Do They Have The Appetite For The Consequence?

Valerie Jarrett, the despicable cretin who is the voice of evil in Obama’s ear made an interesting statement where she claimed Americans are hungry for Obama to do things on his own when Congress will not act (or will not do what Obama wants).

The only people hungry for him to act that way are in the minority. There are some liberals who will say Obama needs to do this because he can’t get it otherwise and he is so great and all. These would be the same people who called Bush a cowboy and King George because they felt he exceeded his power.

The other groups that want this are those who will benefit from Obama’s lawlessness like illegal aliens. They want him to ignore the law just like they did because it will help them.

Jarrett continues by telling us Obama will do more of this, she says within his executive power, (which means he will break the law and say he has the authority to do what he did) because people want it.

In poll after poll the majority does not want this to take place. They certainly do not want this illegal immigrant action and they most assuredly do not want it done by executive action.

She is wrong. More precisely she is lying.

The article says that Jarrett believes Americans are hungry for Obama to act like an imperial president.

Jarrett is incorrect but let us assume that most people are hungry for this.

The question I have is while they might be hungry for Obama to act like an imperial president do they have the appetite for the rest of us to act like Revolutionary Citizens?

We got rid of one imperial despot and we can do the same with another (it is our duty to do so). So be careful what you wish for Valerie.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


What Should Republicans Do About Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama is a lawless scoundrel who ignores the US Constitution in order to do and get what he wants. He thinks he is above the law and he thinks that he should be be allowed to do as he wishes, Constitution be damned.

The list of illegal things Obama has done is long and has been largely ignored by his stenographers in the media.

Obama is about to exceed the boundaries of his authority, HIS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, and basically grant amnesty via Executive Order. He will issue an EO that will ignore the immigration laws of our country, laws he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office.

There is no doubt his actions, which will likely take place when Congress is in recess (cowards do things like that) are illegal. He himself stated they were illegal and that he did not have the authority to do what he is about to do when he explained his inaction to people pushing for immigration reform. At one time, as evidenced by passages in one of his books, Obama blamed the problems in this nation on the influx of illegal immigrants. Now he needs new Democrat voters so all of the sudden the problem does not exist (the problems he outlined in the book) and he has all the authority in the world to do it.

He is acting outside his lane and he needs to be taken down for it.

The Republicans have been fairly impotent on the issue of Obama’s lawlessness particularly with regard to immigration. They have weapons at their disposal and they should use them.

Speaker John Boehner should announce that if Obama uses Executive Orders to address the immigration issue (or any other issue) that the House will draw up impeachment articles when the new Congress is seated.

There is not really an issue with the House passing the articles of impeachment because the only thing required is a simple majority and Republicans have more than enough people to meet that.

The problem is in the Senate. In order for Obama to be removed from office he must be convicted by two-thirds of the Senate and Republicans do not have enough votes to do that. Democrats would have to vote to convict and it is not likely they will do so.

So what is the real leverage? Well, Boehner should let it be known that the articles of impeachment will not be for just the EOs. He should make it clear that Obama will have articles drawn up for every perceived unlawful action. That includes Fast and Furious, the lies regarding Obamacare, Benghazi, and every other single item that can be remotely hung around his neck.

Big deal, right? I mean there are still not enough votes to convict because of the Senate.

Yep, but the Senate must still conduct a trial where each side gets to present evidence (and the Chief Justice presides). That means there must be discovery and all of Obama’s stuff can be subpoenaed. Think about all the Fast and Furious documents that the has hidden away. How about all the Benghazi stuff or the things that were sent around regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Every item that could be gathered would be used against him (hard drive crashes aside /sarc) and it is quite likely that a number of his Democrat pals in Congress would be dragged through the mud in the fray. Think about Elijah Cummings of Maryland or Chuckie Schumer of New York having their dirty laundry aired as evidence of their involvement comes to light.

Tell Obama and the Democrats that if he issues the EOs the Republicans are going for blood with the impeachment and even if he survives he will be damaged and unable to function.

And if there are Democrats that decide not to convict they can be made to pay for that in the next election. I wonder how many Democrats would beg Obama not to use the EOs knowing that a full blown impeachment with dozens of charges and many witnesses with all the subpoenaed documents might implicate them or damage them politically.

The process would certainly derail government and keep Obama from doing any more harm. His legacy would be flushed down the toilet and he would go down in history as a failed and corrupt politician.

All of that over an EO? The Republicans need to get really tough and let Obama know what they will do to him if he oversteps his bounds. The Democrats all cried that if Republicans won they would impeach Obama. Well let’s make that come true for them.

Hammer that little schmuck’s ass to the table and keep it there. Make him pay for being corrupt. Let his kids see daddy’s evil deeds displayed across the world in the Senate trial.

The threat might stop him. But to be sure the Republicans should start drawing up the articles now. That should get some attention.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Warned Of High Temperatures

In November of 2013 Barack Obama signed an Executive order on Climate change. In that EO Obama said that excessively high temperatures are already harming public health nationwide.

Temperatures have been low for the past decade (or more) and now the nation is plunged into an arctic nightmare with sub zero temperatures and massive snow and ice storms. These things are causing all kinds of havoc across the nation as nearly all states suffer unusually cold temperatures.

Global warming is a hoax perpetrated on us by people using an alleged concern for the environment in order to spend taxpayer money and to get rich in the process. Global Warming nuts always look like fools. Look at how well the recent global warming adventures have played out with regard to the polar ice. The climate do-gooders went to check on the shrinking ice and got stuck in the GROWING ice. Then two ice breakers got stuck trying to rescue the fools.

Think about how much carbon was produced by this misadventure.

B. Hussein Obama, the Imperial Leader, was in toasty Hawaii over the holidays and his carbon footprint was huge. The rest of us were freezing in spite of the excessively high temperatures Obama invented…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Governing By Executive Order

Imperial President Barack Obama is set to use Executive Orders to violate the Constitution in order to push gun control. While Obama is not the first leader to abuse Executive Orders he is the only one in recent memory to use them to so blatantly abuse the power of his office and to violate the rights of US citizens. Obama will have children present when he makes his big announcement.

He is walking on the graves of those kids murdered in Connecticut and he is using the children at his announcement as props to garner sympathy. He has no shame and will do anything to push his Socialist agenda.

Executive Orders have their place and that place is to issue orders to agencies of the Executive Branch in order to manage their operations. Executive Orders can also be used by Presidents in order to pursue Acts of Congress which have delegated some power to him.

Executive Orders CANNOT be used to enact a new law, change an old law or govern the American people.

The reason Barack Obama is using EOs is because he will not be able to get what he wants through Congress and that does not suit him. He will, instead, do an end run around Congress. This is a violation of his authority and the Constitution and it is the duty of Congress to ensure he does not get away with this.

There is one Republican lawmaker who has vowed to file articles of impeachment against Obama if he tires this power grab. Unfortunately, many Democrats are urging Obama to usurp their authority because they do not believe any bills violating the Second Amendment will pass through Congress.

In any event, nothing he tries to impose via EO will apply to the public and accordingly, I refuse to comply.

I will not comply with any order or law that violates my rights. Other citizens are free to do as they wish, comply or not, but I will not. I see how things work. They will impose some rule and rush to remove guns from society and then the issue will make it to the courts and by the time the issue is ruled in favor of the Constitution all the surrendered firearms will have been melted into plows. People will never get their property back and will have no recourse. Additionally, once you allow one right to be taken the rest will fall if they interfere with government’s desires. The Second Amendment is the one that protects all others.

The oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic does not have an expiration date and I intend to uphold my oath under all circumstances.

Obama and many in this government are working to violate our Constitution and that means they are domestic enemies.

Additionally, I will not follow any law enacted at the state level if that law violates the US Constitution. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment requires the states to provide equal protection to all people of the state. Basically, states can’t do things in violation of the US Constitution and enacting laws that violate the Second Amendment violates the law.

What harm could a little EO do?

Keep in mind that it was an Executive Order that led to the unlawful confinement of Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting and it is not about sport shooting. It is there to protect the means citizens have to keep their government in check. It allows us to shoot at tyrants in our own government.

But, Piers Morgan and other liberals say this is nonsense and that the US government will not abuse it people.

Really? What about the previously mentioned Japanese Americans? What about the blacks who were brought here and sold as slaves? These folks were denied their liberty and it was sanctioned by the government. It was eventually changed but how long did our government allow people to be held in bondage before it changed? If one thinks the government would not do bad things to a disarmed population should ask the Native Americans how things worked out. Government massacred them.

Then, after it changed, southern states tried to deny blacks the right to keep and bear arms. It is easier to round up people and lynch them when they are not armed.

Governments will eventually become corrupt. Look at how massive and corrupt our government is now. Imagine how bad things would get if those in charge knew they could do what they wanted because people lacked the means to resist.

Executive orders and unconstitutional laws are detrimental to society and I refuse to follow them.

I and many others will honor our oath, period.

One last point. I keep hearing the question; “why do you need a magazine that holds more than ten rounds?” I need it because I want it and I am free. I need it because that is what the military has and I am to be armed as well as the individual soldier.

My question is why does Obama need so many people with guns protecting him? Won’t one guy or maybe two do the trick? Why does Governor O’Malley of Maryland need an armed detail of at least six police officers to protect him? Won’t one guy with a gun suffice? Hell, why are we paying for their protection when they are working so hard to deny us ours?


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



AZ Man Faces Jail For Seeking A Better Life

Cristian Alfredo Urquijo, a 39 year old man, was arrested in Arizona last July and his crime really amounts to trying to have a better life. He was unemployed and needed to eat so he performed odd jobs (jobs very few are willing to do) to make ends meet and so that he would not starve to death.

I would say that he was trying to make a better life for his family as well but I do not know if he has family.

One would think that this Man, Urquitjo, was here illegally trying to make life better life for himself and has been arrested and is awaiting deportation – especially since this is Arizona. This is, after all, the picture we have been painted.

They came here because there were no opportunities in their native country, they had no jobs, they wanted to provide a better life for themselves and their families and they are no threat to the country. What laws have they really broken?

This case though, involves a person whose immigration status is not identified. He is identified as a bank robber who claims he was out of work and needed to eat so he took to robbing banks.

All this poor guy wanted was to make a better life for himself. He was no real threat to anyone. Yeah, he pointed a gun when he robbed banks but he never hurt anyone. He was only acting out of desperation. What laws did he really break?

Illegally entering this country is a felony as is bank robbing. Most banks have armed guards in them to keep bad people out and our borders have armed guards in most places who are there to keep bad people out. In both cases, entering illegally or robbing a bank, the person or persons involved only want a better life for themselves and seek that better life by breaking the law.

The only difference is that the bank robber faces 20-35 years in jail as reward for his felony while those who enter this country illegally are given jobs, don’t pay taxes, are given welfare and social security, their kids are allowed to attend school and Obama will reward them by Executive Order for reward for their felony.

Reward them? Yes, with a “path to citizenship” called the DREAM Act, or, more appropriately, amnesty. This is a plan that was defeated several times in Congress but Obama will enact it via fiat.

The people who broke the law getting here are coddled by the Democrats while those who rob banks will be sent to jail.

Yep, our system needs an overhaul.

As does the roster of those occupying elected positions…


Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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