Worst Bill Evah?

Nancy Pelosi is screaming about the tax reform bill making its way through the Congressional sausage machine and she is not happy. When she is able to put words together and express a semi cogent thought she manages to rant about the tax bill being the worst ever. Yes, San Fran Nan is upset with the bill because, get this, it will add to the deficit and it will get rid of the Obamacare mandate. According to the dim bulb known as Pelosi, this will cause Armageddon. It will result is a lot of deaths.

Best I can tell from the news is that all human life on the planet will be extinguished when the tax bill becomes a law.

Good thing Democrats are not dramatic…

So Nancy Pelosi is worried about the debt. First of all there is no concrete evidence that the tax bill will cause the debt to rise. There are some reports but these are by the same organizations who told us Obamacare would save us money and was debt neutral. Obamacare is raising the debt and 2.2 TRILLION dollars looks like the net added to our ever growing debt. The reality is if taxes are cut more people will get to keep more of their money to spend and that will be great for the economy which will in turn get revenue flowing to Treasury.

The problem is not in tax cuts but in spending. Congress and the rest of the establishment government absolutely refuse to cut spending. If more revenue comes in they will spend even more. This has been demonstrated time and again and most recently during the Obama reign of terror. Record amounts of money were paid into the Treasury in many months and our debt still went up. Each time there is more money the government can’t resist spending it and more. This is one major reason our debt increases. Couple this with the fact that a lot of money is spent on programs that the government has no Constitutional power to be involved in and one can see why we continue to owe more money.

The national debt doubled under Obama. We went from just about 10 TRILLION dollars when Bush left office to just about 20 TRILLION when Obama left office. Nancy Pelosi and every other worthless liberal Democrat screaming about the debt were in office when this happened. They happily raised the debt ceiling, happily spent more and happily looked away as out debt continued to rise. Their concern now is nothing more than political theater. If Hillary Clinton had won (perish the thought) they Democrats would be pushing for more and more spending and more and more debt. They are absolute hypocrites.

Which puts me on to the next item. Brain dead Pelosi claims this is the worst bill in the history of Congress. I guess she is even including all the racist Democrat Jim Crow bills that became law and harmed the black population of our nation. Democrats were responsible and Democrat Pelosi thinks allowing YOU to keep more of YOUR money is worse than bills designed to keep blacks oppressed.

You folks who pay no taxes don’t get to scream about who benefits because you have been benefiting all along as the rest of us paid and continue to pay your way.

Obamacare is one of the worst legislative pieces ever produced. It enslaved people, caused them harm, caused them increases in what they spend and forced them to buy a product whether they wanted it or not. It did this by forcing some tax payers to pay for others (in addition to their own) and it forced people to buy insurance or be fined (or taxed if you are John Roberts). It added to the national debt, resulted in people losing coverage and doctors they were promised they could keep and it did little more than make most people slaves to the government.

Nancy, the tax bill allows those of us who earn money and pay taxes to keep more of what we earn and pay less to the government. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. It is certainly not the worst bill ever.

Unless of course your life revolves around waiting for your taxpayer funded handouts…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


When Bush Did It The Left Went Nuts

Let me start off by saying I agree with bombing ISIS and any other terror group and I think the US should keep it up. I would say to bomb them back to the Stone Age but since they already live in that era I say bomb them back to before they existed. I have no problem with attacking them where they live rather than waiting for them to come here. I have no problem with preemptive strikes.

But I am not the problem here because I never held the view that we should not attack them.

Barack Obama and ALL the Democrats who opposed George Bush did though. They derided Bush for waging war in Iraq when they claimed Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and never attacked us. Afghanistan was the good war, they said.

So during Bush’s terms we had Code Pink and the rest of the anti war crowd along with the Democrats screaming about Bush’s War and George Bush attacking a nation that never attacked us, blah, blah.

Barack Obama arrived on the scene fresh from his community organizing state and US Senate gigs to claim the mantle of anti war hero and to stop George Bush’s illegal wars.

The US, along with coalition partners, has begun bombing ISIS and other terror groups in Syria. Syria has never attacked us and ISIS has never attacked out country. Yes, they murdered some Americans but they did not come to our home nation and attack us. Do I think we should avenge their deaths? Certainly but then again, I am not the problem.

The problem lies with those who were so vocal in their opposition to George Bush who now remain silent as their messiah attacks an enemy in a sovereign nation, one that did not attack us. The problem lies with those very groups who said we should not be at war and who told us to try and understand the other guy’s side of things.

Where are these groups now? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is Harry Reid? Where are the protest groups that were so up in arms about the Iraq war? Where are these people when Barack Obama is basically doing the same thing they attacked Bush for?

They are curiously silent on the matter.

George Bush got Congressional approval before he waged war and Barack Obama did not. George Bush told us exactly what would happen if we announced the date we were leaving and pulled completely out of the region and what he said would happen, did.

Barack Obama was against the war in Iraq and he campaigned on ending it. Barack Obama campaigned on what he perceived to be the lawless and unconstitutional acts of Bush and now he is doing the very things he campaigned against.

These people are hypocrites and it would do the nation well for them to lose their jobs in November (for those up for reelection). Barack Obama is a disgrace to this nation. Is he doing the right thing now? I think it is right to attack the enemy but I always did.

He did not. This is what happens when you have a progressive Alinskyite with no work experience, no military experience (and who actually loathes the military) and no real life experience running things.

Community organizers are rabble rousers, not leaders.

The left remains silent because it is their messiah who is doing the things they previously opposed.

We need to rally as a nation while we are at war but that does not mean we can’t question the integrity of the leader who took us to war.

If the nation had questioned that integrity during the campaign we might not have a hypocrite and first class amateur running things now.

And in all likeliness there would be no need for more war because the enemies would fear us.

No one fears Obama because he lacks anything resembling manhood and he is certainly not a warrior.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Taxes For You But Not For Me

Liberals love to talk about disparity and wealth redistribution. People like Barack Obama like to say that at one point he feels you have made enough so you should pay more in taxes as if he is the arbiter of what is enough. He is not alone in the liberal world. Bill and Hillary Clinton love to discuss how terrible America is with regard to taxes and how the evil rich people should just pay more.

The wealthy in this country pay most of the federal taxes in this country.

The interesting thing about all this is that these liberals do not put their money where their mouth is. John Kerry selected the box on the MA state tax form to pay at the lower rate and docked his yacht in another state to avoid taxes.

Barack Obama diverts some of his money to his children to avoid taxes on it.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, the liberal dream team, use every part of the law possible to avoid taxes.

Take the inheritance tax. That is the one where the government taxes your estate at about 40%. This means that after you pay taxes all your life the money that you already paid taxes on is taxed again at 40% when you die.

The government snaps 40% off the top before your heirs get what you left them. There are some limits so that only the higher estates are taxed but this is the group that liberals have been after all along and it is the group that many of them are in.

The Clintons are well into the 1% with their millions of dollars and their income is in the range they target when they espouse their redistribution schemes.

But, and this is a big but, when it comes to their own wealth the Clintons have set up trusts in order to avoid paying taxes. This is not to suggest they are doing anything illegal. The tax code allows it (and ALL politicians ensure the tax code helps their own wallets) and I have no problem with that.

What I have a problem with is that the people who are always demanding that the rich pay more are the very ones who work to avoid that same fate.

All wealthy politicians work to reduce their tax burden (as well as the wealthy in general) so Bush, Romney, Buffett, Obama, and Clinton all work the tax code to ensure their burden is as small as possible. Even Harry Reid who famously claimed that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes games the system.

The big difference for me is that Romney, Bush and other wealthy conservatives (or those at least more conservative than the liberals) work to lower the amount of taxes everyone pays so we can all enjoy the same breaks as they. Liberals, on the other hand, work tirelessly to increase taxes on the wealthy (and everyone else) in order to fuel their insatiable appetite for OPM (Other People’s Money).

If they are going to demand more be paid by the wealthy then they should pay the absolute highest amount possible and lead by example.

Bill Clinton once said he did not pay enough in taxes as a rich guy but he sure works hard to pay as little as possible.

But they won’t because they are above the fray. They are special and we just don’t understand how it really is. You know, I even heard that Hillary and Bill left the White House dead broke. That little fact did not prevent them from purchasing a house that was more than a MILLION dollars or having one in DC that was about 5 MILLION.

No, they have no idea how life is for the real folks because these people have lived off the taxpayer for nearly their entire lives.

Now they take advantage of the tax system to avoid what they want to do to everyone else in their income brackets.

Can you say hypocrisy? How about elitist?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Michael Moore Shows His Ignorance, Again

Filmmaker Michael Moore is stirring up the ashes of racism and saying that this is the reason we have so many guns in our society. His claim is that most guns are bought by white people who fantasize about shooting an invader and that our image of those invaders is black folks.

Moore further states that the US has never been invaded so we really do not need 300 million guns in our homes. He further states:

“I get why the Russians might be a little spooked (over 20 million of them died in World War II). But what’s our excuse?” Moore said. “Worried that the Indians from the casino may go on the warpath? Concerned that the Canadians seem to be amassing too many Tim Horton’s donut shops on both sides of the border?” CNS News

As an aside, I could not help but laugh at the donut shop comment since it looks like Moore has been a victim of excessive donut consumption for some time…

First things first. If Moore contends that we have never been invaded so we don’t need guns in our homes I will counter with, the reason we have never been invaded is BECAUSE we have guns in our homes. I think the quote attributed to Japanese Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto puts it best; “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

So Michael, perhaps the reason we have never been invaded is because any potential enemy knows he would have to deal with millions of armed citizens.

