Create A Crisis And Then React To It

The Socialists in the Obama regime (which is all of them) believe that no crisis should go to waste. They see something they can make into a crisis, manufacture the crisis, and then push through legislation that would otherwise not pass. If they can’t get the legislation Obama uses Executive Orders to push through what he wants. The history of this regime is one manufactured crisis after another.

Enter the latest crisis. The gun problem in the states that border Mexico. The people who live in those states have no problems and are law abiding citizens but there are guns making their way into Mexico. The drug cartels are using them and some of our border patrol agents have been killed by those guns.

The regime now wants, and Obama has enacted by Executive Order, new rules requiring the border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to report the purchase of two or more of certain types of rifles by the same person in a five day period. I can’t see how the regime can require some states to follow certain rules that other states do not have to. It seems to me that this is a violation of the Constitution considering the rule is via an Executive Order and not legislation passed by Congress, you know like the Constitution requires.

The real problem with all this is the manufactured crisis. The gun problem with purchases ending up in Mexico is because of illegal activity by members of the regime. There is corruption very high up and a cover up is under way regarding a program called Fast and Furious. Departments of the federal government, under orders from people in the regime, had people purchase a boat load of guns and send them into Mexico where they ended up in the hands of the drug cartels. The reported goal was to track the guns and see where they went and how they got there blah, blah.

The real goal was to manufacture a crisis involving guns so the regime could react to that crisis. Obama knows that laws violating the Second Amendment have a tough time passing in Congress, particularly if Republicans control any portion of it, so he used an Executive Order to impose new rules. It will not be long before the rules get tougher and extend to other states. This regime has manufactured a crisis in which people were killed by the illegal actions of our government and now it wants to address the crisis to further stifle our rights.

The illegal guns, the purchase of which was sanctioned by the regime, were lost. They ended up being used to kill border patrol agents and now Obama has imposed rules to solve a problem that was manufactured through the illegal actions of his regime.

This cannot go unchallenged. Law abiding citizens should be able to buy as many rifles (or any other legal firearms) as they want without having Big Sis and the rest of the nanny state government prying into their business.

Here is an idea, close the damned border and we won’t have to worry about it.

As for those wishing to buy several firearms, just buy one rifle every six days. Then you won’t be reported.

The Blaze

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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Obama Needs To Wait His Turn

Not content with their affirmative action president elect, Obama supporters are concerned that actions by President Bush in his waning months will have an effect on the next administration. Jesse Jackson was in Baltimore to deliver a sermon at a local church and he was interviewed afterward.

The race hustler indicated that he was worried that Executive Orders signed by Bush would cause problems for the incoming administration. Jesse is not content that Obama won because he wants Obama to be able to run things NOW.

“All of that talk of bipartisanship begins now,” Jackson said. “And the new president deserves his vision to be implemented immediately.” Yahoo News

Jesse, the only talk of bipartisanship is from the left because they won. They have refused to work with President Bush or Republicans for 8 years so if you think that Obama’s victory is going to make Bush or the Republicans roll over and play nice then you are more delusional than usual.

Another thing Jesse, Obama is not the new president. He is the president elect and he will not be the new president until he swears in on 20 January 2009. He does not deserve to have his visions implemented immediately because he has no say in the matter. As a matter of fact, he deserves nothing more than what we, as his employers, give him. He has no special place just because he is black. He can wait his turn which starts at noon on 20 January 2009 and not a moment sooner.

So screw you, screw Obama and screw all the other Democrats who want Bush and the rest of the Republicans to step down and let you run your puppet show early. It does not work that way and it will not be that way.

Jesse, it is time you realized that you no longer have relevance. The white guilt, race hustling era is over. America’s whites elected the affirmative action candidate and paid any perceived debt that was due. ALL DEBTS ARE PAID IN FULL. Now crawl back under that rock and shut up.

On second thought, I guess Jackson will have a job after all. Obama will need someone to scream “racism” every time The Sainted One screws up and gets criticized.

I wish Jesse Jackson would go over to Bill Ayers’ house and play with dynamite or something…

Big Dog

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