Senator Joseph McCarthy Was Right

Vladimir Putin (a former Soviet spy) took the time to praise Soviet scientists for their work in stealing US nuclear secrets. Putin praised how these scientists were able to walk out with suitcases full of our secret nuclear information which allowed the Communist country to more rapidly develop its own nuclear weapons.

Senator Joseph McCarthy spent much of his career trying to flush out Communists in our government. He was attacked for this and many folks, particularly the left, feel he was on a witch hunt.

Turns out that history has shown McCarthy was right. There were plenty of Communists in our government and they did damage to this nation. Putin’s praise of his spies is public acknowledgement that McCarthy was right but it is just a small part of the actual number of Communists who were here to do us harm.

Hell, there are still Communists in our government. The big difference is that they are open about it and instead of hurting us by helping other countries they are actively working to directly harm this nation. Van Jones is a prime example. He is no longer directly in government but he still has lots of influence with the other Socialists and Communists here.

McCarthy was right but the left attacked him instead of going after the Communists.

History is repeating itself except today our government is infiltrated by radical Islamic Extremists, many of them invited by Barack Obama who openly welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood into our government. What kind of harm will they do to this nation?

Joseph McCarthy was an American hero. Will someone step up and take his place?

Or will we have a radical Muslim leader one day praising the efforts of their spies as they stake claim to the ruins of America?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog