do as he wishes, Constitution be damned.

The list of illegal things Obama has done is long and has been largely ignored by his stenographers in the media.

Obama is about to exceed the boundaries of his authority, HIS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, and basically grant amnesty via Executive Order. He will issue an EO that will ignore the immigration laws of our country, laws he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office.

There is no doubt his actions, which will likely take place when Congress is in recess (cowards do things like that) are illegal. He himself stated they were illegal and that he did not have the authority to do what he is about to do when he explained his inaction to people pushing for immigration reform. At one time, as evidenced by passages in one of his books, Obama blamed the problems in this nation on the influx of illegal immigrants. Now he needs new Democrat voters so all of the sudden the problem does not exist (the problems he outlined in the book) and he has all the authority in the world to do it.

He is acting outside his lane and he needs to be taken down for it.

The Republicans have been fairly impotent on the issue of Obama’s lawlessness particularly with regard to immigration. They have weapons at their disposal and they should use them.

Speaker John Boehner should announce that if Obama uses Executive Orders to address the immigration issue (or any other issue) that the House will draw up impeachment articles when the new Congress is seated.

There is not really an issue with the House passing the articles of impeachment because the only thing required is a simple majority and Republicans have more than enough people to meet that.

The problem is in the Senate. In order for Obama to be removed from office he must be convicted by two-thirds of the Senate and Republicans do not have enough votes to do that. Democrats would have to vote to convict and it is not likely they will do so.

So what is the real leverage? Well, Boehner should let it be known that the articles of impeachment will not be for just the EOs. He should make it clear that Obama will have articles drawn up for every perceived unlawful action. That includes Fast and Furious, the lies regarding Obamacare, Benghazi, and every other single item that can be remotely hung around his neck.

Big deal, right? I mean there are still not enough votes to convict because of the Senate.

Yep, but the Senate must still conduct a trial where each side gets to present evidence (and the Chief Justice presides). That means there must be discovery and all of Obama’s stuff can be subpoenaed. Think about all the Fast and Furious documents that the has hidden away. How about all the Benghazi stuff or the things that were sent around regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Every item that could be gathered would be used against him (hard drive crashes aside /sarc) and it is quite likely that a number of his Democrat pals in Congress would be dragged through the mud in the fray. Think about Elijah Cummings of Maryland or Chuckie Schumer of New York having their dirty laundry aired as evidence of their involvement comes to light.

Tell Obama and the Democrats that if he issues the EOs the Republicans are going for blood with the impeachment and even if he survives he will be damaged and unable to function.

And if there are Democrats that decide not to convict they can be made to pay for that in the next election. I wonder how many Democrats would beg Obama not to use the EOs knowing that a full blown impeachment with dozens of charges and many witnesses with all the subpoenaed documents might implicate them or damage them politically.

The process would certainly derail government and keep Obama from doing any more harm. His legacy would be flushed down the toilet and he would go down in history as a failed and corrupt politician.

All of that over an EO? The Republicans need to get really tough and let Obama know what they will do to him if he oversteps his bounds. The Democrats all cried that if Republicans won they would impeach Obama. Well let’s make that come true for them.

Hammer that little schmuck’s ass to the table and keep it there. Make him pay for being corrupt. Let his kids see daddy’s evil deeds displayed across the world in the Senate trial.

The threat might stop him. But to be sure the Republicans should start drawing up the articles now. That should get some attention.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog