Politicians Get Rich Taking YOUR Money

There is no doubt that many politicians get very wealthy (or wealthier) while in office. The fact that so many of them do cannot be a coincidence. The reality is they game the system to benefit them financially. The party matters little as members from all political ideologies work to enrich themselves and their families.

Harry Reid funnels money to family members or uses his connections to ensure they get well paying jobs. He uses his influence to ensure he gets great real estate deals.

It is reported that John Boehner will not “really” work to rid us of Obamacare because he has investments that will make him a lot of money because of the law. Something tells me he is not alone.

Dianne Feinstein is another who uses our money or her connections to get richer. It has been reported in the past that business is directed to her husband’s company because of her position in the US Senate. These allegations (and even the proof) are rarely mentioned in the liberal media.

Feinstein’s hubby stands to get about a BILLION more US dollars (in commission) as a result of the work of Congress. The US Postal Service will sell 56 buildings so it can pay more money leasing space. The company selected to handle this has Feinstein’s hubby sitting on its board and the sale of those buildings, expected to be 19 BILLION dollars will net the company (and hubby) a hefty commission.

This is one way politicians steer money to family members. They also hire them to work on campaigns, purchase campaign items from them (at greatly inflated prices no doubt) and they ensure that legislation favors their businesses or stock portfolios.

This kind of activity in the private sector gets CEOs hauled before Congress to explain themselves.

Anyone remember Congress grilling auto executives for flying in private planes to meetings in DC while the members doing the grilling fly at taxpayer expense and often in special planes? Some members (like the Speaker) have (or at that time had) their own Air Force air taxi service.

The people in elected office are, by and large, criminals who are in it to enrich their lives while they tell the rest of us how to live. There are a few good folks who are working for the people but the rest are out for themselves. They see themselves as elite and in a position to dictate how YOU live. They do not follow the rules they make.

Feinstein is but one in a large group of people who do things that do not benefit the people and do not follow the Constitution. That is all well in good in their minds because they live like royalty while in office and have ensured they will be very wealthy when they leave.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Michelle Obama Has Nice Sugary Honey Buns

Michelle Obama is on some kick to save children from obesity. While reducing childhood obesity is an honorable goal it is important to note that it is not up to the government or the First Lady or anyone else to decide what YOUR children eat.

Obama’s crusade to reduce the “bad” food kids eat has resulted in items being replaced in school vending machines (no items over 200 calories) or those machines being emptied so kids can’t buy unhealthy snacks (how many vending machine snacks have fewer than 200 calories and still have a reasonable serving size).

Funny thing though. The vending machine at the White House sells honey buns that have 590 calories, 17 grams of fat and 30 grams of sugar.

It seems to me that she could have a lot of influence in the White House and that she could have things changed so they can lead by example.

But that is not the point now is it?

She and those who work in the White House under her hubby are part of the elite. They are the ones making the rules for you serfs and they are the ones who decide how YOU have to live.

They do not follow the same rules so if they want to eat honey buns with nearly three times the number of calories allowed in any school vending machine then they are damn well entitled to that.

Do not question your overlords just do what you are told to do and you won’t be placed on some watch list.

Michelle Obama, like all progressives, wants control over you and your children.

Control is for the people not for the elitists who run them.

While I would not eat that honey bun (it has nearly half my caloric intake for the day) I do not have the right to tell anyone whether they can eat it or not. And neither does Michelle.

I have to admit though; Michelle sure has some nice looking sugary honey buns in that vending machine.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Feinstein Drones On

Dianne Feinstein has no problem with the government using drones. There is evidence that she is concerned about police use of drones without some kind of oversight but she has no problem with big government using drones to spy on Americans. She has no problem with the NSA spying on Americans.

That changes a bit when she is one of the Americans being spied on. There have been revelations that the NSA has been spying on members of Congress. That is not sitting well with people like Feinstein who have stated that we need such spying for national security.

We need it for national security, the cry of tyrants everywhere.

It also appears as if Feinstein is not happy with unregulated drones that are used by private citizens to invade privacy, at least not her privacy. Code Pink folks were demonstrating at her home over government surveillance and according to Feinstein she looked out her window and there was a drone looking back.

It was probably some small craft that was privately owned (it was claimed that it was a toy helicopter) but it was invading her privacy and she did not like it.

So what to do what to do. Like everything else in life Feinstein thinks government needs to regulate private drones. You got that? It is OK, in her mind, for the government to use drones to spy on citizens but if citizens use their own drones to spy back well that is a different story.

Feinstein has indicated that we need to do this spying for national security. Well if that is the case then spying on members of Congress would be a better use of our assets with regard to national security. Congress is more dangerous to this nation than its citizens and politicians like Feinstein are the most dangerous.

This idea that citizens need to be regulated but government (or its elitists) does not should not surprise you. Feinstein wants to take every firearm from every citizen. She has called for a complete ban on guns and said she would confiscate them if she could. Feinstein authored the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

This is the same Feinstein who had a concealed carry permit in the past because of threats she received. She thought she would be safer carrying a gun so she got a permit (something that the average Joe in CA has a hard time doing) but she wants to take the firearms from everyone else. She is more important than us.

So it is no stretch to see how she would be upset that a group demonstrating government surveillance used the same kind of surveillance to make a point.

She did not like it one bit.

But only because it was directed toward her. When it is directed toward YOU it is necessary and we serfs should just shut up and bow down to our overlords.

But, but, Dianne, if you have nothing to hide why would you worry?

The morons in California will probably never vote her out of office. On a positive note she is 80 and time is not on her side…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Efficiency In Government? Not For Obama

He talks a good game but he does not follow up on what he says and most of what he says never applies to him. The he is Barack Obama and the little king is great when it comes to spelling out rules and talking about doing things better but when it comes to actual practice he fails to follow the rules.

Obama published an Executive Order (13589) that deals with efficiency in government and it lists things that government employees are expected to do to ensure they do not waste taxpayer money. One of those things is to be more prudent in the way business is handled and travel is one of the areas that is specifically mentioned.

Obama wants federal employees (in the Executive Branch, the only one he controls) to travel efficiently, and to use technology if at all possible. That would mean to use teleconferencing for meetings rather than flying around for face to face meetings. Many federal workers (in the Executive Branch) have to certify that the mission cannot be accomplished via technology use before travel will be approved.

One would assume that being efficient in travel would apply to Obama and his family but that does not appear to be the case. Obama is scheduled to head for Hawaii on vacation and it was discussed that his wife and kids would go on without him if he got delayed in DC. It appears as if the first Klingon is unable to wait to get to Hawaii so she will be leaving before her man child husband. This trip will likely cost TAXPAYERS (at least) an additional $100,000.

MeeChelle will have a separate flight that will cost tens of thousands of dollars, she will have her staff and she will have limousines and other equipment that must be flown there. She will also need a security detail though one would suspect she could get by with her bat’leth.

This same thing happened last year and the Obamas cost the TAXPAYERS a great deal of money. This year is more of the same. As Congress argues over some kind of budget to keep government running and prevent a shut down this weekend (which might explain why the Klingon is leaving early) the man child king is allowing TAXPAYER money to be wasted so his wife does not have to wait to get to Hawaii. There are families who would love to have a job let along vacation time and those who do get a vacation are lucky to afford a week off near home so few will have sympathy with people who feel they are entitled to live off the TAXPAYER in first class accommodations in a luxury place like Hawaii.

The liberal morons (but I repeat myself) use to become apoplectic when George W Bush went to his ranch in Crawford Texas. Now they sit silently as their messiah wastes TAXPAYER money on a Hawaiian vacation that incurs extra costs to send his wife early.

But Big Dog, Bush went to his home when he took time off. Why do you deny Obama that same thing?

I don’t. Obama has a house in Chicago Illinois and that is listed as his residence. If he and the first Klingon want to head to Chicago for vacation they are more than welcome to so long as she waits and travels with him.

Remember, the rules do not apply to the elites so Obama ignores them.

November 2012 cannot come quickly enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Those Voices Don’t Speak For The Rest Of Us

In October of 1964 Ronald Reagan gave a speech entitled “A Time For Choosing” and the words ring as true today as they did then. In fact, they mean even more today.

Some clever person took Reagan’s words and then used the words of the Democrats of today as proof that what Reagan said then has come to pass.

Watch this video and tell me he didn’t have it right.

In order for government to control the economy it must control the people…

And to control the people it must control health care.

As they continue to destroy us, will there be another revolution?

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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