Hillary, A Wealth Of Stupidity

Hillary Clinton is in general election mode. She figures she has Sanders beaten and the nomination is hers so she has turned her focus to Donald Trump, who she must figure will be the GOP nominee.

Hillary went on the attack and bashed Trump for his wealth. She claimed that he could not fly in on his private jet, give a speech and fly out on that jet back to his luxury homes and expect to know how regular people live.

There is no doubt that Trump is very wealthy. He talks about his wealth quite a bit so it would be hard to overlook. But Trump made his money as a businessman in the private sector. It matters not how he got the seed money, the reality is he earned it in private business.

Now Hillary, on the other hand, made her money only after she and her hubby served in public office. Remember, Hillary told us that she and Bill were dead broke and owed a lot of money when they left the White House. Now they have a combined wealth of over 100 MILLION dollars. All that money was earned after they were in office and as a result of their elected positions.

It is beyond me how Hillary can go after Trump for flying in a private jet when Hillary flies around in private jets. It is beyond me how she can talk of Trump’s luxurious homes when she and Bill own several very nice residences.

All the things Hillary claims put Trump out of touch are the very same things she has or does. Admittedly, the amount of money the Clinton’s have pales in comparison to what Trump has but he earned his and he is spending it (his own money) on his campaign. Bill and Hillary spend very little of their own money and win lose or draw she will be sending out emails after the election in November begging people to contribute to pay off her campaign debt. She had over 100 million in wealth in 2008 and begged people to pay off the millions she owed for her failed campaign.

The Clintons are a work of crappy art. Only liberal morons like those two (and throw in the daughter who makes hundreds of thousands for doing very little) could live the life of royalty on money “earned” as a result of public service and then turn around and slam a rich guy who earned his money in the private sector.

This is no different than Sanders screaming about the unfair tax system that favors the rich while he, a wealthy man, writes off everything he can to avoid paying the taxes he wants everyone else to pay.

For the life of me I can’t figure why anyone would vote for this woman. I am baffled by Sanders supporters but Hillary’s supporters are even more troubling because they have decades of her antics to look at before they decide.

None of her criminal behavior keeps people from considering her.

She claims Trump is out of touch because of his wealth and the life he lives but how in touch can she be if she is doing the same things as he?

Only a liberal could get rich off public service and then smear a rich guy who earned his money in business.

Class warfare and hypocrisy. Without them liberals would dry up and blow away.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Liberals Must Not Have Carbon Footprints

Liberals are always screaming about global warming and they are sure to tell us that there is a consensus of scientists who say it is a major problem. Of course the planet warms and cools all the time but these folks are talking about man made global warming due to carbon production.

These folks neglect to tell us that many of the scientists on their list of those in agreement are not climate scientists and they also neglect to report that of those climate scientists who do agree many receive taxpayer money to do research on global warming.

Liberals want us to change our lifestyles by driving fuel efficient or electric automobiles, by moving to alternative fuel sources and by changing how we do things so that we do not produce carbon.

Of course while they expect us to radically change our lives for an unproven theory (one designed to extort more money from us) they have no intention of living the way they want us to.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech today outlining her plan to address global warming and after she left she got on a private jet that burns hundreds of gallons of fuel an hour and has a huge carbon footprint.

Clinton wants people to believe she is just like them. She was, after all, broke when they left the White House. She thinks people are idiots (and she is right when it comes to those who support her or liberal policies). She is nothing like the rest of us. While we are working hard to make ends meet she is jetting around on private airplanes that leave tons of carbon in the air. She does this while screaming about global warming caused (in the minds of liberals) by excessive carbon.

The sad part is that Hillary is not alone. Nearly every liberal who screams about global warming jets around in private planes and is transported by limousines that are often left idling so they stay cool or warm.

We can’t have liberals being uncomfortable, now can we?

Hillary says one thing and does another.

It is obvious she was born with a silver foot in her mouth…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Warner’s Immigration Reform; No Bieber

Senator Mark Warner, Democrat Virginia, is seeking reelection so jumping on board the get rid of Bieber bus is perfect for him. A majority of the voting public is disenchanted with Bieber and his antics so much so that a petition calling for his deportation generated more than enough votes to require review by the White House.

