Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Berkeley Anymore

Not long ago a group of anti war hags from Code Pinko vandalized a Marine recruiting station in Berkeley California. They put their anti war crap all over the outside of the place and their intent was to drive the recruiters out of that bastion of liberal stupidity. Anti war protesters from CodePINK, Grandmothers Against the War, Berkeley East Bay Gray Panthers, Women in Black as well as others ran into a little roadblock this week when groups of pro America patriots who support the troops and their mission showed up to counter the protest.

The anti war moonbats were outnumbered 2:1 and were kept far away from the recruiting station by people who support the military and its mission. About 500 people showed up to keep the moonbats at bay and to ensure they did not vandalize the station again. Of course, they could still sneak back under cover of darkness and put up their communist propaganda but the message was loud and clear, this is not your father’s Berkeley.

One of the grannies complained that she was manhandled by one of the good guys. I was not there but I have doubts about this. The good guys do not usually get physical unless they are attacked first. When I have gone with the Gathering of Eagles it is usually the peaceful people who push, shove and taunt the pro troop counter protesters. If I had to bet I would say granny tried to get past them to the recruiting office and was stopped. Here is what granny had to say:

One of the peace advocates, Sheila Goldmacher, a Berkeley woman with Grandmothers Against the War, said she was pushed and shoved by the flag-wavers. “They have a right to be here — they do not have the right to be thugs,” she said. Contra Costa Times

As I stated, I doubt she was assaulted because no one was arrested and I am sure that if the police there would have seen any abuse they would have taken care of it. In any event, let us restate granny’s words to put them back on her. Granny, you have a right to be there but you do not have the right to vandalize the recruiting station.

Any questions?

Big Dog

S-CHIP Veto Sustained

The House just completed voting to override the President’s veto of the S-CHIP, a program that proponents say is “for the chirren” but is a program that actually socializes medicine and puts more of the onus of health care coverage on government. We do not need this program.

Without further ado, the vote is:
Yea: 273
Nay: 156

They needed 289 votes to override therefore, the veto was sustained.

Nancy Pelosi said that it would not cover Illegals. She said it is written into the bill and it is the law of the land. “Illegals do not get benefits.” Where has she been? The Congress voted to allow them to get Social Security benefits and there are millions of ILLEGALS who get health care, food stamps, and a number of other handouts paid for with our tax dollars.

Pelosi is smoking some of the funny stuff they grow out west.

Big Dog

Perhaps Clinton Should Give the Book Away

Bill Clinton has a new book out and it is about giving. The book is not doing very well and has pretty much dropped off the radar. Clinton’s first book, My Life, sold over a million copies because he was out promoting it all over the place. He has not put in much time on the new book because he is busy trying to hustle his way back into the White House by selling us a bill of goods in his candidate wife. He also does not have the same motivation that he did with the first book.

In that one he rewrote history, so he was out hawking that book so people could see the way it “really” was, not the way some evil member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would have you believe.

I guess what I want to know is, if this book is about giving and the merits of philanthropic work, why doesn’t he just give it away?

That’s right, making money is only bad if you are the one making it. As long as Bubba and Satan make money, life is good.

Yahoo News

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Tag! You Are SEO It

I was tagged by Perri over at It seems that this is designed to raise page rankings. Thanks Perri for including me in this fun fest. I decided that you explained it so well that I was going to use your instructions.

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Sadly, No Humans Exist There

My friend Raven wrote a piece where she questioned whether a soldier who claimed PTSD actually suffered from the condition. She did not state that he did or did not, she only asked the question. Unfortunately, a group of malcontents from the website, SadlyNo, invaded her site and left vile comments. Instead of exercising any rational thought, they attacked her and called her names. I read the comments at Raven’s and was going to comment myself but the comments were closed. You know how liberals are, they attack the troops and condemn them for everything and then have this mock indignation when a conservative says anything about the troops. They do it to shelter their own loathe for the troops.

So, I went to the site that sent its mouth breathers to Ravens and I left a comment indicating that attacking a person for her views was wrong and that they should stick to attacking the argument. Of course, this set off a firestorm of stupidity with the obligatory name calling. I was civil there (except to Billy Joe who you all know from here) and I was civil because that is not my site and I am not paying the bill. This however, is my place and I can say what I want. There is a guy named Bubba who is a good argument for evolution. This guy is probably the missing link.

Billy Joe had to jump in and he made false accusations and portrayed me in an unfavorable light in order to get the attention he craves. He ridiculed my work with GOE and said that I was ready to protect a monument but not join to fight in the war on terror. This is a blatant attempt to deceive. BJ knows that I served for 24 years and I am retired from the service. However, if they called me back to active duty and I passed the physical (might be the hardest part) I would go where they sent me and be honored to do so. How dare this little chicken choking puke question me and my service to this country. I have more time in a class A uniform than he has in the service because he did not serve. He sits around with one thumb in his rectum and one in his mouth and every few minutes he switches them.

This sorry excuse for a human said that I lie in fear of Islam and wet myself. Funny, I offered to meet him and let him say this to my face and he refused. I guess his pants were too wet. That is an open offer BJ and I look forward to meeting you in person one day.

I find it interesting that these cretins would attack a person who was extremely civil but it does not surprise me. The liberals lack any original thought. They cherry pick and they try to make people believe that it is OK to do whatever they want, kill babies, smoke dope, molest children, as long as it feels good.

Billy Joe wrote his last comment here. The rest will end up in the spam bucket where they belong. I tried to give him a chance to at least be civil but for him to distort things like that at this other site so he can feel good in front of the mouth breathers is the last straw. He. like the rest, lack the ability to attack the argument.

As for the site, I tried to comment and they called me a troll so I told them I would leave. They think that they can insult me and I will come back and comment as if I need their attention. I only went there to address the Raven post and had her comments been open, would never have visited but this is how they treat people who visit them. If you do not march in lockstep like a mindless drone and do as they say, they call you a troll. Amazingly, they made a big stink about me being able to comment there but Raven closed her comments. Yes, I could comment there but they resort to name calling instead of intelligent discussion. Trolls are unwanted so if I am a troll I can stay away but the least they could do is act like human beings. I really hate these kinds of liberal retards. If they were on fire I would not piss on them to put them out.

The people at that site are what you get when they throw away the baby and keep the afterbirth.

Big Dog

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