But the meat of this issue is Moore’s misunderstanding of the reason we own guns and the reason we have a Second Amendment. While we are armed to protect our homeland the reason behind the Second Amendment is to ensure that the people have the means to fight our own government should it become tyrannical. We used our firearms to fight England when the King became oppressive and did things to us we did not like, one of which was the attempt to take our arms.

This government has done far worse things to us than those enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and we fought a revolution over those grievances.

We are armed so as to keep our government in check. We are armed so we have the means to resist a government that ignores the Constitution and tries to impose its will on us contrary to the tenets of our founding.

Michael, we have a Second Amendment to protect all the other Amendments and to protect ourselves against our own government.

That is why we need to keep and bear arms. It guarantees the security of the free state.

Our Founders felt it was necessary to acknowledge the God given right to keep and bear arms for protection (a right that predated the Constitution as evidenced by the words, “the right”) against our government. Since they were much wiser than Michael Moore will ever be I think I will go with their plan.

This has nothing to do with racism. The mass murder in Newtown involved a white guy and white students. If Moore wants racism then perhaps he should look at the inner cities where blacks are killing blacks each and every day. The racist government has enslaved them in an inner city prison and then taken their ability to defend themselves. Therefore, the innocent become victims of the criminals who don’t obey the law.

Moore admits that laws banning guns will not stop the violence but he wants to take our guns nonetheless. To him it is the right thing to do. Only a liberal idiot would espouse doing something that will not work and say it is the right thing to do. Like Obama and his idea of taxing the rich. It won’t fix anything but it makes him feel good because that is the “right thing to do.”

Obama is protected by people with guns. Moore uses an armed guard (who was arrested for illegally carrying his firearm in New York) and people like Dianne Feinstein have or had carry permits all the while working to disarm the rest of us.

We put armed people at banks to guard our money but we make our schools gun free zones and do not allow people there to be armed for the protection of our kids.

Unless, of course, your child has the last name Obama.

The government in charge of us tried to take our firearms once before. We all know how that worked out. Does this government really want to ignore the Constitution and try to disarm us? Is it ready for a backlash that it cannot possibly control?

Time will tell but my money is on the people.

From our cold dead hands…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



When Gas Was High Under Bush He Was A Big Oil Man

Gas prices went up under George Bush’s presidency and the left went nuts. They blamed it on Bush and Cheney because, as Nancy Pelosi attributed it, two oil men were in the White House. Yes, Pelosi and the rest of the brain dead liberals (but I repeat myself) blamed the high prices on Bush, Cheney and oil companies gouging consumers. The left initiated a few investigations into this so called gouging only to find out that it never took place.

As an aside, I made the point then and I make it again now, the only one gouging in all this is the government. State and federal government get many multiples of oil company profits in gasoline taxes. We pay them a lot of money and they do nothing to earn it. Martin O’Malley of Maryland is looking to raise gas taxes even higher to fuel (pun intended) his welfare state initiatives and big spending programs.

Bush has been out of office for more than three years but the left continues to blame him for everything. No matter the problem, to the left it is Bush’s fault.

Ironically, the left never gives him credit for anything he put in place that worked out well for them (like getting Bin Laden).

Gas prices are at an all time high for the month of March. The average is near $4.00 a gallon and the price has topped five (and is close to six) dollars in some places in the country.

Now the left, which was quick to blame Bush for the high prices under his tenure, is just as quick to tell us that presidents have little control over the cost of gasoline. It is amazing how quickly their tune changed when a Democrat suffers high prices.

As another aside, the high prices under Bush took place when Democrats controlled Congress.

The price people pay for gas is skyrocketing (something Obama and his regime want) and it is now an anchor around his neck. He keeps claiming that things are getting better and he saved the world from collapse but people on the ground, those whose children can’t jet off to a holiday in Mexico on taxpayer money, can see what things cost and how the cost is impacting their lives.

Obama falsely claims that drilling is up during his watch. The drilling is taking place on private lands as a result of what Bush did. Obama banned drilling in the Gulf, refused a pipeline, and has kept our oil rich lands off limits to oil drilling.

Obama’s policies have hampered our efforts to get more of our oil on the market.

He is doing it to force us into the green energies that he keeps wasting taxpayer money on.

Who will the left blame for the rising gasoline prices? It is not Bush’s fault and the left insists that presidents (at least Democrat presidents) can’t control gas prices so who will the left blame?

The left can set its sights on speculators but it loses credibility when one considers that the left discounted them and continued to blame Bush during his time in office.

Obama and his dim witted Democrats are playing politics at a time when the price of gas is hitting all time highs. They are desperately looking for scapegoats so they can keep Obama in office.

But the reality is that Obama is to blame. His policies have damaged the economy even further and he is rocketing us toward a Socialist state where government controls everything.

He is working us into a frenzy using the Cloward-Piven strategy.

It is time to work hard to dump this man before we end up living like Obama’s brother.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog