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Debt Limit Surpasses 20 TRILLION!

The US debt limit (debt ceiling) has exceeded 20 TRILLION dollars (debt counter in right sidebar). The claim is that the debt jumped 317.6 Billion dollars in one day but that is only due to the funny math and accounting procedures used by the federal government. You see, the debt limit was reached months ago. In March we hit the statutory limit and the federal government has been using what it calls extraordinary measures to keep paying the bills. This involves taking money from the government funds in pension plans, stopping government contributions to pension plans and other methods of manipulating money the government does not own but controls (one day they will just confiscate it and pay the bills and dare you to do anything about it).

The reason there was a spike in the debt which had held at the same number since March is that President Trump and Congressional Democrats agreed to a plan to extend the debt ceiling and pass a continuing resolution moving the time to 15 December at which time the government will need to come to an agreement on the budget. Republicans wanted to kick this can down the road and Trump wanted to accomplish it by the end of the fiscal year (30 Sept) but the two hurricanes pummeled Texas and Florida and money is needed for disaster relief. Remember, Trump was ready to shut down the government if he did not get what he wanted but doing so now that people are suffering would be a stupid move so he agreed to increase debt, a CR and disaster relief until 15 December.

If he is smart (he keeps saying he is) he will use the holidays to hold Congress hostage and not let them adjourn until he gets what he wants or he can let the government shut down through the holidays. If he goes to the public now explaining what he expects and what will happen if he does not get it he might be able to get what he wants. Time will tell if he is a deal maker or a deal faker.

Rand Paul Has A Better Plan

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said that the disaster relief for Texas, Florida and other states affected by the hurricanes should come out of the foreign aid budget. He introduced the America First Amendment that would do just that. It would take billions of dollars from the foreign aid we send to other nations and use it instead for disaster relief. This is a wonderful idea. Who could not get on board of actually taking money that we usually give to nations that tolerate us, hate us or want to kill us and use it HERE in our own country instead? Who cannot get behind the idea of using American tax dollars to help Americans in America rather than letting it go to help people in foreign nations?

Evidently most of the Senate can’t because they voted against the Amendment 87-10. That means 87 US Senators thought it would be a better idea to send US tax dollars to other nations rather than spending them here to help our own people. One of those who voted against is a Senator from Texas. Sad, very sad indeed.

Remember this when these jackasses ask for your vote.

More Of The Police State

The Miami Herald is reporting that many folks who live in the Florida Keys and followed the mandatory evacuation orders are not being allowed back into the Keys. The police have blocked the road and tensions are high as people try to get back to their properties to see what their losses are. The police claim there is debris and live wires (even though all the power is out) across the roadway. The indications are it might be a week before these folks are allowed back in. They are being told to go to a shelter (26 miles away) and wait to be told they can enter.

People are not happy at this police state. The claim that public safety is a priority can only go so far. Emergency vehicles and certain others who live in specific areas of the Keys (the outraged claim it is the rich people who live there) are crossing the roads and making it in. There is no reason that the people who live there can’t get in to survey their properties and determine if they can stay or if they need to pack belongings and bug out until repairs are made. This is government making a bad situation worse by flexing its muscles.

Many folks interviewed are letting the police and elected officials know that the next time they will ignore the mandatory evacuation orders and stay home. They claim this is why most people do not follow those orders. They say getting back home is the problem and officials are only making it a certainty that more people will be placed in harm’s way the next time.

Gouging Bad Unless Government Does It

Remember not that long ago as Harvey was approaching and people were told to evacuate? Remember how the news was filled with stories of disgusted people who were faced with eight and nine dollar a gallon gas and water ranging from forty-eight to seventy-two dollars a case? Does anyone remember government officials claiming gouging will not be tolerated and businesses that price gouge should be ashamed and will be held accountable? I seem to remember a lot of bluster from government stooges who claimed they would tramp down hard on people found to be gouging.

It is amazing that people in Florida will go to Disney and spend three dollars for a bottle of water (which is seventy-two dollars a case) and not bat an eye but when they have to pay a dollar and a half or two dollars a bottle they scream bloody murder.

Well now, it seems those very anti price gouging politicians who would come down hard on the price gougers are guilty of the very same thing. The Mayor of Houston has proposed a 9% increase in property tax to pay for some of the cleanup from hurricane Harvey. Yes, the very officials who were talking about how immoral it was to gouge for water and gas are now gouging for taxes.

The tax increase would be temporary (they always start that way) and would be in the tax bill due the first part of 2018. Isn’t it amazing that a gas station that will be shut down raises its prices and charges more for water to curb hoarding and make up for future loss is condemned by the very government that thinks it is OK to raise taxes on people who have suffered huge financial losses and who will have trouble making ends meet and rebuilding?

I think if I lived there and Houston politicians wanted to increase my property tax I would force them to come reassess my property so I could pay taxes on the lower value now that it is damaged.

In any event, politicians are all the same. They think people are ATMs and that money can be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

Remember these jackasses when they ask for your vote.

Cave canem!
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Democrats Laugh At Potential New Orleans Disaster

I have written about Michael Moore and his remark that the hurricane heading toward Louisiana just as the Republican National Committee is about to start is proof that God exists. One might be able to excuse this because Moore is a mouth piece for Democrats and so severely brain damaged that he is a moron. If it were only Moore they might excuse it but now we have two more Democrats who have no regard for the people of New Orleans and think it is wonderful that a hurricane is heading there at this time because it will (they believe) help them.

Former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina were on a plane heading out of Denver after their convention. They engaged in a conversation and it is reported that they were mocking Sarah Palin and dismissing her as a candidate who offers nothing more than the fact she is female. Then the subject of the hurricane came up and Fowler says that the timing of the hurricane is that it will hit when the convention starts. He is laughing about it the entire time and then says it demonstrates that God is on their side.

Now this all might be hearsay and they might have denied that the conversation ever took place if Absentee from RedState had not been behind them on the plane and video recorded the conversation (evidently starting after they discussed Palin).

Here we have Democrats laughing about a hurricane that is heading for New Orleans and causing havoc. It wasn’t bad enough that they let the Democratic Mayor and Democratic Governor screw things up during Katrina and then blame everything on George Bush in order to get political gain (at the expense of human suffering) but now they are laughing about a hurricane that is reported to be a Category 4. They do not care that people could die and that there will be quite a bit of destruction.

Fortunately, Bobby Jindal is now in charge and he has mobilized 7000 National Guardsmen and has 700 other personnel coming in. He has also closed schools in certain areas for Tuesday and Wednesday. All of this proactive work while Democrats laugh in delight at the though of a hurricane entering during the Republicans’ convention. The fact that Jindal is being proactive and is working with the federal government in advance not only demonstrates leadership but shows how things could have been done when Katrina hit, if the Democrats only had people who know how to lead. There is even a novel idea of using school buses to haul people away from the city instead of letting the buses sit on a lot and get flooded. Who would have though a bus could be used to carry people. Certainly not Mayor Nagin who left 500 buses to get flooded instead of using them to evacuate people during the disaster of Katrina.

There is a mandatory evacuation order for New Orleans but this does not mean people have to leave. They can just be arrested if they are outside their homes. People have been told that if they stay they should not expect any help. Therefore, I don’t expect to see all the Democrats screaming about people stranded and left behind and needing help that they could not get. I don’t want to hear Kanye West and the Democratic party discuss how George Bush hates black people. It is very clear that people should leave and it is even more clear that if they do not they are on their own. NO HELP for putting their own lives at risk.

Maybe the Democrats will be too busy laughing about the hurricane to make any accusations.

Big Dog

They Call The GOP Heartless?

The fat pig maggot known as Michael Moore said that the hurricane barreling toward New Orleans right at the Republican convention is proof that there is a God. He is taking delight that a storm will cause billions more in damage and maybe kill a few folks along the way. This waste of flesh will be the first to say that Republicans do not care about people but his statement shows that the left does not care about anything but winning. But the way things are running smoothly in Louisiana during this current crisis shows what leadership at the STATE level can do. A Republican is in charge so there should be no problems with not knowing what to do or how to lead. Bobby Jindal won’t be on TV crying, he will be out there leading.

I happen to believe there is a God and I don’t need any proof but if Moore wants to find proof, let me offer some. The fact that Katrina hit a city that is overwhelmingly Democratic shows that not only is there a God but that he is not happy with liberals.

The fact that the 9/11 terrorists selected New York (the only civilian target) shows that there is a God and he is not happy with liberals who are running the place.

If Michael Moore were to drop down writhing in agony only to die from unknown reason would be proof that there is a God.

The fact that the no good maggot rat bas**rd was ever born and still lives is proof that there is a Satan.

Hey Michael Moore, go screw yourself.

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