The Greeks Deserve To be Humiliated

Greece has been on the edge of default for a few years and has been asking for and receiving bailouts in the form of loans to help them through a crisis of their own making.

The Greeks have a generous benefit system that allows workers to retire young and receive a hefty percentage of their retirement. Couple this with countless other programs that can’t be afforded and you get a crisis.

When Greece was bailed out it failed to take any reasonable austerity measures to get on a path to sustainability. It keeps showing up hat in hand wanting even more money.

The members of the European Union (EU) have been in tense negotiations and it is not happy to be asked to shell out more money to a country that seems intent on continuing on the same path that got it to the brink of disaster.

A new deal is in the works and many Greeks are unhappy with it. They claim it is harsh and requires them to do too much. They claim it is humiliating.

It should be humiliating. You have a system that can’t be sustained and you ask for money to help you when it collapses and ten you continue doing the same thing that got you there. You ask for more and more while continuing to refuse reforms.

Then you are forced to agree to harsh measures and you claim it is not right and humiliating.

It is humiliating and it should be. You should be ashamed that you are led by people who ran your country into the ground. You should be ashamed that you continue to suck the life out of your economy by raping the treasury of ever dwindling resources while continuing a life of early retirement and generous pensions.

Other countries are not happy with being forced to bail you out once again. And considering how dire your circumstances are you had better agree to the terms and get your act together.

Americans, pay attention because we are well on our way to a default and we will be like Greece before you know it.

And we too should feel ashamed and humiliated for many of the same reasons.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


French Kiss…Of Death

The French surrendered again as they voted a Socialist into the presidency. The French people ousted Mr. Sarkozy and replaced him with Francois Hollande, the first Socialist to rule the country in 17 years.

Nearly two decades ago François Mitterrand, a Socialist, ruled France and destroyed the economy with high taxes and increased spending (like American Democrats). Then, after the defecation hit the bladed cooling device, the people of France blamed capitalism for its woes.

Yes, those crafty French allowed a Socialist to tax and spend them into oblivion and then, after the damage was done, blamed capitalism.

Hmm, this sounds very familiar. I seem to remember hearing this somewhere else. Oh yeah, I got it. The American left has done the same thing. After decades of Democrat control and then control of moderate Republicans who went along with tax and spend policies the left now blames the inevitable disintegration on, get this, capitalism.

If we had true capitalism with little or no government involvement, then our country would be in great economic shape.

But in true liberal/progressive/Socialist fashion the left causes a huge problem and then blames it on someone or something else (Obama blames Bush for everything).

So the new French president, Hollande, hates capitalism, rich people, and freedom. He wants to tax the rich at 75% (imagine three quarters of what you earn going to government) so he can create more government jobs. Yep, again it sounds like the Obama plan.

And people say Obama is not a Socialist.

Obama has invited Hollande to visit the White House no doubt to discuss Socialist strategies.

The rich in France, meanwhile, are looking for places to hide themselves and their money to keep it out of the hands of Hollande. Imagine that, the rich are trying to keep their property from being confiscated by the government. Seems this is something else I have seen in America as wealthy Americans leave high tax states for low or no tax states. Only in France the rich are looking to leave the country, a plan that will likely hit America’s wealthy (whose businesses have already left our shores) should Obama succeed in taxing the hell out of them.

The French people voted for a crafty man who promised everything and he won. It is eerily similar to the American election in 2008 except Hollande proudly announced he is a Socialist while Obama denies being Socialist though his deeds tell another story.

Hollande will drive the French and what is left of their economy, which was already damaged by a Socialist, into the ground and will keep digging. France will be another Greece before long and America is not too terribly far behind.

You get the government you deserve and France deserves everything it is about to get. They think there will be no more (or at least diminished) austerity but eventually that will be the only card left in the deck.

France will soon be walking around with hat in hand begging other nations to bail it out and to pay for its stupidity. Like Greece (and American welfare recipients/liberals/occupy morons) France will expect to be taken care of.

Yes, the election of Hollande is a French kiss.

Of death…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Well, We Ensured Our Demise

The Senate passed the bill to raise the debt limit by 2.4 TRILLION dollars an unprecedented amount that tops the previous high, also set by Obama just last year. The deal is supposed to be the best we could get and with only a portion of government controlled by conservatives that is likely true. Too much wheeling and dealing took place to resolve this phony crisis drummed up by Obama and his minions. Instead of something responsible we got a bill, that Obama promptly signed into law, that will raise our taxes and all but guarantees we will see our credit rating lowered and interest rates rise.

The deal allows the government to borrow 2.4 TRILLION dollars raising our debt to over 16 TRILLION dollars. The debt of the US did not hit 2.4 TRILLION dollars until 1987. Yes, it took from our founding until 1987 to hit a total debt, as a country, of 2.4 TRILLION and the government just raised the limit by that amount. It is absolutely amazing that the pinheads in DC don’t understand what they are doing to us as a country.

The total debt of the federal government did not hit $2.4 trillion until November 1987, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. According to Treasury’s Monthly Statements of the Public Debt, the national debt equaled $2.3848 trillion at the end of October 1987 and $2.409572 trillion by the end of November 1987. CNS News

So we added 2.4 TRILLION to our debt and when the Bush tax cuts expire we will all be hit with a tax increase. There is no way that Obama will allow them to continue because he is foaming at the mouth to get the chance to raise taxes. Whether he wins in 2012 or not he will still be in office and there is no way he will allow the tax cuts to continue. We will get socked.

To top that off Obama and Congress ensured we will get hit with another tax increase. Once our credit rating is lowered we will all get hit with higher interest rates and this amounts to a tax on all of us, Obama said so himself. So we will get taxed twice, will have more debt and the alleged cuts will actually add 7 TRILLION dollars to our debt over the next ten years.

This is fiscal suicide and it amounts to malfeasance by every elected official who voted for this.

The former comptroller general is predicting we are three years away from being like Greece.

With this deal and the out of control spending it is only a matter of time before drastic cuts to (and possibly the elimination of) social programs will take place. We will have to put draconian austerity measures in place and those who were fighting for their piece of someone else’s pie today are going to be without in the future.

And I doubt the government is going to like our response.

Remember today and remember in November 2012. We need to get rid of everyone who voted for this.

And we can start with the guy at the top. One and done.


As an aside, the stock market took a beating today. So much for saving the country…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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