Bernie Sanders Has No Shame

Socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont has absolutely no shame. Sanders sent out a fund raising email playing on the tragedy in Arizona to get people to donate to his reelection campaign. Sanders went so far as to blame the incident on conservatives, talk radio, big business and anything else he could use to try and tie conservatives to the tragedy.

Sanders is despicable and should resign from Congress.

He is using a tragedy that was caused by one thing and one thing only. A nut decided to kill people. There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to stop a person determined to do harm. Even if the most stringent gun laws ever devised were in place this guy would still have been able to obtain a weapon and kill people. It happens all the time in cities where there are strict gun laws in place.

This tragedy affected many lives and lost in all this is how it is playing on the parents of the nut who did this. Evidently, the nut was allowed to avoid intervention because his mother works for the government there but this does not negate the fact that they are victims of their son’s violence as well.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions and Bernie Sanders is blaming conservatives and using the event to raise money.

He is the lowest form of life an should be drummed out of Congress.

Perhaps Bernie is trying to raise money because he is worried about his seat in 2012. He should, he is now in the cross hairs…

Rush Limbaugh was right. The Democrats are trying to profit from this.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Wealthy Clintons Want You To Pay The Bill

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of taxing the rich more to pay our bills. The wealthy in this country pay most of the bills and suffer the biggest burden for the spending of our government while 47% of wage earners pay no federal income taxes and many of those get back money they never paid in (redistribution of wealth). Progressives are big on having the rich pay the bills and they work hard every day to raise taxes on the wealthy but only on the wealthy who are not politicians. The political class thinks the taxpayer should foot the bills for them as well.

Case in point, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton ran for the presidency in 2008 and she lost to Barack Obama. Clinton amassed a lot of debt during that time and has yet to pay all of it off. She still owes just over three-quarters of a million dollars. The Clintons have over 100 million dollars and Bill earns at least $250,000 each time he gives a speech but they have decided that they should not write the check for her debt even though it would not dent their personal fortune. Hillary’s campaign still has over 600 thousand dollars in the bank so she could settle a large part of this debt with money that was already donated (and pay the rest out of her personal fortune) but the Clintons do not want to do it that way.

By 2007, seven years after leaving the White House, the Clintons had earned a combined $109 million (£73 million) through speaking engagements and bestselling memoirs. Even so, apparently they would prefer American voters to settle Mrs Clinton’s remaining $771,000 debt rather than paying it themselves. Times Online UK

Instead, they want voters to pay off the debt for them. Bill Clinton is offering a day with him in New York to a person selected from those who donate to settle Hillary’s debt. People are urged to donate as little as $5 to get a chance to be picked to spend the day with Bill. This is reportedly the second time such an offer has been made (I guess he is not as hot a commodity as he thought) as Bill works to get others to pay his debt.

This is typical of progressives. They love to spend money but they do not like to pay the bills with their own money. They would rather get money from others to pay their bills.

When Bill was president and, later, Hillary a Senator, they loved taxes and making the rich pay. Bill Clinton said he did not feel he was taxed enough (though he has not sent more money to the government, which he could do) and he and his wife love the idea of taxing the rich to pay the bills. They just don’t want rich people to have to pay the bills if they are the rich people in question.

I have a suggestion for the Clintons that would erase their campaign debt.

Take the money the campaign has in the bank and add it to enough of your personal wealth to pay the bill. Then write a check to pay it off.

You get the responsibility of paying your own bills, your creditors get their money, and the people do not foot the bill for what you spent.

Progressives love to spend other people’s money.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Don’t Let Obama Fool You About Donors

Barry the Smoker

Barack Obama likes to talk about how he has received so many donations under 200 dollars and all the regular people who are donating to his campaign. There are certainly quite a few people who donated $200 or less but they are not the people who make up the bulk of the donations.

Obama claims he is an outsider and that he is not taking money from special interests but there is no doubt that he is getting money from lawyers who work for companies that have lobbying branches, hedge fund managers, Hollywood (of course), and even BIG OIL (say it isn’t so). Obama has a number of bundlers who have raised $50,000 to $1 million. These are people who will expect something in return for their work and despite what Obama says, he knows it and he will give them what they want.

Obama, according to the Herald Tribune, developed a network of wealthy donors and other contacts when he was a crooked politician in Chicago and he cultivated those relationships until they grew into the money producing machine he has become. His ability to raise huge sums of money is why Obama broke his word on public financing of his campaign. I don’t know if I would call what he did a lie because I think he believed it when he said it but once he saw the huge sums roll in he got greedy and went back on his word. This is not a good character trait and not what I expect in a president. The only thing a man can give and that no one except him can take away is his word.

Don’t let Barack Hubris Obama fool you at all. He is nothing more than a typical politician. He will say or do anything to get elected and if he does there will be a bunch of people with their hands out for repayment. Even though Obambi says he will take on the lobbyists, I think it is likely he will take them on for work rather than to stop their influence peddling.

One more thing about donors. The totals Obama has reported are quite impressive but he did not do it with small donors, he did it with large bundlers. There is also an indication that he has accepted illegal donations from non citizens overseas. Two such donors are Palestinians living in Gaza in Hamas territory. In addition to their problem of not being legally eligible to donate, they also ended up giving well over the legal limit. How much of this is going on and how convenient Obama has held up the FEC appointments.

Obama has raised quite a bit of money and good for him. However, he got it from big donors. Regardless, with $340 million dollars donated to him, it is a sure sign that the economy is not really that bad.

Big Dog