Is Congressman Kratovil Getting The Message?

I recently wrote about my Congressman, Frank Kratovil of Maryland’s First District. He is an alleged Blue Dog Democrat and he won the traditionally Republican District by a small margin thanks to the large amount of money infused by the Obama special interest groups and the endorsement of former MD 1 Congressman Wayne Gilchrest. This RINO endorsed Kratovil because he was upset that he lost the primary to a Republican who actually IS conservative. I don’t think Kratovil will be in his seat for long but I do know that he will hasten his exit by supporting the liberal/socialist positions of Obama.

I wrote of Kratovil’s lie. I called his office and his staffer assured me that Kratovil had not taken a position on the health care bill. He already voted for Cap and Trade so it is obvious he is not a Blue Dog but a lap dog. After I spoke with his staffer the “uncommitted” congressman was out hawking for Obama and his health care plan. Kratovil had indeed taken a position and it was contrary to the one held by the majority of his constituents.

My reminder to the staffer that Kratovil won by a small margin must have made it back to him. I am sure he has also received quite a few reminders of this by others in his district. is reporting that several first term congressmen are reconsidering their positions.

Frank Kratovil and Tom Perriello, who as freshmen congressmen would be expected to back the party leadership, both say proposals for expanding coverage to the uninsured are un­acceptable in their current form and should focus more on cost savings.

Mr Kratovil, who was hanged in effigy by a healthcare protester at a town hall meeting in his state of Maryland, said he would have voted against legislation if it had come to a vote last month.

Kratovil NOW says that he would have voted against the bill in its current form so why was he out hawking for Obama? Why was he trying to sell the boondoggle to his constituents when he held his town hall meeting? Now that he has heard from his constituents he is singing a different song. That is good because he should be listening but make no mistake, he is all for the Obama agenda but he is also worried about being reelected. In the final analysis he knows that his constituents are the people who will put him back in office, not Obama and the party mob bosses.

Losing elections is why the Democrats want to have Republicans on board for this. If they can get Republicans to vote for it they can allow their vulnerable members (like Kratovil) to vote against it and be able to tout his Blue Dog credentials. No Republican should vote for this. Force the Democrats to pass this without any Republican support and force people like Kratovil to choose between his party and his constituents. We cannot give these people an easy way out of the mess they created.

I will be holding Kratovil accountable for his votes and right now he is in trouble for his vote for cap and trade. I worked very hard to get rid of Gilchrest and I will do the same to get rid of Kratovil.

We must get rid of all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

Anyone that votes for these socialistic programs is a domestic enemy. Kratovil is in good company with all the enemies of the state in the Obama administration including the chief thug Obamadinejad.

Kratovil had better straighten up and fly right. He needs to remember who he works for and he better do what we want. Gilchrest played games and lost his job. Kratovil will go a lot faster in the conservative First District of Maryland.

Big Dog

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Congressman Kratovil And The Big Lie

Frank Kratovil is a Democrat who rode the Obama wave and used left wing funding to win a traditionally Republican seat in Maryland’s First District. Kratovil champions himself a Blue Dog Democrat but he voted for the Cap and Trade bill and he is now pushing Obamacare. In other words, Kratovil is toeing the party line. To be fair, he did vote against some of the spending but on the biggest and most costly items, he is not the Blue Dog he claims to be.

Kratovil was at a town hall meeting where 250 people attended and he was pushing the party agenda for health care overhaul. Contrary to what Pelsoi and Hoyer (and the rest of the Democrats) claim about people who are at these things being un American and starting trouble, te crowd was behaved and allowed Kratovil to speak. The problem is, Kratovil is a liar.

I called his office ( I think it was the Friday that the House went into recess) and spoke to one of his staff. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the health care overhaul and told her that Kratovil should consider supporting less intrusive measures to improve on our system and that I would be happy to discuss them with him. I also informed her that Kratovil won by a very small margin (3000 votes)* and that he would be in trouble in the next election.

She told me that Congressman Kratovil had not made up his mind on the health care issue and that he was keeping an open mind and listening to people. Unfortunately, it appears that this was a brush off line used for those who oppose the plan. You see, Kratovil is now out supporting the plan. The Wall Street Journal article describing the meeting shows that krRATovil was there to support the measure. He did not have an open mind and he while he might have listened to all opinions, he certainly is not paying much attention to them.

While playing the Christian in the lions’ den is nobody’s idea of a good time, Mr. Kratovil took his ordeal in stride. He knew that he didn’t change anyone’s mind about supporting ObamaCare or other items on the agenda in Washington, but he did gain a few grudging admirers merely for facing the onslaught. “Listening to constituents is a big part of my job,” Mr. Kratovil told me. “This is part of the democratic process.”

Kratovil said that he did not change minds. Since many there opposed the plan it is fair to say that he was trying to get them to support it, something his staffer said he had not decided upon. Kratovil has a nice sound bite in saying it is his job to listen to constituents and this is true but he is not supposed to ignore them. He is also not supposed to have his staff lie to them when they call his office.

Kratovil got lucky in the last election. He had the popularity of Obama on his side and RINO Congressman Wayne Hilchrest endorsed him. Gilchrest lost the primary to a much better man in Andy Harris and then displayed sour grapes, and showed why he is a RINO, by endorsing Kratovil. This led to Gilchrest supporters voting for the Democrat.

The election of 2008 is behind us and now Kratovil has to deal with 2010 on his own. The people of Maryland’s First District know they were sold a bill of goods and that Kratovil is not a Blue Dog but a lap dog for Obama and the Democrat’s policies of failure.

I worked very hard to see Gilchrest defeated. If he had won I would have voted for Kratovil because if we were going to have a liberal in office we might as have a real one. Kratovil will be ripe for the picking in 2010 because the District is a conservative one and it knows it was had by a con artist.

I predict that Kratovil will be a one term member of Congress. I think Andy Harris will run again and if he does I believe he will thrash Kratovil in the general election. I could be wrong, (I was in the last election) but I don’t think so.

Right about now, most any Republican would

Mr. Kratovil, if you want to talk common sense about health care reform you can contact me via my contact form and I will help you out. But rest assured, the path you are taking will be your undoing.

That and the fact that your staffer lied to me about your position.

*I inadvertantly left a zero off the number. Kratovil won by 3000 votes.

Big Dog

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1st District Maryland; Defeat Kratovil In 2010

Frank Kratovil narrowly beat out Andy Harris to win the Congressional seat in Maryland’s First District. The seat was up for grabs after we were able to vote out the turncoat Wayne Gilchrest. Gilchrest was such a RINO that he endorsed Kratovil and helped the Democrat win. I would have voted for Kratovil had Gilchrest won the primary but that would be because I wanted Gilchrest out and if we are going to have a Democrat it might as well be a real one.

Kratovil did do the right thing by voting against the Stimulus Bill but now he is being led around by his masters in the House. He voted for the cap and trade bill that, if it eventually becomes law, will cost millions of jobs and increase the cost of energy to everyone in this country. Remember, Barack Obama said that his cap and trade would necessarily result in the increase of electricity costs. Kratovil voted for that.

Maryland’s First Congressional District is a conservative district that has been reliable for the GOP. Andy Harris, a conservative Republican, ran against Kratovil and the millions the Democrats poured in here. In the anti Bush sentiment, Harris lost what should have easily been a win.

The 2010 election is just over a year away and it is not too soon for those in the First Congressional District of Maryland to work to defeat Kratovil. I think Andy Harris will run again and we need him and his fiscal responsibility looking out for us. Kratovil voted with his party on an issue that will hurt his constituents.

