A Peek at the News; Clinton, Football, and Flatus

What do all items in the title have in common? They are all full of air, one hot, one fresh and one stinky.

Chelsea Clinton is calling the super delegates

This would not be news except for the fact that Bill and Hillary have always stated that they wanted their daughter to be a private person and not involved in the process. That is why she is off limits to the media to such a degree she refused to answer the question of a school kid. Hillary must be worried because she knows that without super delegates she won’t win and since Bill has pissed most of them off she has Chelsea calling. I don’t see an issue with an adult child helping a parent but to me that makes her fair game and the media should start asking her questions. She has already been out campaigning and she has Hillary’s talking points down pat so the people who attend should be able to ask her questions. “Hi, this is Chelsea, will you vote for my… hello? hello?”

BTW, there was a story on Drudge, that said Chelsea told people they were not voting for the Clintons, they were voting for her “mawm.” Sorry Chelsea, your daddy (Bill not Web) made it clear that you get two for the price of one. We can’t stand the idea of that rapist being in the White House without a job to distract him. The media following her were not allowed to ask questions.

Bob Dole Scolds Limbaugh

Bob Dole sent a letter to Rush Limbaugh in an effort to get the talk show host to stop attacking John McCain for being a liberal. Dole gave his assurance that McCain was a true conservative and that Rush had it all wrong and that it would be best for the party if ole’ Rush could jump on board. Just what we need about now, an old crusty politician who lost to a Clinton assuring us about another old crusty politician running against another Clinton. There are many things about John McCain that bother me and chief among them is his dismissal of the POWs left behind in Vietnam. What Dole needs to learn is that free speech goes both ways. you see, when Dole was running and Rush was wall to wall Clinton bashing Dole never sent a letter asking him to leave Clinton alone. When Rush, or any of the conservative talk hosts, bash the left the Republican politicians love it and will call the shows talking about the issue. During those times they have faith in Rush’s assessment and believe what he says and now, all of the sudden, Rush is wrong because he opposes John McCain? Bob Dole should go back to hawking Viagra and leave politics in the same ash heap as his presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton brings back the tears

It worked in New Hampshire so why not in Connecticut. In NH she brought out the waterworks prior to the election and miraculously wiped out a double digit Obama lead and now that he is gaining on her in many states and pulling even in the nationwide polling, Hillary needed to do something so back to the tears it was. Hillary was at an event where some liberal pansy named Penn Rhodeen was introducing her and he choked up and she got misty and had to wipe a tear. Penn Rhodeen said one thing I agree with. He told the audience that Hillary would say what needs to be said and that is true because she will say (and do) anything to get elected. Sniff, sniff, but its my turn. I want my turn and that dark fella is making it hard, boo hoo. I read some comments by people who said she was human and crying is a human emotion. Since when did she get classified as human? Also, this was some event for children’s services and Penn Rhodeen talked about how she was such an advocate for the kids and protecting them and all that. She seems to have missed protecting Mr. Lewinsky’s child from her sexual predator husband. She protected her hubby though…

Middle school boys not allowed to intentionally fart

This from Knox County Maine, 8th grade boys have been warned about intentionally passing flatus. It seems the boys have had a gas at passing gas on purpose. The school is not happy about it so anyone who intentionally farts will be suspended. I wonder how they will know if it was intentional. What if a kid has to pass gas and lets one rip. Will he be suspended. What if he holds it in and explodes? Will the school be in trouble? There is no word on recent efforts to ban intentionally laughing, crying (Hillary would get suspended), or smiling. Burping and borborygmi are definitely in trouble.

Finally, there was some football game on yesterday

The Super Bowl was played yesterday and the Patriots and their perfect record were defeated by the Giants and their not so perfect record. The Patriots end the season 18-1 and there is nothing wrong with that kind of record depending on when the 1 comes. The Giants were relentless in their defense and attacked Tom Brady from all sides. They beat him like a tied yard dog and disrupted the rhythm of the entire team. Eli Manning played well enough to win and he stepped it up at the end when he needed to. He was solid and kept to the game plan and allowed his team to win. I am glad the Pats lost because I can’t stand their Head Coach and the smug players who took this game for granted. I also wonder how long it will be before Hillary tells us she has always been a Giants fan.

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