Politicians Get Rich Taking YOUR Money

There is no doubt that many politicians get very wealthy (or wealthier) while in office. The fact that so many of them do cannot be a coincidence. The reality is they game the system to benefit them financially. The party matters little as members from all political ideologies work to enrich themselves and their families.

Harry Reid funnels money to family members or uses his connections to ensure they get well paying jobs. He uses his influence to ensure he gets great real estate deals.

It is reported that John Boehner will not “really” work to rid us of Obamacare because he has investments that will make him a lot of money because of the law. Something tells me he is not alone.

Dianne Feinstein is another who uses our money or her connections to get richer. It has been reported in the past that business is directed to her husband’s company because of her position in the US Senate. These allegations (and even the proof) are rarely mentioned in the liberal media.

Feinstein’s hubby stands to get about a BILLION more US dollars (in commission) as a result of the work of Congress. The US Postal Service will sell 56 buildings so it can pay more money leasing space. The company selected to handle this has Feinstein’s hubby sitting on its board and the sale of those buildings, expected to be 19 BILLION dollars will net the company (and hubby) a hefty commission.

This is one way politicians steer money to family members. They also hire them to work on campaigns, purchase campaign items from them (at greatly inflated prices no doubt) and they ensure that legislation favors their businesses or stock portfolios.

This kind of activity in the private sector gets CEOs hauled before Congress to explain themselves.

Anyone remember Congress grilling auto executives for flying in private planes to meetings in DC while the members doing the grilling fly at taxpayer expense and often in special planes? Some members (like the Speaker) have (or at that time had) their own Air Force air taxi service.

The people in elected office are, by and large, criminals who are in it to enrich their lives while they tell the rest of us how to live. There are a few good folks who are working for the people but the rest are out for themselves. They see themselves as elite and in a position to dictate how YOU live. They do not follow the rules they make.

Feinstein is but one in a large group of people who do things that do not benefit the people and do not follow the Constitution. That is all well in good in their minds because they live like royalty while in office and have ensured they will be very wealthy when they leave.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


I Agree With Senator Feinstein

This article assumes the shooting at the Navy Yard was not a false flag operation. I have no doubt in my mind that the government or its agents are capable of using mentally unstable people to get what it wants. Life means nothing to those who want to infringe upon our freedoms. If they cared about life they would not allow children to be murdered in the womb. Obama will use Executive Orders to get what he wants leading to speculation of a false flag operation.

It is not often that I agree with any liberal particularly Dianne Feinstein and particularly on gun control but I find myself in agreement with her statement after the senseless shooting at the Navy Yard. Feinstein stated:

“When will enough be enough?”
“Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life.” Washington Times

This statement is mostly true (more later) but the solution is where we part ways.

First of all it is important to note that the deaths from mass shootings account for an extremely small part of the number of murders. It is less than one-tenth of one percent. These statistics do not count gang related murders and shootings where a person kills relatives or others linked to him. Even those do not put us at an epidemic.

The sensationalism involved makes these things seem much more common and Obama lamenting that once again we are dealing with a mass shooting makes it appear that way. It is like air travel. It is the safest way to travel but a plane crash that kills hundreds of people gets more press than the few people at a time that die in traffic accidents.

More children in the womb are murdered than all the gun related murders combined.

Shootings like the one at the Navy Yard lead to a push for more gun control and the banning of more types of firearms even though these things will not work. Washington DC has very strict gun control laws and federal property, particularly military installations, have extreme gun control (thanks Bill Clinton). One does not just walk around a military post with a firearm unless the job requires them to carry one. Unless there is on post housing or an on post range there are no private firearms registered on the installation. If there are registered firearms they must be properly secured.

In addition, one must go through a secure point when entering a post. The fact that DC has strict gun laws, military posts have even stricter gun rules (and I might add, infringing rules), and that one must pass through a security entrance to gain access did not stop the shooter from murdering a dozen people at the Navy Yard.

Just as the on post rules and security did not stop a radical Muslim soldier from murdering over a dozen people at Fort Hood.

Laws only affect the people who are inclined to obey them in the first place.

The AR 15 is a firearm hated by the left. The initial reports indicated that the shooter used one at the Navy Yard however; new reports indicate he used a shotgun (he sneaked in) and two pistols he took from security guards. This will not stop the gun grabbers from blaming the black rifle and calling for a ban on it.

No gun law in the world would have prevented any of the mass shootings that have taken place. None of the gun laws passed after the shooting in Newtown would have stopped that event. The gun laws passed in New York, Maryland and other places were all knee jerk reactions that took advantage of a tragedy to get more control over our lives. It matters not to Governor O’Malley of Maryland that his unconstitutional gun laws would not have saved those children. He does not care if children die. His major concern is his next elected office. If he can use dead children to promote his cause he is perfectly OK with that.

But Big Dog, you said you agree with Senator Feinstein, how so?

I agree with her question; when will enough be enough? I also agree with her statement that we must do something to stop the endless loss of life.

OK, I mostly agree because it is not endless. That is hyperbole and drama to make it seem worse than it is but I agree we need to end these shootings.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The solution is not what Feinstein wants, it is just the opposite. We need to end having gun free zones and we need to stop infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The guy at the Navy Yard was able to do what he did because once he illegally sneaked his firearm(s) onto post he had a shooting gallery of trapped, unarmed workers. All citizens who are not otherwise disallowed (felony conviction, mental illness, addiction, etc) should be allowed to carry a firearm either openly or concealed. Teachers and other workers at schools should be allowed to carry firearms. Workers at federal facilities should be able to carry firearms.

We would not have active shooters if they did not have helpless prey to hunt and government does nothing but make us helpless and make us prey.

Feinstein is perfectly happy to continue the failed government policies that have resulted in the very murders she laments because she is not affected. She is part of the protected class. You know who they are. They have armed guards or permits to carry firearms.

The police, by the way, are not the answer. In Newtown every person was dead before the police arrived. At the Navy Yard the on base armed security that effectively had a criminal on a locked down facility could not neutralize him before he murdered a dozen people. Anyone of his victims could have stopped the carnage had they been armed.

If you want to end the violence, and I mean if you truly want to end it, then stop disarming the people who suffer from unconstitutional gun laws.

No law stops criminals from committing crime.

Let us not forget that it is already against the law to murder people…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Filthy little Piggies, Doing Piggie Things, democrat

The feeding at the public trough has commenced in earnest- if it ever really stopped, that is. I believe the feeding slowed just enough for the piggies to change places, but boy oh boy, these Democrats are really showing an appetite here, now that they know they will not be pulled back from the trough by any little thing like ethics, or a sense of moral outrage. Don’t anybody reach in, you’ll draw back a stump- piranha have better manners.

And it just keeps getting better and better, when you are a Democrat and you know the media’s got your back.

First, we have Jack Murtha, a lush who likes, for some reason, to slander our veterans with no evidence, and who pours over 100 million dollars to an airport in his district that services maybe twenty people in a day.

Yeah, Jackie- that’s real good use of our money- do you even have a brain? Twenty people a day? Oh- one of them may be you? Well, that’s OK then, because we wouldn’t want to keep you from all of those wonderful speaking engagements where you call your constituents “Rednecks and racists.” Your’e real classy.

And then, on the other side of the country, there is Senator Diane Feinstein, one of the five richest members of the Senate, a person who is not even on a banking committee, steering federal funding of more than 100 billion with a B dollars to the FDIC. OK so far, but then…

Enter her husband’s firm, which had a competitive bid in with the FDIC to handle foreclosed homes, where this firm could make from 8- 30% of the sale on these homes.

Guess who gets the contract- that’s right, Diane’s hubby, who adamantly maintains that he didn’t know a thing about this, despite the fact that he is the board Chairman.

Does ANYBODY really believe this? Perhaps in a bizarre X-Files moment, but in real life?  Really, you mean to try and say that this husband and wife didn’t mention anything about all of this- it just came together like the random atoms liberals say was the beginning of life? Just a sort of financial Big Bang, right? 

I have to say, if  Richard Blum, Sen. Feinstein’s husband  says he didn’t know this, and people believe him, these same people should also believe Jeffery Skilling, Bernie Madoff, Richard Stanford, and all the other heads of companies who maintain that they did not know what was happening. Or, for that matter, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and anybody else who offers an explanation, because it will have become painfully evident that the explanation doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be said, and, you know, we will believe ANYTHING.

It borders on science fiction to even try to say that all of this is coincidence- call a spade a spade, and admit that Sen. Feinstein and her hubby were stealing from the taxpayer, just as Jackie “our Army is murderin’ scum” Murtha has been stealing from the taxpayer for years. 100 million dollars for what is really an Air Park? It now has a state of the art radar facility that NOONE USES. That is correct- there is no one manning this multi million dollar radar facility. There it sits, grass growing around it, because Murtha just can’t stop spending our money.

And of course, there are many more, but it’s kind of like getting beaten- after awhile, you sort of get a little numb to all the body blows. 

The Democrats are very good, some might even say world- class at stealing tax money. They have been doing that since Roosevelt. Of course, there are the bone heads, like William Jefferson (who was one last name away from feeling like  a president), who thought a freezer was a fine place to store cash. (Why no, officer, I don’t think it’s odd, do you? Doesn’t everyone keep cash there? I thought the roaches would eat it if I left it out, and besides, it was going to be a present, yea, that’s it, that’s the ticket.)

Not to mention John Conyers, who has the gall to try and accuse Dick Cheney of crimes, while he himself is under investigation, or Charlie Rangel, who, in spite of being the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which oversees our tax code, can’t seem to figure out why he can’t exempt himself from the tax laws he oversees with regard to either his many rental properties (Charlie,it’s income, you have to declare it) to the cars he rents or owns.

Look, I know there are Republicans who do the same things- the media are all over them, but here’s the hypocrisy- the story about Sen, Feinstein was reported by several papers, almost all of whom had the same story, virtually word for word, like a press release, with no follow up. The story effectively has died, because when you have no one with the huevos to follow up, it’s like it never even happened.

Further, the original story actually began on Oct. 30, with  the timeline horribly skewed,and nobody questioning why Richard Blum knew about the awarding of the contract on Nov. 26, while Sen. Feinstein said she didn’t know about it until Jan. 21? Don’t you think that maybe her husband, during one of the Senate’s MANY vacations, might have said,” Honey, guess what? My company has been awarded a 10 million dollar bid to sell foreclosed homes. How fortuitous, and lucky we must be. The stars must have aligned themselves just right for us, for surely this could not have been planned.” Uh Huh.

And some wonder why we don’t trust liberals.

Big Dog

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Is the Obama hit squad out?

Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in nomination at the DNC and she will receive votes. This is a pretty gutsy move by Barack Obama since he does not have the number of delegates needed for an outright win and Super Delegates can vote for whomever they want. One Democrat indicates that as many as half the members of the House may vote for Hillary:

Rep. Loretta Sanchez says she’s happy for the chance to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Democratic National Convention — and she predicts that as many as half of the Democrats in the House could join her. Politico

Barry has been having a rough month, one that has Hillary and Bill silently laughing. The Democrats are worried that they might have made the wrong choice in candidates and the nagging issue of Hillary supporters has them nervous. Has Obama sent out the hit squad to ensure that Clinton supporters are not able to vote at the convention?

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California has broken her ankle and will skip next week’s Democratic National Convention.

Feinstein, who was one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top supporters, was to have chaired California’s delegation to the convention in Denver. Breitbart


U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland has suffered an aneurysm and is in a hospital.
She was one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest boosters during the primaries and is a superdelegate at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver. Breitbart

Maybe the Obama hit squad is out ensuring that Hillary supporters are unable to attend the convention. These “accidents” sure appear to be Chicago style politics. Barry has bumped off his competition before so it is not out of the question that he would do it again.

Maybe this is what he meant when he stated that McCain does not know what he is up against…

Big Dog