This whole issue of CO2 emissions is a distortion of the truth and is a product of EPA endangerment rulings with regard to the gas. The EPA quieted dissent on the issue and ensured that the administration’s agenda was pursued without regard for science. A string of emails released that deal with this show that the scientist in question submitted a peer reviewed paper that had results which ran contrary to what the administration and the EPA wanted. It was squashed and the scientist relegated to other tasks. He was told specifically not to work on climate issues and was given other jobs.

The CBO cooked the books with regard to the numbers on this cap and tax scheme and the Democrats are selling us a bill of goods.

The bill will result in higher energy prices and this is an admission by Obama. The bill will result in a loss of millions of jobs. The bill will hurt the economy. The bill will do this if they are successful in making it a law.

Frank Kratovil sent me a brochure in the mail a few days ago. He was telling me how hard he worked to keep spending down and how responsible he was. He told me that he voted against the stimulus (he did right on that one) and he kept trying to assure me that he had my best interests at heart.

Then he voted for the cap and tax bill. Frank, you are not interested in being fiscally responsible and you obviously do not care if energy prices for your constituents increase.

Those of you in Maryland should recall that your governor, Martin O’Malley, promised to fix the problems with the cost of your electric bills. He campaigned on fixing it and promised there would be no increases. He promised to fix what the Democratic legislature had screwed up. His meddling led to higher energy costs then they would have been. He lied, he meddled, and people’s bills went up.

Kratovil is meddling and while some might say that O’Malley was just ignorant, Kratovil KNOWS that this will result in an increase because Obama said it necessarily would.

In other words, Kratovil does not care how it will affect you.

Vote him out. Make him a one term wonder.

Big Dog Salute Red Maryland

UPDATE: Ohio has a Democrat who ran as a fiscal conservative but has voted for ALL of the bad money spending items. At least Kratovil voted against the stimulus. Democrats know if they run as who and what they really are they will lose.

Big Dog

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Wayne Gilchrest; Liberal Or Sour Grapes

I have written about Wayne Gilchrest before. I worked hard to see that he was defeated in the primary because even though he was listed as a Republican he acted like and voted with the Democrats. I had been advocating for people to vote out incumbents and I put my money where my mouth is. Gilchrest lost to Andy Harris.

Harris is a stand up guy and a great conservative. He is also a physician and an officer in the Naval Reserve. He will be a great Congressman but we need to beat out a challenger who is putting up a good fight.

Frank Kratovil, a Democrat and an attorney, is running for the seat and he is keeping the race close. The recent poll changes the district from likely Republican to leans Republican and we still have a long way to go. I think Harris will pull this out because the district is fairly conservative and has had a Republican Congressman for about 20 years. However, this is not a forgone conclusion.

One person who has endorsed Kratovil is none other than RINO Wayne Gilchrest. Gilchrest is bitter because he was beaten and he now wants Harris to be denied the seat. I tried to warn Gilchrest to straighten his act up but he ignored the numerous emails sent to him and his condescending attitude led me to actively fight for Andy Harris and against Wayne Gilchrest. I have a lot of friends and relatives in the 1st District and they did not vote for him. He should have listened (not that I was solely responsible but every little bit helps).

It is easy to say that Gilchrest’s endorsement is nothing more than sour grapes but in reality it is in keeping with his inner liberal. You see, Gilchrest sided with Democrats on many issues that were not popular with real conservatives and he went against the wishes of his constituents. So it is not surprising to me that he endorsed the Democrat.

In case anyone thinks that one endorsement does not a liberal make, consider this.

Gilchrest has endorsed Obama/Biden. A true conservative would not do that because those two are extremely liberal. This is why Gilchrest lost his seat and I say good riddance.

Andy Harris will win this race so long as we can keep focused on the issues. Kratovil espouses the big government programs and the tax increases that support them and Harris believes in small government, lower taxes and he will never forget that he works for the people and never, unlike Gilchrest, be foolish enough to think we work for him.

If you are in the First Congressional District in Maryland then you need to register to vote and cast that vote for Andy Harris.

Big Dog