Sometimes Pain Is The Best Teacher

Sometimes people only learn when their mistake causes them some discomfort. Pick up a hot lid from a pot and you quickly learn that you should check or use a pot holder.

It seems that this might be the best approach for liberal run cities that have been in steady decline from decades of liberal “leadership”. Baltimore is one such city but there are plenty of others. Charm City, as Baltimore is known, is a cesspool of crime and liberal failure on display each and every day. Oh there are a few things that shine to be sure but even the sparkle of those things begins to fade as liberal ideology eventually ruins all that it touches.

Baltimore was once a thriving city but decades of liberalism and the dependents produced by that ideology have obliterated all sense of normalcy and forced it into an animal kingdom where thugs prey upon those whose circumstances will not allow them to leave.

Baltimore celebrated its 100th murder by firearm before the month of April came to a close. A city that has bought into the liberal idea of gun bans, needle exchanges, blame and victim status for its dependents had 100 gun murders in 4 months in a city that is part of a liberal state that has strict gun control. This is not supposed to happen. People are supposed to be enslaved on the liberal plantation and do what they are told so they can get their meal cards, their welfare checks and their free cell phones.

The city and its liberal leadership can’t figure out what is going on. The mayor says there are too many guns not even considering that the guns are not the problem and what she and her city has is too many CRIMINALS. I would wager a paycheck that the people murdered in Baltimore, the 100, were not murdered by people with legally owned firearms. These people were not murdered by others who have a clean criminal record or who have never interacted with the criminal justice system.

But to the hapless mayor the problem is too many guns.

The mayor ignores that the city spat in the face of its police force when its previous mayor gave a stand down order and allowed rioters to destroy the city (this led to her political demise) after the death of a career criminal while in police custody and the malicious prosecution of six officers by the State’s Attorney for Baltimore. All six cases were ruled in the officer’s favor. There are questions in my mind about some of the events leading to the death of that career criminal but no matter what happened the city handled it poorly. It was handled so poorly the State National Guard had to be activated to get things in order.

Now the new mayor, upset about the increased number of murders and clueless as to their cause, wants the federal government to help. She wants the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in keeping order in Baltimore and has been in talks with the Baltimore field office.

Since when does a city mayor communicate with the federal government for assistance? The city communicates with the state and the state communicates with the feds. That is how things should work. The mayor has bypassed the normal channel and ignored resources the state might have to get help from the federal government, the very federal government that is run by a man the mayor and her liberal colleagues cannot stand.

By the way, it is worth noting that Baltimore, in addition to being a Petri dish where welfare dependents are grown and released to suckle at the teat of government in return for votes every four years, is also a sanctuary city. The city ignores federal immigration law, turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants and then expects the federal government to come in and help with the problems.

Hell, I think the city has directed its prosecutors to take care in what they pursue if there is a chance the person is illegal because it might mean deportation. Let me interpret; ignore the petty lawbreakers and their crimes so they do not get deported. Yes folks, this is how stupid the liberals are but they do have some nerve.

It takes a lot of it to ask for help solving the problems you caused from people who you do not like and who you will not cooperate with.

I am sure this should all go through the state but the Trump Administration, if it decides to help and let the FBI assist, should force the city to cooperate with immigration laws. It should force the city to get rid of the sanctuary policies and start working to get the illegals out.

If the city declines then it can clean up its own mess which might be the best thing anyway. If the city is forced to deal with the pain of its policies perhaps those liberals will learn from that pain.

Who am I kidding? I am sure they can continue to blame too many guns as people continue to die, police officers continue to depart and citizens fortunate enough to escape do just that.

Because, you know, in liberal reality their policies are not the problem and all they ever need is a little more money or a little more legislation that infringes on the rights of others.

You know, for the children.

Pain is a great teacher but you at least have to have the ability and desire to learn…

CBS Baltimore

Trump, The Worm In The Apple

The terrorists who murdered people in San Bernardino before they were shot to death by law enforcement left behind an Apple iPhone and the FBI can’t crack into it. It seems the encryption in place will not allow the FBI tech folks access to the phone. The FBI wants Apple to access the device.

Apple claims it cannot do so unless it creates some kind of back door access that would affect all other iPhones. It seems Apple really did a bang up job of securing their phones after a lot of public outcry about privacy and the assistance given by the government to many tech companies.

Apple made a point when it launched its new security to tell us they could not access an individual’s phone. At that time government protested and is evidently using this phone to make its case.

The issue here is a big picture issue. Apple says it can’t access the phone without building a means that would allow access to all phones. This, of course, is what the FBI (read government) wants. The government does not like the idea that it can’t access your stuff. I know there will be promises that this is just one phone and they would never use the technology to access other phones but they lie. We have seen far too many instances of surveillance overreach by the government. Stingray is one little thing they have developed and overused even allowing local police to use it provided they keep it secret.

Government will always abuse any tool or power it gets. They always justify it (or should I say rationalize it) by saying they are trying to keep us safe or that it is for the greater good but the reality is they want power and control and the San Bernardino terrorist attack provided the catalyst for the FBI to gain access.

Look, there might be important things on the phone that would help round up other terrorists but that alone is not a reason to develop something that would allow access to millions of phones that belong to people who have done nothing wrong. If accessing this phone at the expensive of others is deemed acceptable then what will stop them when the argument is eavesdropping on all of us is OK because they might find a few bad guys while doing it?
Donald Trump threw his hat into the fray over the phone by declaring Apple should do what the FBI wants and people should boycott Apple until they acquiesce. When asked by commentators at Fox about how the back door could be used to access even his phone the Donald said if it meant more security he was OK with it. Security was more important than liberty, in the mind of the Donald.

Donald, a Founding Father of this nation had something to say about people like you:

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Ben Franklin

The quote may well have dealt with security and taxes during the French-Indian War but the words are well adapted to our civil liberty. If you Donald are willing to give up your liberty (as you stated when you said it was Ok for the government to have access to your phone, and by extension all of ours) because it was for security then you really deserve neither.

The ends do not justify the means in this case and if Trump thinks they do then he might as well be quoting Rules for Radicals.

There are plenty of tech experts in this country and no doubt a number of them have the ability to hack into that particular phone. If the FBI wants to pay one such person (one has already offered to do it for free) then that is up to them.

To leave all of us vulnerable to unwanted and unconstitutional violations of our privacy because of one phone that belonged to a terrorist is not a tradeoff worth considering.

Maybe, just maybe, if you believe in liberty you should consider boycotting Trump instead of Apple…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Did FBI Murder LaVoy Finicum?

For nearly a month a group of people describing themselves as militia have been occupying a federal wildlife refuge in protest of the federal government’s intrusion. The feds have obtained a lot of land in violation of the US Constitution and they have been putting ranchers out of business and obtaining their land along the way.

We can debate the tactics of the people and the sanity of this mission some other time. What is not open to debate is their adherence to non violence. They stated they would not shoot first but that they would not tolerate federal agents pointing guns at them. Their position was likely exploited and allowed the FBI to kill LaVoy Finicum. Many claim that Finicum did not shoot (in fact it has been reported that the only three shots came from law enforcement) and that he had his hands up when he approached the police.

I was obviously not there but if he intended to shoot someone I am sure he would have gotten a few rounds off and possibly harmed one of the LEOs before he was shot. He was not a threat to anyone’s life so why was lethal force used?

These officers had many more people, pepper spray and tazers. They did not have to shoot this guy, at least based on what we know at this time.

You can bet that no officer will face any discipline or investigation for this shooting, a shooting that looks like cold blooded murder.

Even if Finicum was charging at the police he did less to them than Michael Brown did (he assaulted an officer and then charged him and tried to take his gun) so why are there no protests? Why are there no hands up don’t shoot rallies and why are there no people telling us that cowboy lives matter?

Obama was on Brown’s side as was the majority of the liberal establishment. The very people who think Brown was executed think Finicum got what he deserved.

Did he? There is no way to convince me he could not have been taken alive. A trigger happy LEO murdered him.

