Ban On Photgraphing Returning War Dead Lifted

Since the early 90s there has been a ban in place to prevent news organizations from photographing the Flag draped caskets of our war dead. While critics claim that the ban was designed to hide the cost of war in human lives the ban was actually designed to allow families time to receive their loved ones and to grieve privately. Admittedly, not every hero’s family goes to Dover (the Air Force Base where remains are received) but the time is a solemn one and should be devoid of photographers who are trying to exploit the pain of others. Today, that ban was lifted.

The new rule allows photographing but only if the families agree. I don’t imagine there will be too many who say yes but some might. I was perfectly happy with the rule that was in place because the war dead should be brought home in peace and with honor and dignity. A hoard of photographers removes the dignity and disturbs the peace. To those who say that the ban hides the war dead I say that is untrue. The MSM routinely reported the number of dead when George Bush was in office. There were nightly body counts on every major network. I know that the graduates of public school need pictures to understand but I think that the numbers being reported gave a good enough report as to the number of dead.

I don’t really see this as an issue. The Commander can restrict access to his Air Base so all he has to do is deny the reporters and photographers entry. They might sit outside the base with telephoto lenses but the last time I was at Dover Air Base (a few months ago) I think I saw signs that said photographing the base was forbidden. The Commander can also say where photos may be taken so he can put the whole area off limits to cameras. Any photographer who is outside snapping shots could then be detained and the photos confiscated.

That would solve the problem. Of course the Obama Administration and Congress can change the rules or take authority away from the Commander but then they would be inviting a mess. They would also be inviting people who would love to target a military base to take surveillance pictures.

If there is all this openness then we should try an experiment. Ted Kennedy’s days are numbered. He has terminal cancer and he will not be with us much longer. When he dies there will be a big ceremony and his body will lie in state. I say we should get a bunch of photographers to go to the place where he dies and start snapping pictures of him and everyone around him. Then they can follow his body to the funeral home and snap photos there as he enters and as he is prepared. Then a large crowd of photographers can invade the Capitol and start snapping pictures of him lying in state.

Then maybe the next time there is a disaster we can have photographers show up and take pictures of all the dead. The bodies would have to be all lined up and together just like the heroes are when they arrive on the plane. Photographers could then go around and snap photos, but only if the families say it is OK.

Let us see how long that would be allowed.

Maybe we can get Congress and Obama to pile up a trillion dollars and let people take pictures of it so the public can get an idea of how much money is being wasted.

Big Dog

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Another Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants

Federal agents raided eight Casa Fiesta restaurants in Ohio and arrested workers who were brought here illegally to work. The feds nabbed cooks, dishwashers, and waitresses who were brought here in violation of the law. Fifty-eight illegals were arrested and will probably be deported. Of course, advocates for the law breakers reacted to the raids:

… part of larger workplace enforcement strategy that infuriates immigrant advocates, who say it brings down the hammer on hapless workers.

“These people are not criminals,” said David Leopold, a Cleveland immigration lawyer. “The worst thing you can say about them is they came here to feed their families.” The Plain Dealer

From what planet is this moron where people who break the law are NOT criminals. They are here illegally which means they broke the law which in turn means they are criminals. The fact that they only want to feed their families makes no difference whatsoever. Regardless of the motive, these people are law breakers. If a guy robs a liquor store so he will have money to feed his family he is still going to go to jail for the crime. The fact that he only wanted to feed his family is of no consequence.

The only thing I find a problem with in all this is that they did not say whether the employers would be fined. Any employer who willingly hires illegals should be fined a huge sum of money per illegal. This will provide a great incentive for them not to break the law and if they hire too many the fines can put them out of business. A suitable punishment for employers who exploit illegals and abuse our system.

We need the feds to step up these raids and start shipping the illegals out by the truckloads. We also need to fine the employers and use the money to start building the wall on our southern border.

Big Dog