Armed Citizens; The Right Way To Go

Regardless of how one falls on the controversy in Missouri regarding who is at fault for the death of Michael Brown one thing is clear; the victims of the rioting and looting had nothing to do with it. The owners of these businesses are the victims of people who have no regard for society. If people are mad at the police then protest the police. If they are mad at government then protest government. They should not however, be destroying and stealing the property of people who did them no wrong.

There is no justification for it and it does not make their case stronger. It makes them look like a bunch of animals that were looking for a reason to riot and found one.

No one denies that these folks or any others have a basic right to protest. The First Amendment protects the right of people to PEACEABLY assemble and that is the key. There is nothing peaceful about what is happening in Ferguson.

The only businesses that seem to have escaped most of the damage are those whose owners and supporters protected the properties with firearms. Interestingly, the AR 15, the gun a Federal Judge said was not common and not a defensive weapon, has been displayed prominently in defense of property and life.

The police are not doing anything to protect the buildings. They can’t because they are overwhelmed and they really couldn’t care less about the safety of a building (or for that matter its occupants) when they are focused on their own safety.

This reality that the police cannot protect people might be why some police departments are telling citizens to arm themselves.

The latest example comes from none other than Detroit where residents have been advised by the police to buy firearms to protect themselves. Detroit is a dangerous place (as are most cities run by liberals) and the police usually show up to draw chalk lines around victims.

Their advice to people is to arm themselves and many people are taking that advice to heart.

A well armed citizen is the first line of defense of life and personal property. Liberals would have you believe that no one needs a gun but the police and the people who must live in the real world know differently.

The armed citizens of Ferguson are protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property.

Now folks in Detroit are being told to do the same.

Perhaps Detroit will thrive again when the criminals realize that the citizens are no longer easy targets. The criminals need not worry because they will move on to another place that is target rich.

Maryland might be inviting to them since the state has imposed unconstitutional gun laws.

A public service announcement to the criminals. Stick to the liberal parts of the state. Those folks do not like guns so you are not likely to get shot while robbing them.

Why should the rest of us be bothered with you when they refuse to protect themselves?

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Blame The Nut, Not The Gun

Or the knife or the car…

Elliot Rodgers stabbed people, shot people and hit people with his car. He was a nut who had real issues. One only needs to read his words to understand that he had serious mental issues and that his view of the world and of life was skewed. He murdered people, an act that is already against the law.

The liberal left is using this event to once again ratchet up the anti gun rhetoric. The liberals want more gun control and more background checks even though this nut was from one of the most anti gun (and restrictive) states in the Union. None of the laws liberals want would have stopped this guy from murdering people. He stabbed several and used his car as a weapon. Without the gun people still would have died.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office identified the three men found dead in Rodger’s apartment as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20. Hong and Chen were his roommates, while Wang was visiting the apartment, the sheriff’s office said. The three students died from “multiple stab wounds” before the shooting rampage, the sheriff’s office said. [emphasis mine]

No one is calling for a ban on guns or more strict requirements for a driver’s license. They are focusing on the gun which was just another tool used by a mentally deranged person to murder people.

Who to blame is the first question from liberals when these things happen. The response in this case is the NRA and Republicans.

No one has stated the obvious and that is the murderer and ONLY the murderer is responsible for what happened.

The knife did not murder or injure people. The car did not murder or injure people and the gun did not murder or injure people. Rodgers did all of that and he used those items to do it.

If a person is determined to do harm there is nothing that can be done to stop him. The fact that he used a knife and a car shows that he did not need the gun to inflict pain and cause mayhem.

Another case where the police knew there was an issue: “Rodger’s family contacted police after discovering social media posts about suicide and killing people, family spokesman and attorney Alan Shifman told reporters Saturday.