The government can kill without consequence. We see it each and every day.

I do not know what the response to this will be but if this man was walking with his hands up and was unarmed and they shot him then the reaction should make Ferguson look like Disneyland.

Perhaps people should burn places to the ground and engage in huge riots that destroy millions of dollars in property. I mean, that is what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore and the subjects of those outbursts were in the wrong. If they murdered this guy (and it sure looks that way) then it might just be time to raise hell. There is no honor in the FBI and there is no honor in any police agency that violates its oath.

Perhaps this will spiral out of control or perhaps it will be forgotten in the next news cycle.

In any event, if you ever have to deal with the FBI or other law enforcement agencies just keep in mind they will murder you. Do what you have to to stay alive keeping in mind surrendering or complying is no guarantee you will remain alive.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Government Agencies Collude To Deny Vets 2A Rights

The VA has signed a memorandum of agreement with the FBI to provide the FBI with information on veterans that will be included in the instant background check system. The information will keep many veterans from owning firearms.

Now, if any information is legitimate such as mental health issues or other real reasons that someone should not own a firearm then this could be good.

Unfortunately, the VA is using questionable means to disqualify veterans. The VA is reporting bank habits as questionable and indicating the veterans can’t take care of their finances so they are incompetent, The VA is reporting veterans who decide not to take certain medications as incompetent.

People can do their banking as they see fit and if a patient does not want to take medication that is the patient’s right.

Why is it that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body but a veteran can’t?

This is a backdoor attempt to institute gun control. The VA and the FBI are working together to invent reasons to keep veterans from owning firearms, you know the very items the government handed them when it sent them off to WAR.

The liberals want to remove the means to resist and they are targeting the very people who have shown they will defend the Constitution and who know how to do it.

It is bad enough the VA is a corrupt inefficient poorly run scam organization that treats veterans poorly while enriching its leadership but to target veterans to remove one of the rights they fought to protect is beyond any measure of decency.

Stand up for what is right.

And let’s rebuild the VA from the ground up. We can start by getting rid of every leader in it. We can also fire the poor performers and hire people who will do the job right.

Always remain vigilant because the liberals will not stop trying to disarm us. And never buy their BS that they support the troops.

They don’t, period.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Chicago Is Murder Capital

In 2012 more people were murdered in Chicago than in New York even though Chicago has a third of the population. The linked article has a lot of information regarding the murders and how many of them are related to bad people who use firearms but the overarching theme is that nearly every city on the list has a strict gun control policy.

Another reality is that many, if not all, are heavily populated with Democrats and run by liberals.

There is no denying that liberalism and Democrat leadership are the root cause of the high murder rates because liberal policies encourage this kind of behavior.

Liberals do not believe in personal responsibility. One needs look no further than Barack Obama who has never taken any responsibility for anything bad that happens under him. He blames everything bad on George Bush or the Republicans in Congress or the TEA Party.

He is quick to take credit for anything good. He took credit for the death of Osama bin Laden even though the military took him out.

Look at the two politicians recalled in Colorado. They are blaming voter fraud, misinformation and anything they can think of rather than the reality which is they thwarted the will of the people.

These murder cities, led by Chicago, have dense populations of liberals who support liberal politicians so they can get their “free” stuff. Get me my food stamps and Obama phones and I will vote for you while my children and peers are out knocking off liquor stores and committing welfare fraud.

The criminal elements in these cities prey on the poor and the defenseless. It is nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to own or carry firearms in Chicago and many of these other murder cities. The criminals, on the other hand, get plenty of weapons including firearms.

Liberalism is hazardous to your health.

This is Obama’s Chicago. It is his buddy Rahm’s Chicago.

Obama was a ghetto organizer before he got into office and those ghettos are now well organized.

Don’t worry though. In keeping with the lack of responsibility inherent in liberalism they will blame this on everything from Bush, to guns, to poverty. Remember, the people who are doing this are not responsible for their actions.

They must be victims of something other than the liberalism and liberal policies that they have in common.

These cities have been turned into shooting galleries and murder-hoods.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog