People: Slavery Okay When It’s For A Nice Reason

I’m not really amazed at the reaction to most people to the fire in Tennessee, I just wish more people would think with their minds instead of their hearts. I wish people would do what they wanted to, but at the same time allow me to be free. Sadly, I’m in a tiny minority in America today.

In case you missed the “front page” news, a man in Tennessee burnt down his house. Now he, and a lot of other people, are mad that there weren’t slaves there to extinguish the fire for him. In fact, on the web site linked, the simple poll there indicates that 75% of people who read the story and voted, fully support slavery and believe that everyone (except themselves, presumably) should be slaves in America instead of free.

Here is the story, in brief: A man was offered insurance on his house. For $75 a year, a group of people would provide a fire truck, firemen, and a method to attempt to extinguish his house, should it catch on fire. The man made the choice to not pay the $75. Then, when his house caught on fire, he (and many others) are very angry that some people were not forced at gunpoint to pay for putting out the fire in his house.

Hey, Mr. Cranik, I’m real sorry that your house burnt down. No, I’m serious. I wish it hadn’t happened. And in fact, if I were in position to, I’d be glad to help you out now. However, at the moment, I’m losing about 50-70% of the earnings I make to the government, so I’m kinda broke. I would suggest you head on over to your local church and ask for help, I bet they’d be happy to help you.

But sadly, so many people, Mr. Cranik included, think that they are owed things by “the government.” People are upset and angry that “the government” didn’t show up to save Mr. Cranik’s home. This is just another illustration of people today that expect that things should be handed to them, and they shouldn’t have to do anything to get them. He was offered fire coverage, and he refused it. But now its government’s fault that they didn’t show up and give him something for free.

The part that so many people ignore or don’t care about is that government is literally incapable of producing anything. Instead, the ONLY way that government can provide anything to anyone at any time is to first take that something from someone else by force. In simple terms, the only way government could have showed up and put out Mr. Cranik’s fire would be for government to first come to my house with guns and take money from me to pay the firefighters and pay for the equipment. It indeed shows how far from freedom we have come to know that so many people believe that it is “right” to steal from me to provide for Mr. Cranik.

Certainly, some liberals will attempt to take this post and make moronic claims like, “Oh, gee, you don’t care about Mr. Cranik, and you want people to die in fires” and “How would YOU feel if YOUR house got burned down?” But of course, that’s all self-projection and outright lies. I honestly care about Mr. Cranik. But I also care about freedom. And I think freedom is a hell of a lot more important than feeling good about yourself at the expense of others.


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Should Jon Elliott of Err Amerika be Fired?

Randi Rhodes was reported to have been attacked near her New York apartment. It turned out that she had actually fallen and was NOT attacked. The initial report of her attack fueled speculation among left wing blogs that Rhodes had been attacked by a Right Wing lunatic. Jon Elliott, who filled in for Rhodes, said this:

“Is this an attempt by the right-wing hate machine to silence one of our own?” he asked on the air, according to the Talking Radio blog. “Are we threatening them?” NY Daily News

Here is a guy who has classified the entire “right” as a bunch of hate filled people. He called us all violent hate filled people who would attack a woman with whom we disagree. He did not attack some public official, he attacked all private citizens who happen to be on the political right.

So the question is, will he be fired? Don Imus was fired for his “hate speech” when he called a girl’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed hos. Imus attacked one basketball team and the race baiters were out in full force demanding that he be fired (and the black journalists have their panties in a wad that Imus will get another job). Elliott called every person on the political right a hater and indicated we were prone to violent attacks so perhaps he should go. I know, he apologized:

“I shouldn’t have speculated based on hearsay that Randi Rhodes had been mugged and that it may have been an attack from a right-wing hate machine,” the statement said. “I apologize for jumping to conclusions.”

So did Imus.

Imus should not have speculated that the girls were nappy headed hos but he got fired for that. Maybe Imus just jumped to a conclusion about the girls, but he apologized nonetheless. His apology did little good because even though he humiliated himself by kissing the ring of the godfather of race baiting, the godfather still demanded that Imus lose his job, his livelihood.

No wonder Err Amerika is going under. The dumb asses there cannot even get a news story that involves one of their own correct. How do we expect them to get things out of their own sphere anywhere neat correct?

Big Dog