Protect Your Cell Phone From The Police

A court has decided that the police have the right to look through your cell phone without a warrant if they have arrested you for something. This comes from a case where a man was arrested for making drug deals and the police officer who looked through his phone for numbers he contacted.

The court claimed that the officer could basically deny the person his rights because information on the phone could be remotely erased by someone else with access to a computer and the phone. The need to gather data before it is gone is more important that the need to uphold our rights, at least according to this court.

What will they do next? Will they be allowed to go through your computer because you might erase the hard drive before they get a warrant? Will they be allowed to bust into your home and look around because you might destroy evidence or burn your house down before they get a warrant?

The idea that police officers will only look at information pertinent to the case is laughable. They will look through contacts to see who a person communicates with and they will look through emails to see what a person is talking about. They will look at everything and then use the information for things that have nothing to do with the case at hand.

The Baltimore police already violate people’s rights. When they arrest someone with a cell phone they take the SIM cards from them. The only reason to do so would be to put them in a reader and see what is on them. A drug dealer would have lots if interesting information on those cards. That is no reason to ignore the rights of the phone’s owners.

Protect your phone and its data. Many of us think our information is safe but this court has determined that this is not the case. Protect your phones by putting a password in place. The court might allow the cop to look at the information on your phone but you cannot be compelled to tell them the password. You have the right to remain silent.

And if a cop EVER asks if he can search your phone, say NO!

It is also important to set the phone to wipe the data after so many failed attempts at the password. Most phones do not have elaborate password schemes so it would only be a matter of time before any password is cracked. By setting the phone to wipe after so many failed attempts you can force the police to wipe your phone for you.

We are at the crossroads of falling into a police state sanctioned by rogue courts.

Protect yourself from those who care not about you or your rights.

Too many patriots died to protect your rights. The least you can do is carry that practice on.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog