CNN Tastes Its Own Medicine

CNN is in a mess because it chose to mention a report with unbelievable (and unverifiable) tales of sex, depravity and espionage concerning Donald Trump and the Russians.

One can debate whether or not CNN actually reported the vile accusations found in a report or just reported that the report was out there but the fact remains it was something that no reputable (if we still have those) news source could verify so many left it alone.

CNN wanted to mention it and while it might not have actually reported “fake news” as Buzzfeed did when it released the entire report the fact remains that CNN mentioned it in hopes that people would look for it. CNN hoped to give itself plausible deniability by claiming it never released the details of the report while enjoying the reality that its reporting tacitly encouraged people to look for the information.

Donald Trump was having NONE of it and he made his dissatisfaction known to CNN when he refused to allow a reporter to ask a question and told him that he (his network) was “fake news.”

CNN is doing the song and dance today trying to convince anyone who will listen that the network never released the information and only mentioned the report. It is asking that folks do not judge it by what Buzzfeed did.

CNN wants people to think of it as an honest news network and not to give in to accusations that it peddles “fake news.”

Isn’t it ironic that CNN is fighting back at allegations that it claims are not true and are unfair when the accusations are that CNN reported something untrue and that was not fair?

I find this and Trump’s treatment of the network delicious. I am glad he lashed out so that he could set the pace from the start. He showed the media that he will not take kindly to these kinds of things and that he has no issue belittling anyone involved. He has no issue with punishing a network by removing its White House press credentials if that network does something that calls into question journalistic integrity.

I hope Trump removes their credentials and if they are ever allowed back (or if he can’t pull them for some reason) he assigns them a seat in the back and never calls on them for a question. They need to be shunned and they need to suffer so the other networks can see what happens when they are dishonest.

They have played fast and loose for years. They have been openly hostile to Republican presidents while treating Democrats like they walk on water. Hell, they still fawn over Obama and they gave Clinton a pass on his sexual escapades and treated his walking dead wife like she was a queen.

I am all for a free press that is hard on politicians when that press is busy protecting the American public as they are supposed to do. I have no sympathy for a press that is part of the problem and that has become nothing more than the media wing of the Democrat Party.

The attempt to smear PE Trump backfired in an awful way and now CNN is trying to convince people it is not fake news and these things being said about them are not true.

It looks like they are experiencing what they tried to do to Trump.

They are getting a taste of their own medicine and I think they are finding it slightly bitter.



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Big Dog


Jane You Ignorant Slut…

Last night was the 40th Anniversary celebration of Saturday Night Live. I recorded the show so I could skip through commercials and bad skits. For the most part I enjoyed the show and the walk down memory lane. I liked the tribute to those who died and the funny line on the long running gag about Generalissimo Francisco Franco still being dead.

The Weekend Update segment included Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Jane Curtin in the anchor chairs. Curtin discusses how much fun she is having and how she likes being back and that she does not want it to end. They show a picture of her from when she was part of the cast and she says she used to be the only cute blonde doing fake news and that now there is a whole network of them. As she claims this the logo for FOX News is displayed.

Curtin missed the irony of her claim in that she was doing a show on the network that employs Brian Williams who is all over the news for telling stories, you know, fake stuff.

Granted, Williams is not a cute blonde but the claim that there is an entire network dedicated to fake news coming from the network with the guy who has been discovered doing it is is beyond belief.

I like Jane Curtin. I always liked her on SNL and I have enjoyed some of her other work. I also know she probably did not write the bit, she just read it (like Obama) and at least she did a better job reading the teleprompter than Al Sharpton does.

Still, it was troubling that the show that cut its teeth doing parodies of things involving all kinds of people stayed away from Williams and his story. A few of the guests poked the Williams story and at least one reference made the hosts obviously uncomfortable.

If they had worked Williams into that bit it would have worked much better.

The show was pretty good and fun to watch even if Curtin was way off the mark with her joke.

She was a better presence than the other two.

BTW, Sarah Palin looked way better than Tina Fey…

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Never surrender, never submit.
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