Hillary Panders to ILLEGALS

Hillary Clinton is in Nevada and she is pandering to the ILLEGAL population. While touring a poor area she met with Hispanics who are down and out and not making very much money. Some guy yelled that his wife was ILLEGAL and Hillary replied that “no woman is illegal.”

Hillary was asked if she would give driver’s licenses to ILLEGALS in two debates. The first one she flopped all over and gave two different answers. The second time she flat out stated “No!” Does this mean she will give licenses to women who are here illegally because she does not view them as ILLEGAL?

Is Hillary playing up the first woman to run ploy by trying to make people believe she is interested in women’s rights or that she views women differently than men? Did she discriminate by excluding men when she said that no woman was ILLEGAL?

Hillary Clinton will say anything to anyone to get elected. She knows that many women supported her in New Hampshire and that Hispanics are upset with the Republican Party because its members believe in the rule of law, something the Clinton crime family has had trouble with in the past. She breaks the law and has no problem pandering to others who do the same. She also knows that saying what she did makes more Hispanic women likely to vote for her.

Of course, she could have been giving them a veiled message that they could vote in the elections because she says they are not ILLEGAL.

Hillary is Satan.

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Boston Firefighter Stabbed; No Gringo Here

A Boston firefighter , who went out for takeout food, was attacked by a group of Hispanic males and stabbed twice in his chest. The firefighter, whose name was not released, went to a take out restaurant when a group of Hispanics started harassing him. He tried to avoid confrontation by telling them he only wanted a sandwich. There response was “we don’t want any gringo here.”

The firefighter, trying to avoid confrontation, got in his car and left but the men followed him. He went tot he local fire station (the one he works at) and they jumped him when he got out of his car. He was stabbed twice in the chest and was saved when he rang the bell to the station causing the men to flee. Fortunately, his fellow workers were not on a call and were able to render aid.

The kicker is, the police are not classifying this as a hate crime. The firefighter is white and the attackers Hispanic but somehow this does not fit the definition of a hate crime. Those who read this blog know how I feel about the stupidity of having a “hate” crime but if we have them the laws should apply equally.

Imagine if the victim had been Hispanic or black and had been attacked and stabbed by a group of white men. CASA, the NAACP and the race baiters would be out in full force and the police would not think twice about classifying it as a hate crime. However, since the victim is white they refuse to use that classification.

I would not be surprised to find out that the Hispanic thugs are here ILLEGALLY. Of course, if they are they would be the kind of people sanctuary laws protect so they will report crimes. Hell, if they ever get caught the governor will probably give them driver’s licenses.

I am not holding my breath waiting for them to report their own crimes.

I wonder what the response time for the fire department will be the next time a structure in the Hispanic part of town catches fire?

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