She’ll Take Hers To Go

Two police officers in Mississippi were shot and killed over the weekend. Nothing can justify the senseless murders of police officers just as nothing can justify when a police officer murders a civilian. No matter what the gripe there is no call for the unjustified shooting of a police officer (yes I think there are be times when it is justified. You always have the right to self-defense).

A worker at Subway was happy about the murder of the officers and posted to social media; “2 police officers was [sic] shot in hattiesburg [sic] tonight.! [sic]”. She then posted -GOT EM’ with a picture of three handguns.

The moron also posted her picture with her work hat on. Her message got the attention of a lot of people who made it known to Subway that they were unhappy. The worker was terminated from her position at the establishment.

She also had this to say:

We can turn this b*tch into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, f**k them…NO MERCY [redactions are mine]

I am glad she believes in no mercy because that is what her employer showed, no mercy. She lost her job and that was a good decision for the company since she, by wearing her company hat in the photo, brought discredit upon it.

The police have made several arrests in the case and two of them are felons who, by law, are not allowed to possess firearms. As an aside, how did felons get guns if gun control laws work?

Everyone except for liberals knows the answer to that…

It is good that the people who allegedly murdered the officers are in custody and they will get their day in court. Mississippi has the death penalty so if these guys are found guilty I hope they get that punishment.

But I do wonder about something. The Subway employee said cops take innocent lives away as justification for the murders of these officers and she said there should be no mercy. So given that, how would she feel if the police adopted the same mindset and decided to go hunting people because some bad ones murder cops?

How would she feel if she were looking down the barrel of a police officer’s firearm proclaiming her innocence and being told, no mercy?

It won’t come to that and while there are problems with an increasingly militarized police force most of the officers are not bad people hell bent on harming others.

The reality that cops (and most other people) do not go on vendettas randomly shooting people with whom they have contact contrasts greatly with the attitude of the Subway employee which, unfortunately, is all too common.

These differences in attitudes separate the civil part of society from those who have no respect for others and take no responsibility for their lives.

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Everyone Gets A Trophy

The concept that everyone gets a trophy is designed to keep people (particularly children) from having low self esteem. It would be just too unfair for the last place team to have to watch the first place team get a well deserved and earned honor so everyone gets one.

This kind of thinking is what causes children to grow into adults who think they deserve things without having to actually work to achieve them. This kind of thinking is what gives us people like Obama and his progressive, redistributionist ideas. You see, everyone deserves to have the same amount of stuff even if they did not work hard (or at all) to get it.

When we give everyone a trophy we teach them that all they have to do is show up. They become adults and think that their first job should pay them six figures and they should have the corner office. Once they find out the real world is not about everyone getting trophies they are deflated and can’t understand why they did not get what they deserve.

You deserve what you work for. If you work hard you deserve to buy whatever phone you want. When you get a trophy for showing up you expect others to give you a phone (or health care, or food stamps, etc).

Now this is playing out at a school where Honors Night was cancelled because it is too exclusive. Archie R. Cole Middle School thinks that being the best and then honoring those who are best is exclusive.

Well, it is. Not everyone gets the highest grade point average, is the best singer or musician and not everyone is a valedictorian. These people are exclusive because they took the time to excel at something. An honor by its very nature is exclusive.

Imagine if every football team got a Superbowl trophy and every player on those teams got a Superbowl ring. Imagine if all teams in baseball got a World Series trophy and all the players got rings. We wouldn’t want the ones who did not win to feel bad or anything. Then again, there would be no desire to get better and soon those entities would die off.

The school will combine the honors event with a team based ceremony:

By having the recognition ceremonies during team-based ceremonies, it will “afford us the opportunity to celebrate the individual and collective success of all students and their effort, progress and excellence.”

What this school is actually saying is that they will dilute the honors with another event so that everyone feels special. They are giving everyone a trophy.

Instead of downplaying the honors achievements the school should praise these students as models for the others to emulate. If those who did not receive honors see the praise as a goal and see that it can be done they might actually aspire to achieve.

Competition is part of human nature and it is what drives us to do better. When everyone gets a trophy the life is sucked out of people and they lose the desire to compete to get better and to be better. They go along to get along.

Giving a trophy to everyone gives us a society full of Occupy Wall Street morons who think they deserve everything for doing nothing.

It also gave us a president who feels entitled and a society more than willing to emulate that sense of entitlement.

Weasel Zippers

UPDATE: School has reinstated the honors event. Probably did not like being ridiculed by the nation…

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California Taxpayers Fund Welfare Casino Visits

California is in financial trouble and that is an understatement. The state is near bankruptcy and has no viable plan for reducing debt and getting back on sound financial ground. Generous pension plans, unions and out of control spending as well as a welfare mentality has led this state to the precipice of insolvency.

Welfare should be for those who absolutely need a helping hand, or a hand up as opposed to a hand out. It should be sufficient to help people get on their feet and it should be short in duration. The longer people are on welfare the less likely they are to actually go out and make their own money. This leads to generational welfare where the entitlement mentality is passed from one generation the the next.

One would think that people who receive benefits because of the generosity of taxpayers (as if taxpayers actually have a say) would be responsible as to how the money is spent but that is just a pipe dream. Those who receive something for nothing usually care little about how they get “their checks” as long as they get them.

The aftermath of Katrina demonstrated the welfare entitlement mentality as the federal government issued $5000 ATM cards so that people could get necessities and make it during the turmoil. Instead of taking care of their families, many folks used the money to buy alcohol, tobacco products and other non necessities. Some folks spent the money are bars and strip clubs.

Why not? After all, it is free money…

California is experiencing the same issue with its welfare program. At least 1.8 million taxpayer welfare dollars were withdrawn from casino ATM machines. While one can argue that there is no evidence that the money was spent in the casinos a thinking person would have to ask why use the casino ATM when there are plenty of ATM machines around?

Welfare recipients used taxpayer money to gamble, that is the only conclusion that can be reached and while $1.8 million is a small amount of money when compared to California’s entire welfare expenditures, it is a substantial misuse of the money and puts a huge burden on an insolvent system.

The fraud is also not the only that is in the system. How many people use the welfare money to buy booze or cigarettes? Elaborate scams have been developed by welfare recipients and unscrupulous business people to circumvent the system and allow taxpayer provided money to be used for things that are not permitted by law.

Taxpayers in California should be outraged at the fraud in the system and should demand change. Governor Schwarzenegger has put a halt to use of welfare cards in casinos but this will not prevent people who can get cash for the cards from getting the cash and going to the casinos anyway (or from participating in the myriad of fraud schemes that run rampant in such a system).

The state needs to reevaluate the situation of every person on welfare and tighten up on those who should not be in the system or are abusing it. People should sign a contract when entering welfare so that they are clear on what is allowed and what the penalties will be if they defraud the system. Start by removing illegal aliens from the system and working to get them deported.

In addition, people who can work should be forced to get a job. If a job is advertised and they are able to do it (NO MATTER WHAT IT IS) they should be forced to take it. If they get fired or quit they are ineligible for welfare. People on welfare should be randomly tested for drug use and if they test positive they should be removed from the program. People who use welfare money for alcohol, tobacco, or gambling (and this is not an all inclusive list) should be removed and prosecuted. All fraud should be prosecuted in order to foster an environment of fear. People on welfare should fear being caught doing something wrong.

In addition, business people who assist in defrauding the system must be prosecuted. If workers in a business devise a scheme to defraud then they must serve mandatory jail time. If business owners are knowingly part of the scheme they should have their business licenses revoked and their businesses seized and sold to pay restitution. Obviously, they should serve jail time.

Continually rewarding people with “free” money makes them less willing to work and more willing to devise schemes to keep that money coming. They lose the desire to work for something and to contribute to society. Ignoring the illegal things that take place in the welfare system helps to foster this attitude and further degrades the system. It also makes it much tougher for people who actually need welfare assistance.

One more thing that should be considered. California should require people on welfare to work for the money. Obviously there are some people who will not be able (the truly disabled) but most will be able to participate. The state has plenty of roads and parks that need to be cleaned of litter. There are plenty of housing projects and parks that need the grass cut. There is a lot that can be done to earn the money from taxpayers and it is time we forced welfare recipients to do something to earn the money.

Sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer or Oprah while waiting to squirt out another entitlement baby is not productive work.

And California is not the only state that should be doing these things.

Imagine how much money could have been saved if welfare recipients were required to shovel all the snow from this past winter’s brutal storms…

If we make welfare an uncomfortable way of life fewer people will be willing to go on it.

Who knows, maybe they can get a job at one of the casinos…

LA Times
The Desert Sun

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Sweet Caroline And The Life Of Entitlement

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President by the same last name, has decided that she wants to be the next junior Senator from New York. Caroline wants to replace Hillary Clinton who will resign the seat to serve as Secretary of State (unless her confirmation hearing turns ugly and she withdraws). Caroline is on a tour of the state to introduce herself to the public and to make it clear that she should be selected by Governor Paterson to fill what is left of Clinton’s term.

The major problem is that Kennedy thinks she is entitled to the seat because of her last name. She has absolutely no political experience, she has been selectively involved in politics, and she has not voted in about half of the elections in about the last 20 years. The reality is that she has had little to do with politics and is now interested in the seat in New York because she is a Kennedy and thinks that in and of itself entitles her to the seat.

The amazing thing is that there are people who are pushing for her to get the seat. There are Democrats who think she would do a wonderful job as a Senator despite the fact that she has absolutely NO political experience. These would be the same Democrats who said that Sarah Palin lacked any experience and should not be a heartbeat way from the presidency. Of course, the same people making that claim ignored Obama’s lack of experience and made him the heartbeat.

So logical thought is not something we should expect from the left. But I want to be clear. The same group of feminists who say that women can do anything and deserve all the chances that men have were the ones jumping all over Palin. Despite the fact that she has more executive experience than all three of the other people who competed, they pinned her as the one without experience. I will say she was the least experienced at handling the media but she knows how to lead. John McCain knew how to do that at one time in his life.

Obama and Biden could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

Anyway, Kennedy is nowhere near as qualified as Palin to hold office but the Democrats who are pushing for her to get the seat are ignoring their blatant double standard and holding Kennedy up as a model for the job even though she has zero, zip, nada, nyet, experience.

I understand that the qualifications for each job are different where Kennedy would be one of one hundred and Palin would have been one heartbeat away. The Palin argument was moot because Obama had less experience and fewer qualifications but they made it stick anyway. The point is, if the left is worried about qualified people then they should worry about them across the board.

Kennedy should stick to her philanthropic endeavors and leave politics to people better qualified.

Besides, she is doing much more for society in her current activities and this country can use more philanthropists and fewer politicians.

Caroline, I agree with very little of your political beliefs but that is of little consequence to me. I think you are better suited for the work you are doing now and that you serve the greater good right from where you are.

You appear to be well respected and admired. Don’t ruin that by whoring yourself out for a seat you have no experience to hold. People will resent that sense of entitlement.

I view that seat as one of entitlement in that the people of New York are entitled to have someone with experience representing them in the Senate.

Caroline Kennedy is not that person.


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