Oh My, Already Gay? Blame It On The Russians

It appears that liberals were ok with sexual harassment, rape and other inappropriate behavior from other liberals until they were not. But in some cases they still tolerate it.

In the case of any Republican accused liberals have no tolerance. The Republican is immediately guilty even when the claims turn out to be false. In fact, this is a tactic of the left. When someone is running for office they trot out some woman to claim that [insert Republican candidate’s name here] grabbed, touched, harassed, or otherwise acted inappropriately, Gloria Allred shows up out of nowhere (and usually digs up a few more accusers along the way) to represent this downtrodden and forgotten soul who was abused by said Republican, there are calls for that person to exit the race, assuming he does, then the woman making the claims slithers back from whence she came and the issue is not brought up again. Herman Cain had that happen to him. The left tried it with Donald Trump but he said it was not true and he was going to sue the accuser. She and her lawyer probably realized Trump has more money than her DNC backers so that claim went nowhere real fast.

I looked to see how Allred spells her name and there is a news story that she is holding a press conference with another person making accusations about Roy Moore. It is like they only know the same tired routine.

In any event, for years and years liberals tolerated the sexual misdeeds of other liberals. Liberal women still tolerate what Bill Clinton did. Women offered to give him the same thing Monica did as long as he kept abortion legal. Liberal women routinely ignore the fact that he raped a number of women. The very same liberal women who are screaming about Roy Moore and allegations about things that allegedly happened 40 years ago completely ignored what Bill Clinton did and they knew about it not long after it happened. Those women were not deemed credible so Bill got, and continues to get, a break.

Look at Anthony Weiner. It took a while for him to be put in jail and I bet that was more because he hurt Hillary’s campaign than the fact he was sending pictures of his junk to under aged women (remember, liberals are OK with that and often applaud sexual deviants).

Harvey Weinstein got away with harassment for decades as did Kevin Spacey. These liberals got away with it because people in Hollywood were more interested in making sure they had good careers than in making sure they reported bad behavior. As a result of their inaction more people were abused by these cretins.

There are some liberals who speak out when things happen but there are not many. There are far more folks still defending Polanski than are speaking out about abuses. Now it could be that many of these liberals have skeletons in their closets as well and don’t want to rush to judgment in fear that the next fingers pointed will be at them.

It is strange to me that all of the sudden sexual misbehavior is popping up all over the place in Hollywood. It seems like every day some new allegation is made against some liberal entertainment big shot. I don’t find it strange that there is sexual misbehavior, I find it strange people are now reporting it.

I usually try to give the benefit of the doubt in these things. I believe in innocent until proven guilty so many years ago I was skeptical about an intern and a president until she showed up with a blue dress. I wondered if Weinstein’s engagements were consensual as he claimed but after claiming that he went into sex rehab (whatever the hell that is) so he basically admitted there was a problem. To me that is like saying you don’t have a drug problem but you are going to drug rehab anyway.

Then there is Spacey. This guy claims he does not remember, if he did do it he was drunk and oh yeah, he identifies as gay. That is supposed to be his, I’m gay so it’s OK now leave me alone, defense.

Among the people who have things to say about these abuses is the one and only ambassador to gaydom, the spokesperson for all that is homosexual, Mr. Sulu himself, George Takei, Oh my…

George has been outspoken about a number of things and he is not happy with anything that stands in the way of the gay agenda. He has made some very foolish statements in the past year (Donald Trump does that to people) but for the most part he is trying to remain relevant.

Looks like George is now in a bit of hot water of his own. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a model (a male one) many years ago. George cannot pull a Spacey and come out of the closet because that ship sashayed long ago. So he had to resort to what liberals have been using to explain Hillary’s loss.

The Russians did it.

Takei is saying that Russian bots are to blame for the story getting traction. Mr. Chekov, was that you?

I have seen no proof that Takei actually did anything. So far there is an accusation by a model. Lacking some kind of proof this will always be he said, he said.

I am sure many liberals will look at it that way though some of George’s fans are finding it tough to stick by him.

Maybe Roy Moore will get a fair shake and if there is no proof it can be chalked up to he said, she said.

Who am I kidding? I started this by saying liberals have tolerance (though now less so) for their other liberals misbehaving sexually but come prepared to hang when it is a Republican.

It will be fun watching George go through this and listen to his responses (if anything, he is entertaining). Maybe if he is real nice Mr. Trump will explain to him how to handle a Russian problem.

Phasers on stun George, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Hollywood Libs Want Lower Taxes

Liberals, particularly wealthy ones, are always screaming about the need for higher taxes. The wealthy love when taxes are increased because they generally find a way to pay less than the average person in this country.

Liberals scream for higher taxes to fuel the beast of government and then do things to avoid paying them. This includes moving to tax friendly states like Texas. The problem is that liberals run from the hell holes they created and then infect their new digs with the same brand of liberal lunacy that they tried to escape. It is like all the aliens who come here and then demand that we do things the way they did them in their home nation.

If you like it that way then don’t leave.

The Hollywood wealthy are begging the state of California to lower taxes in a move to keep the film industry in the state. It seems that many other places are offering tax incentives for the industry to move.

Liberals in Hollywood know they can’t compete so they want the state to step in and make staying more appealing.

The question I have for these liberals is if lower taxes is an incentive for you to stay then does that not mean lower taxes are good and will cause people not to look for a way out?

And if that is the case why do you continually scream for higher taxes?

After all, won’t lower taxes for everyone (and not just you liberal elites) provide incentive for everyone (people and businesses alike) to stay and contribute rather than looking for the exit?

Government has to be paid for so taxes are a necessary evil. But if we make everyone pay their fair share (like 10% for all income) and limit government by making it smaller and getting it out of our lives won’t it need less of people’s hard earned money?

And won’t people then have a reason to stay and contribute rather than suckle at the teat of government (read the taxpayer)?

If you don’t think so then please quit whining and for goodness sake don’t go to a tax friendly state and take your liberal madness there.

They don’t want it and do fine without it.

Otherwise you would not be worried about losing industry to them…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Excuse The Rappers; Blame Beck Instead

I wrote yesterday about the liberal left and its assertions that people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity incite people to murder. The feeling of those on the left is that the “hate” speech of these talk show hosts incites people to go out and commit crimes, particularly murder. This is not a new thing as Bill Clinton tried to blame the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh instead of on Timothy McVeigh. The left looks everywhere to find someone to blame except the person who actually committed the crime.

The issue now is the death of three police officers in Pittsburgh who were murdered by some guy who was reportedly worried that Obama would take guns away. I have no doubt that Obama would like to do away with guns but this guy went about expressing his concern the wrong way. But he, and only he, is to blame for this terrible crime.

The rap world is full of gang bangers who sing about killing, shooting and all kinds of violence toward women and the public in general. In 1992 a song came out entitled Cop Killer. It was by a group called Body Count (with Ice T) and it was about a person who was fed up with police brutality so he took matters into his own hands. This is the first part of the song:

I got my black shirt on.
I got my black gloves on.
I got my ski mask on.
This sh*ts been too long.
I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my headlights turned off.
Im bout to bust some shots off.
Im bout to dust some cops off.

Im a cop killer, better you than me.
Cop killer, f**k police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your familys grieving,
(f**k em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha.
Lyrics Freak

There was an uproar about this song. Police survivor groups were not happy with it but there were those who defended it particularly against the tighty whitey George H W Bush administration and their political correctness.

For what its worth I don’t care about the song. The radio has a lot of stations and I know how to work the dial and no one was ever forced to buy it. However, the question is, does not this kind of music actually, directly, incite violence against cops?

People can claim that the conservative talkers play on the emotions and fears of people and put suggestions in their heads about becoming violent. I do not see it that way. These people are not causing anyone to commit crimes. If people are doing this they are doing so on their own. I don’t believe that there are veiled messages of hate and violence from conservative talkers any more than I think Obama is sending veiled messages of violence to people he tells to get in their faces, channel their anger, or if they bring a knife he [Obama] brings a gun because they like to brawl in Philly (which is actually what they did to intimidate voters in that city).

Should we claim that Obama caused Black Panthers to stand in front of polling places with night sticks to intimidate people? If Beck and the others are responsible for the recent violence then Obama is responsible for the actions of those who threaten violence in order to help him.

Should we now start blaming Hollywood and its assorted liberal actors who perfrom in violent movies that feature a lot of people, including cops, being killed. If conservative talkers are responsible for violence then the Hollywood crowd certainly shoulders the burden of blame for violence because a lot of their movies have overt acts of aggression. Where was the liberal uproar when the film about George W Bush being assassinated was released? That certainly gave a message of violence and could have triggered all kinds of violent behavior.

People are responsible for their own actions. I know this is a difficult concept for the left because they always have to have someone to blame. There always has to be a victim class and there always has to be some evil person (usually Republican) who is to blame for it. Personal responsibility is not a strong suit of the left as finger pointing is their favorite past time.

Regardless, if conservative talkers have any blame for these acts of violence then rappers share that blame as does Barack Obama. We cannot have two sets of rules. If veiled messages from conservative talkers cause violence then the same kind of messages from Obama cause violence. If these are true then the blatant call for violence from rappers is definitely to blame for violence as is the overt violence in Hollywood productions. When a guy like 50 Cent is worshiped by young kids because he was shot 9 times then there is a problem that reaches far beyond anything conservative talkers say.

It is a tragedy that the people in Oakland, Pittsburgh and New York were murdered but the only people responsible for the deaths are the people who did the murdering.

Let’s stop the finger pointing and let’s stop trying to affix blame to people who are not responsible.

Big Dog

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