Six policemen showed up at Rodger’s home in Isla Vista on April 30, but they found nothing alarming. So they told Rodger[sic] to call his mother and they reassured her that he was OK, according to Astaire.” (Seems to me this might be enough to get a court order to remove any weapons until they were sure he was not unhinged ~ BD)

There will be more calls for gun control from all kinds of people who don’t really care about the victims. They care only about a political agenda and that agenda includes disarming those who had nothing to do with this (or any other) event. Liberals do not care about the victims and they actually like when these things happen. It allows them to push a false narrative to further their dream of disarming Americans.

All the shooters in these events turn out to be left wing nut jobs so perhaps we should ban liberalism and end the violence.

I pray for the victims but I will never agree that America has a gun problem.

America has a liberal problem, particularly nut job liberals.


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NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad

The NFL allows all kinds of ads during the Super Bowl. Some are for erectile dysfunction and a lot for alcohol, particularly beer. There are sexually suggestive ads and there are ads that support things like gun control. Some teams in the NFL even promote things like Obamacare.

But the NFL has standards don’t you know. The NFL will not allow ads that do not meet their standards, such that they are. Yes, while the NFL allows ads FOR gun control and that show scantily clad women serving beer to men who take pills for erectile dysfunction one thing the NFL will not stand for is an ad that promotes self defense.

Daniel Defense has an ad that shows a veteran talking about his responsibility to protect his family. A gun is never mentioned though a picture of one appears at the end in the Daniel Defense logo.

This is apparently too much for the NFL, an organization that has a whole lot of violent law breakers smashing each other for our entertainment. Colion Noir has this to say about it:

Noir is absolutely correct in his assessment. No one with a half a brain who sees the commercial can disagree with it but the NFL will not allow it.

I can understand the desire of the NFL to have standards but it is hard for it to make a case when it allows questionable ads and when it books halftime shows that should come with parental warnings.

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Get Rid Of Your Guns Or Move

An apartment complex in Castle Rock Colorado has a new rule. It notified tenants that they have until 1 October to get rid of their firearms or they will not be allowed to live in their apartment. The letter basically says that on 1 October residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.

A baseball bat or kitchen knife can be used as a weapon but that is a discussion for another time.

The issue here is does the apartment complex have the legal right to deny a person’s rights? I am no lawyer and do not know if this is legal or not. It seems to me that changing the rules for people who live there is wrong whether it is legal or not. I know that some complexes have banned certain types of dogs but there is no right to keep and bear dogs written in the US Constitution.

There are people living there who are very upset. One is a 77 year old retired Marine who has very little money (so he can’t move or afford a lawyer) but owns firearms and hunts. He even has a concealed carry permit. The state has checked on him and he is OK to carry a concealed gun and he certainly carried one in the Corps but he is unable to own one and live at this complex.

Before the anti gun nuts cheer the decision of the apartment owner please think about this. Suppose the letter had been sent out that indicated that residents could not display, use, or possess religious items of any kind, anywhere on the property.

You could not have a Bible, Koran or Torah. No Christmas tree or Menorah. No religious jewelry like a Cross or Star of David or clothing such as a yarmulke or burka. If you refuse to get rid of them you have to move and if you are caught with any of those items you will be evicted.

How would that go over? If they can legally deny one constitutionally protected right then they can deny any constitutionally protected right.

If this had been the existing rule and people rented with full knowledge of the ban then it would not be an issue. The problem here is that people have been living here and own firearms and now the rules have changed.

I know there are people who are anti gun and who don’t think people should own them. Fine, then don’t own one but leave everyone else alone.

Particularly in Castle Rock where the police failed to enforce a protective order and three children were murdered as a result.

Oh, and the Supreme Court ruled the police had no obligation to enforce the order.

The police are under no obligation to protect you. If you live in Castle Rock at those apartments you will have no way of protecting yourself.

Will the apartment complex owners be responsible if someone who relinquishes his firearms just to have a home is injured or murdered?

The apartments are managed by Ross Management Group. Please avoid doing business with them wherever they happen to be. Your life might depend on it.

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Obama Photoshopped Shooting Picture

UPDATE: The content of this post has been removed because it was inaccurate and contained a link to a phony site.

While I like to keep things posted I did not want to have the information continue around the web spreading something false.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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