In an interview Warner was asked about the petition and his response was to ask if there was someplace he could sign.

Now Bieber is a douche and is spiraling out of control and I couldn’t care less if he is deported. He is dangerous and could end up hurting someone with his behavior. But he is here legally and he makes money and pays taxes. That does not mean he should not go but if he is here legally making money and paying taxes why should he be deported when so many ILLEGAL aliens are here?

Their mere presence is a violation of the law and Warner is pushing for comprehensive immigration reform which will involve allowing those who are here illegally to stay.

Why should we allow them to stay here and suckle at the teat of welfare and at the same time deport a person who is contributing to the Treasury?

Bieber probably needs to go home to Canada and work out whatever demons he has. But those who are here illegally should not get a pass just because their crimes have not been as public as Bieber’s.

If Warner wants to throw himself into the process of deporting people perhaps he should start by deporting those who are here illegally.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad

The NFL allows all kinds of ads during the Super Bowl. Some are for erectile dysfunction and a lot for alcohol, particularly beer. There are sexually suggestive ads and there are ads that support things like gun control. Some teams in the NFL even promote things like Obamacare.

But the NFL has standards don’t you know. The NFL will not allow ads that do not meet their standards, such that they are. Yes, while the NFL allows ads FOR gun control and that show scantily clad women serving beer to men who take pills for erectile dysfunction one thing the NFL will not stand for is an ad that promotes self defense.

Daniel Defense has an ad that shows a veteran talking about his responsibility to protect his family. A gun is never mentioned though a picture of one appears at the end in the Daniel Defense logo.

This is apparently too much for the NFL, an organization that has a whole lot of violent law breakers smashing each other for our entertainment. Colion Noir has this to say about it:

Noir is absolutely correct in his assessment. No one with a half a brain who sees the commercial can disagree with it but the NFL will not allow it.

I can understand the desire of the NFL to have standards but it is hard for it to make a case when it allows questionable ads and when it books halftime shows that should come with parental warnings.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


They Should Have Read It First

Oops, looks like the reality that it had to be passed to see what was in it has struck home for members of Congress and their staff members with regard to Obamacare. Remember that Nancy Pelosi famously stated that they needed to pass the bill to see what was in it. No one read the 2000 plus page bill, a bunch of shady deals were made to get this thing passed, and Obama signed it with a big smile.

He was happy that he screwed America and that government took more control over our lives.

The problem is that members of Congress and their staff must be part of the Obamacare exchanges and there is NO mechanism in place for their employer (the taxpayer) to pay the employer portion of health care premiums. People are working furiously to find some way to allow this to take place but so far there is no solution to a problem the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) pointed out not long after the bill was signed into law.

Congress now looks to Obama to make some administrative announcement to “fix” this problem. The Legislators do not want to change this via legislation because it will be seen as hypocrisy by the public. You see, the public is stuck with all the bad stuff in the law and can’t simply change or make a new law to help themselves. Congress wants to avoid looking like hypocrites.

Ironically, this is the reason the provision is in the law in the first place. Senator Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, proposed this part of the legislation to ensure that members of Congress and their staff were held to the same standard as constituents. There is speculation that Grassley never thought it would pass but that Democrats did not want to look like hypocrites so they allowed it.

Now they are stuck with it and they are whining. When 70% of the nation opposed this it was no big deal because our betters knew what was best for us. We had to shut up and eat our peas. We had to watch as they played games, lied and made backroom deals to get this passed and we had to watch them smile as it was signed into law even as we continued to oppose it.

They did not mind all of us having this forced upon us but now that they are stuck and there appears to be no way out they are in full fix it mode.

Screw them. Let them have to pay 100% of their health care costs. Let them be forced to eat their peas. Let them have to do what they do not want to do like the majority of us who have opposed this monstrosity since its conception.

No special treatment for these pukes. If you don’t want it to apply to you then repeal it or defund it.

God help them if they refuse to repeal or refund and then work a deal to get a break for themselves and their staff. It will not be pretty when 2014 rolls around.

This is what happens when government involves itself in areas where it does not belong. This is what happens when they engage in social programs that enslave the people. This is what happens when they act in haste.

Now they are caught up in the web they set up and they do not like it.

I guess they should have read it first.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog