Democrats Really Are Vile Creatures

I listened to some of the committee hearing on the confirmation of Senator Sessions to be the Attorney General and I tuned in at the time Senator Al Franken was speaking and he took up the entire time until the vote. He went on and on about whether Sessions was honest or misrepresented something and then attacked Senator Ted Cruz about Cruz’s defense of Sessions in earlier hearings.

Franken spent a lot of his time attacking President Trump and his assertion that millions of people voted illegally. Franken then went on to say Trump was going to look for people who are registered in more than one state. At that time Franken pointed to Trump family members and staff who are registered in two states.

Franken basically called Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump liars because, you know, liberals know lying when they see it.

So let me help out Franken because this unfunny has been comedian is a liberal hack who needs help.

It is unclear if Sessions was untruthful on his questionnaire because the definition of significant is different to different people. Maybe what Sessions did was significant for the work he was doing and maybe it was not. But Franken, who is not a lawyer, was putting his own definition on the case and using that. He also took the word of some other person over the word of Sessions. I expected as much as Democrats are working hard to harm Trump’s cabinet nominations.

Franken’s assertion about being registered in two states is misleading. I believe what the President means is people who are registered in two states and VOTED in BOTH. We see this a lot with liberal snow birds and liberal college students. They vote absentee in one state and then vote in person in the other. They do this intentionally. As far as I know, it is not illegal to be registered to vote in two states. If you are registered in one place and move and then register in the new place your first registration might not get cancelled. One is supposed to update the first registration but a lot of people never think of that. This is why a number of people can be registered in two places. It is not until you vote in both of them that you have broken the law. Nice try Al but as usual, you are wrong.

As for Franken’s claims that there were not millions of people who voted illegally and that this has been debunked he has no real way of knowing. He knows that Democrats think there was fraud but believe it came from the right and they are convinced of that because their fraud was not enough to win. Even cheating they lost so the other side must have cheated too. Funny thing is Franken got elected on fraudulent votes that were miraculously discovered after he was behind in the recount. It was just enough to put him over the top. Yeah Al, tell me again about cheating you lying jackass.

Barack Obama encouraged illegals to vote (a violation of the law) and California has millions of illegals with driver’s licenses who are able to vote. It is not beyond belief that millions of illegals voted and that people voted in two different locations. Franken said that people who commit voter fraud should be found and prosecuted but he asserts that fewer than 100 cases have occurred or been found. Really? Then why did Democrats scream about fraud in 2000? Why did Democrats demand so many recounts after the last election?

Democrats don’t want this looked into so they claim it has been debunked. If it is looked at they are afraid the fraud committed by them will be discovered. The votes from dead people, from snow birds and college kids coupled with the illegals could very well be in the millions. I hope Trump has this investigated and I hope he finds 5 million illegal votes just so we can shove it down Franken’s throat.

Oh yeah, Franken also stated that Trump came up with a 3-5 million number because Hillary won by 2 point something million. Al, Hillary did not win by 2 million something votes because we do not have a national election. She won some states and she lost other states but she lost the electoral vote and that is all that matters. To claim she won the popular vote is moronic and misleading since we do not have a national election we do not have a national popular vote.

Franken also took the time to praise Sally Yates as a hero who stood up to an illegal order. Once again it is Franken who is lying. He couched it with the “I think we can all agree…” but we do not all agree. First of all the order was NOT illegal. It was in accordance with the law and it is a law that Obama signed. It also follows Title 8 of The United States Code, if Franken cares to read it. Yates did not exercise courage or heroism, she was insubordinate. If she had expressed concerns based on the Constitution or the law she would still have a job. Instead, she just took it upon herself to say she disagreed with it and then told her people not to defend it. This is gross insubordination.

General Stanley McChrystal tendered his resignation (was fired by Barack Obama) based on some things he allegedly said (the claim is his words, and those of his soldiers, were taken out of context) in a Rolling Stone interview. Those things were viewed as improper and Obama wasted no time in Accepting his resignation (dismissing him), a true hero by the way.

Yates was grossly insubordinate and a moron like Franken thinks she is a hero.

As expected the Democrats on the committee all voted against Sessions and the Republicans all voted for so he will go for a full vote and is sure to be confirmed. It is a shame that these people who have worked with Sessions for decades would stoop so low as to impugn his character all in the name of politics and all because they are butt hurt that Trump won.

After the last few days I never ever want to hear a Democrat cry about obstruction from Republicans and I never want to hear them complain about any character assassination. Screw every last one of them. They are low life scum sucking ass hats who should all be put out to pasture.

Yes, they are vile and loathsome creatures.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


It Takes Gall

There is the old story (I believe used to make a point) about the boy who murdered his parents and then asked the court for leniency because he was an orphan. Takes quite a bit of gall to commit a crime and then ask for special treatment because of how the crime affected you.

The people of Honduras who are attempting to get to America ILLEGALLY are basically doing the same thing. They are demanding safe passage through Mexico so they can illegally enter the United States. Those making the demands are people who, through their own illegal behavior, have been harmed.

You see, many of these folks are missing limbs because they fell off the huge train that many jump onto in order to travel through Mexico. A number of these folks are killed when the train runs over them but others end up losing a limb or two.

These folks, who cost the Mexican hospitals a lot of money, are fitted with a prosthesis by the Red Cross (another financial burden) and then sent home.

They are not happy with that arrangement. They are upset that they had to take such horrible risks to break the law. They want the Mexican government to make it easier for them to break the law by allowing them safe passage so they can get through Mexico and illegally enter the US.

These people are victims of one thing, their criminal behavior.

If they had stayed where they belong and not broken the law they would not be missing body parts. Now they cry that no one will hire them and they can’t get a job as if someone else is to blame.

I am sure they still want to get to the US so they can apply for disability and live off the backs of the people paying taxes but they should stay home where they belong.

It is terrible they got injured but they did this to themselves. If a guy breaking into my home tripped and shot himself I would not feel sorry for him. If he was not breaking the law he would not have gotten injured.

Same goes for these guys.

But I admit it takes a lot of gall to demand that you be assisted with your lawbreaking…

LA Times

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Big Dog


They Will Feel Right At Home In Baltimore

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake unveiled her plans to lure immigrants to the “Charm City”. There is no indication whether her plan is strictly for those here legally or all comers regardless of status but since Maryland welcomes illegals with open arms and Blake calls these folks New Americans like the moron governor, there is no doubt she will welcome them with open arms.

I don’t know what Blake wants to accomplish with her plan. Baltimore already has a high crime rate, a drug use and trafficking problem and large numbers of people on welfare so it is not like she is looking to actually change the landscape.

Perhaps she just wants to increase population since Baltimore keeps losing people who are tired of the failure of liberalism. There will always be the hangers on who have their hands out and expect gubmint to take care of them but those looking for a better life are fleeing the city (and in many cases the state all together).

Since most parts of Baltimore look and act like third world countries the immigrants, legal or not, will feel right at home and who knows, with a little work (ha ha work) on their part Baltimore might just hit the bottom it has been seeking for decades.

Blake wants 10,000 new families to inhabit her run down city and I am sure there are plenty of immigrants (including lots and lots of illegals) who are looking for a place to call home.

The rest of the counties should realize that while Blake is importing crime, disease and new welfare recipients they will be footing the bill.

Baltimore has two things going for it and those are the Ravens and the Orioles. If those teams played in another part of the state there would be no reason to visit the city.

Oh, it does have a new casino that attracts people from outside the city but it is too new to determine if it will be a plus or a minus for the city.

Of course the casino and stadiums do need people to clean them up and what better way than low wage immigrants.

Perhaps Blake can get her lawn taken care of as well…

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Big Dog


Citizens Take Back Seat To Illegal Aliens

There are thousands of illegal aliens in Texas who are here, as the word illegal implies, in violation of the law. But that does not stop them from being placed ahead of citizens of this nation particularly those in McAllen Texas. In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation the illegals will be evacuated BEFORE the million or so citizens in the area are even aware that an evacuation is planned.

The emergency planners of the Rio Grande Valley are concerned about what will happen if a disaster takes place but they are more worried about the several thousand illegals than they are about more than a million citizens.

The plan that these so called managers have devised would be to evacuate the illegals before the general public (read citizens) are notified of the evacuation order. In other words the thousands of illegals are more important than over one million citizens (discounting that some of the people who will get a delayed notification might be illegal as well). The reality, in any event, is that the overwhelming number of people who will get the delayed notice are citizens.

The managers are worried that the illegals would get caught up in a traffic jam as people flee the affected area. There seems to be no concern for those who will actually be in the jam so long as it is not those here illegally.

If there is concern that the illegals might get caught up in a disaster I think they should be evacuated very quickly and it should be back to the nation from which they came. Right now would be quickly enough because, let’s face it, they are here as part of a Obama caused disaster.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


There Is A Health Threat From The Illegals

I know there are folks who think that the diseases entering the nation via the illegal aliens are no big deal and that we have diseases all across the country so it should not matter but it does matter.

Regions of the world have different disease profiles and many developed nations have eradicated or largely controlled many of the diseases common in other places. When illegals enter this nation or any nation in mass the potential for an epidemic increases and this is particularly true when large groups of people are housed in close quarters and receive little or no medical evaluation before they are secreted to other areas.

It is easy to dismiss someone who writes about it on a blog because regardless of his experience he is not there. But many doctors and nurses are there and they are reporting that there is a huge influx of diseases that could result in outbreaks of those that are currently well controlled.

Dr. Elaina George reports that there is a large incidence of TB in those coming in and many folks who are not showing symptoms are infected and contagious. Drug resistant TB is a major issue and carriers could be moving about the nation infecting those with whom they come in contact. Public transportation, schools, and households that take in the illegals are all at risk for an outbreak.

There are plenty of other diseases that will spike as a result of the invasion and they will have a huge impact on our health and our economy.

The costs of treating a TB outbreak alone would be staggering and the toll on the health of our citizens will be great.

Consider huge numbers of school children infected with TB, lice, scabies and how that would affect communities. Consider still, diseases that affect those in our country who are immunocompromised or have yet to be vaccinated. These populations could see a spike in mortality.

This whole mess is the result of failed leadership in Washington. The failure has been occurring for decades and involves both political parties. The current crisis falls squarely on Obama but the issue has been festering under many politicians who have refused to enforce our laws.

How many people need to become ill before the nation responds in mass and the so called leaders get off their ample rear ends and do the right thing?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog